Things to do: Bako National Park, Sarawak

Bako National Park is recognised for being one of the most beautiful parks in all of Borneo. It is also the region's most accessible national parks, featuring impressive well-marked trails. A trip here must be added to your bucket list as it allows you to witness the beauty of many enchanting tropical flora and fauna. You will discover different species of monkeys, bearded pigs, and perky squirrels during your stay. Check out this article to learn about the fun activities you can do at the Bako National Park in Sarawak! 

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visiting Bako National Park
Things to do at Bako National Park, Sarawak

Things to do: Bako National Park, Sarawak

Hiking Distance & Duration 

More than a dozen jungle trails make up Bako's large trail network. Each promises a different experience for hikers, and you can expect to witness everything from breath-taking coastline sights to wildlife relaxing in their natural habitats.

For starters, visitors can choose the easy 700-metre beginner-friendly route. The majority of the park's trails start near the main entrance and can be finished in under four hours. Tanjung Sapi, Telok Pandan Kecil, and Tajor are three routes that can be completed in less than three hours, with each one offering unique sights and features along the way.

Bako National Park activities
Flora & fauna at the Bako National Park
Bako National Park hiking
Hiking at Bako National Park

Go on a Boat Ride

The Bako National Park has a majority of three-hour-long trails, but some of them could go as long as seven hours. The lengthier trails usually come with the option to hop on a boat, allowing you to be picked up and transported back to your starting point via the streams.

You will also be required to take a 20-minute boat ride in order to arrive at the national park from Bako Jetty Terminal at Kampung Bako.

Visit the Sandy Beaches

The edges of Bako National Park are blessed with a multitude of charming, sandy beaches. Upon arrival, prepare to be amazed by the chilly sea breeze and astounding topography which is unique only to this region.

What's a better way to relax your mind and soul than reconnecting with nature? You will feel fairly rejuvenated just after a leisurely stroll on the beach, surrounded by the greenest forests all around you!

bako national park day trip
You can find beautiful beaches at the Bako National Park

See the Wildlife

Bako is known to be the home to more than a hundred endangered proboscis monkeys. If you are lucky, you might get a chance to see these unusual-looking primates during the daytime. Besides this, you can also easily spot playful otters, plantain squirrels, Bornean bearded pigs, and many other native wildlife as they frolic and play in their natural habitats.

Bako National Park wildlife
Wildlife at the Bako National Park

Travel to Pulau Lakei

Pulau Lakei is one of the main draws of the expansive Bako National Park. This island is renowned for having a stunning beach with white sand. Here, you can take some time to unwind after a long day of hiking and exploring. You can also discover amazing natural masterpieces such as rocky headlands and rugged cliffs covered with fresh green moss.

Lakei Island sarawak
Pulau Lakei at the Bako National Park, Sarawak

Travel Tips for Visitors

  1. If you’re planning to spend the night at the national park, you are advised to make a reservation prior to your arrival.
  2. Bring enough cash to last you through the entire visit to the park in case cashless transactions or debit/credit cards are not accepted.
  3. Bring enough water to stay hydrated and insect repellent spray as a safety precaution.

Accommodation & Booking

Planning to spend a few days at the Bako National Park? Accommodations are available here at reasonable prices, including the Forest Lodges and hostels catered for large and small groups, families as well as backpackers. Price for hostels starts at RM15 per bed, while price for a room starts at RM50. For more information or to book a room, visit the park's official site.

How to Get to Bako National Park

If you are departing from Kuching, you can hop on a bus which will take approximately an hour to reach the Bako National Park. Alternatively, you can charter a whole minivan for about RM30
from Kuching to arrive at the Bako Boat Jetty. To save even more time, hire a taxi or book an e-hailing vehicle to get to your destination in just 30 minutes.

Entrance Fee & Tickets

When you arrive at the jetty, you will be required to register yourself and purchase both your boat and entrance tickets to the Bako National Park. The entrance fees for Malaysians are priced at RM10 per adult and RM3 per child, and foreigners are charged RM20 per adult and RM7 per child.

Contact Information

Address: Muara Tebas Peninsula, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Contact number: +6082 370434
Opening hours: 8am – 5pm

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  1. Cantiknya pemandangan di Bako ini yea.. Masih terpelihara flora dan fauna di sini.. Harap one day dapat datang ke sini.. nak kena save entri nie sebagai referral jika ke Bako nanti..

  2. Visited Sarawak Culture Village yesterday and we wanted to explore Bako too, but it was raining heavily so have to cancel

  3. Ehhhhhhhhh. Baru tahu ada Bako Park. Bestnya dalam lihat sendiri keindahan alam semula jadi. Dari hutan untuk hiking. Pastu jumpa pantai dan ada hidupan liar. Nanti nak plan ke sana lah. Tq share Grace.

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