Ramadan Buffet at Bangi Golf Resort: 2024 Price & Menu

As the month of fast approaches, we are thrilled to announce that Bangi Golf Resort (BGR) is ready to roll out their spectacular Ramadan Buffet, amid the tranquillity and scenic beauty of Bangi. Each dish at the BGR buffet isn't just food; it’s an epicurean journey, unravelling a sumptuous narrative of divine flavours. From enticing main courses to refreshing beverages, prepared with prime-quality ingredients, the offerings at BGR are brimming with a symphony of delectable tastes.

What sets BGR apart is their dedication to delivering top-tier dining experiences without the top-tier prices. Set in the heart of Bangi, the resort is retreating from the norm, not just with culinary artistry, but also in terms of affordability.

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Bangi Golf Resort ramadan buffet
Bangi Golf Resort Ramadan Buffet Price & Menu

Ramadan Buffet at Bangi Golf Resort: 2024 Price & Menu

BGR Restaurant Iftar Menu

As the month of Ramadan draws closer, there's one event creating a stir among food enthusiasts - the introduction of the much-anticipated 2024 Ramadan Buffet at Bangi Golf Resort.

The BGR Ramadan Buffet is not just about good food but a holistic gastronomic experience. This year, BGR presents a delightfully diverse range of delicious dishes and refreshing beverages, all crafted from quality ingredients. The best part? It all comes at an incredibly reasonable price that BGR has always been known for.

BGR’s offerings for this fasting month encompass both traditional and global cuisines. Satisfy your taste buds with their classic favourites such as the succulent Kambing Golek, a lamb slowly roasted on a spit, the aromatic and flavour-packed Sup Kambing Mamak (Indian style Mutton Stew), house-made Chicken Satay with condiments, and crowd’s favourite Sous Vide Egg with Mushroom Espuma.

Moreover, food connoisseurs can indulge in BGR’s signature dish - Nasi Kerabu, a traditional blue rice dish made from fragrant Bunga Telang (butterfly pea flower petals), served with a freshly harvested assortment of Ulam from Bangi Farm Resort.

And new this year, BGR is introducing a variety of exciting dishes to its menu. Get ready to explore the savoury house-made Deep Fried Gyoza with quirky sauces, Swedish Meatball with brown sauce and mashed potato, Deep Fried Mantao with chili crab sauce, fiery Peri-peri Roast Chicken, and Penang Hokkien Noodles.

Bangi Golf Resort iftar
Nasi Kerabu is a signature dish at Bangi Golf Resort, alongside other western selections.
bangi golf resort ramadan buffet
You must also try the Sous Vide Egg with Mushroom Espuma, which is one of the most popular dishes at BGR.
bangi golf resort dinner package
The freshly grilled chicken satays are amazing appetisers

40 Types of Desserts

Guests can choose from a lavish spread of over 40 dessert items, including a wide range of kuih-muih and BGR's signature combination of smooth Serawa Durian with fluffy Pulut Kukus. The stellar dessert line-up contains delicious western options too, with different types of brownies, sponge cakes, durian puffs, chocolate cream puffs, cupcakes, mixed fruits trifle, tiramisu, and panna cotta.

Bangi Golf Resort Ramadan Buffet
Choose from sumptuous spread of more than 40 types of sweet desserts and many other savoury dishes.

Children's Buffet Menu

BGR's buffet isn't only for adults; it's a treat for the young ones too. From the creamy Soft Serve Ice-cream and playful Caramel Popcorns to whimsical Cotton Candy, there's something for everyone. Their Spanish Churros topped with house-made Marshmallow Sauce, Thick Chocolate Sauce and rainbow sprinkles are undoubtedly crowd-pleasers.

Picture a plate of these golden, crunchy delicacies, all set for your children to unleash their creative flair. Decorate them with BGR's House-made Marshmallow Sauce, thick pools of decadent Chocolate Sauce, and a shower of Rainbow Sprinkles. This interactive dessert experience at BGR ensures that not only do your children enjoy mouthfuls of delicious treats but also engage in crafting a sugary masterpiece.

Ramadan Buffet Price & Booking

Mark your calendars for a special gastronomic journey at Bangi Golf Resort (BGR) from the 13th of March to the 8th of April 2024.

While the flavours at the BGR Ramadan Buffet are rich and sophisticated, the prices are delightfully down-to-earth. Indulge in this extravagant buffet at just RM65.00 per adult. For our young diners, the ticket to this gastronomic adventure costs a palatable RM32.50 per child. Feast your senses without burning a hole in your pocket, as luxury and affordability unite in the tasteful setting of Bangi Golf Resort.

Bangi Golf Resort iftar
Bangi Golf Resort offers one of the cheapest Ramadan buffets in Bangi

Certified Halal by JAKIM

Bangi Golf Resort holds a prestigious badge of honour, having been stamped HALAL by JAKIM since 2009. BGR has proudly upheld the rules of Halal, showing their deep respect for food rules and cultural norms. For every guest, this ensures that their delicious creations are fit to be enjoyed without a second thought.

The year 2021 introduced another feather in BGR's cap. The resort was awarded the well-respected HACCP and GMP certifications. These certifications don't come easy; they are a clear sign of BGR's strong focus on maintaining excellent cleanliness and safety standards in their kitchen. It's simply another assurance for every guest that each delicacy served at BGR has been expertly crafted with the utmost care and hygiene.

BGR Restaurant, Bangi Golf Resort

Imagine pulling into one of the 800 complimentary parking spaces at the prestigious BGR Restaurant nestled within the Bangi Golf Resort. Apart from impressing you with impeccable hospitality, BGR also provides an atmosphere of tranquillity with spacious Surau or prayer rooms. As you delicately whisk through the culinary aromas wafting around, you’ll appreciate the peaceful opportunities BGR offers to pause and refresh one's spirit.

Now, let your senses be charmed by a visual spectacle. Step in and be greeted by a panoramic view of a meticulously designed 27-hole golf course, their vibrant green hues punctuated by the symphony of a fresh, crisp air. This inviting ambiance makes BGR Restaurant a favourite haunt for golfers – for convivial meet-ups before setting off into the play and heart-warming celebrations afterward.

But the charm doesn't end there; BGR serves up an absolute feast, a staggering selection of Asian and Western dishes that playfully joust for your attention. The warm, friendly atmosphere rings perfect for families, transforming each meal into a journey through gastronomic landscapes, full of delectable choices at every turn. Take a step into BGR, a realm where culinary delights meet aesthetic pleasure, creating the perfect melody for a matchless dining experience.

How to Get to Bangi Golf Resort

From the bustling Kuala Lumpur City Centre to the sprawling confines of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), every road leading to the resort ushers you through a scenic wonderland that is but a 30-minute drive away.

Alternatively, opt for the charm of public transport to lend an authentic touch to your journey. Local buses and the MRT are equally plausible options, each offering their unique vignettes of Malaysian life. If you're starting from the KL City Centre, take the MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang (SBK) line and alight at Kajang station. From there, hop onto a Rapid KL bus or hail a taxi to reach the resort.

Contact Information

Address: No. 1 Persiaran Bandar, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact number: 1700-821-457
Email ADDRESS: enquiry@bgrrest.com

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