Attractions at Lugu Lake in Yunnan, China

With cross-border travel restrictions substantially eased around the world, let's hop on the earliest flight out to China to visit the beautiful Lugu Lake in Yunnan. If you are a big fan of cultural and historical destinations with breath-taking sceneries, this travel guide is written especially for you!

    lugu lake yunnan travel guide
    Attractions at Lugu Lake in Yunnan, China

    Attractions at Lugu Lake in Yunnan, China

    Get to Know the Mosuo People

    The quickest way to learn about a different culture is by mingling with the locals. At the Lugu Lake, you can visit the homes of the Mosuo families to experience their authentic and local way of life. Keep in mind that you will need to pay some amount of money to the host family. In return, you will be made to feel right at home with fun activities prepared, such as having a meal together, chit-chatting with the family, as well as singing and dancing to traditional music.

    Fun fact: The Mosuo is known as China's last matriarchal tribe, where women are leaders of families and in making important decisions.

    There is no specific address to which house or village you should visit – you will find many choices around the lake offering this experience.

    Mosuo People yunnan
    Visit the Mosou villages while traveling around Lugu Lake

    Lugu Lake Boat Tour

    There isn't a better way to witness the splendour of the lake than a slow, relaxing boat ride. At the Lugu Lake, going on a tour on the unique Zhu Cao boat is highly recommended. The traditional wooden boat has a sturdy flat bottom - used typically for fishing and farming. Not only can the boat give curious visitors first-hand access to the spectacular scenery, but it is also the most important mode of transportation for the locals.

    Lugu Lake Boat Tour
    Hop onto a Zhu Cao boat for a tour around Lugu Lake

    Enjoy a Campfire Party

    Have a little fun and join the locals at their campfire party during your visit to the Lugu Lake. The event usually lasts for an hour and consists of three parts – the local Mosuo people dancing and dressing up in their local ethnic costumes to welcome visitors, an interactive session when the visitors are invited to dance with them, and lastly, singing to traditional songs together. Food and refreshment will  also be served during your time here. You will need to pay an entrance fee before joining the party, which is typically included as part of your tour.

    lugu lake attractions
    Take part in traditional performances along with the locals by the lake

    Climb the Holy Gemu Mountain 

    If you are seeking for adventures, make your way to the top of the sacred Gemu Mountain at an altitude of 3,450 meters. Here, you see with your own eyes the breath-taking and unbroken view of Lugu Lake. Instead of walking, you can also choose to take a ride in a cable car or on a Toboggan, which is a long flat-bottomed light sled. This could just be your once in a lifetime chance to admire the highest lake of Yunnan and its mesmerising shades of azure blue, so you definitely don't want to miss it!

    Ticket prices: CNY70 (Toboggan return trip), CNY110 (Cable car return trip)

    Gemu Mountain yunnan
    Gemu Mountain is a sacred location in Yunnan
    lugu lake yunnan
    Enjoy an unbroken view of the Lugu Lake from the summit of Gemu Mountain

    Learn about Culture at the Mosuo Museum 

    This museum showcases the culture, history and the folk customs of the Mosuo ethnic group. There are two levels in the building - the first level displaying the Mosuo history and culture, while the second level showcases local handicrafts. A visit to this attraction allows visitors to understand the unique culture of this mystical ancient tribal community in the Tibetan Himalayas

    Entrance fee: CNY 25 per visitor. Free admission for visitors over 60 years old.
    Opening hours: 9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm

    Mosuo Museum yunnan
    Learn about the interesting Mosuo culture at the local museum

    There is no specific address for most of the activities listed above. For example, there isn't a permanent site for the campfire, as it is usually organised by the villagers as and when needed. Feel free to explore the villages around the Lugu Lake to join in the fun. Lastly, do not forget to pay some money to the host as a kind gesture!

    How to Get to Lugu Lake

    From Lijiang, you can take a long-distance bus to Lugu Lake which will take approximately 5 hours. Alternatively, hire a minivan or a private car while will take around 6 hours. The best time to depart is at 6 in the morning in order to arrive at 1pm. A quicker way to travel is by taking a one-hour domestic flight to the Ninglang Luguhu Airport from Kunming, followed by a 40-minute car ride to the lake.

    There are so many fun activities for everyone at Yunnan's most precious Lugu Lake. Which one is your favourite? Comment below and let us know!

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    1. Oh my. The view of the Lugu Lake from the mountain top is such a beauty and breathtaking.

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    4. I have yet to be at Yunnan, love the photos here, it's a nice place to travel to.adding it to my to travel wish list. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing

    5. China ni bukan je negara maju tapii kaya dengan tempat percutian yang menarik hopefully one day dapat gi ke sana

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