The Nest Underground / Café Clon, Petaling Jaya

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where to buy vape in petaling jaya
The Nest Underground, the latest vape cafe and lounge in Petaling Jaya

The vaping trend has surpassed that of cafes and boat noodles in the recent months in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, and I doubt that it will stop anytime soon. Vape cafes and lounges are opening at a rapid rate and new flavors of vape liquids (juices) are being introduced every other week. The Nest Underground is the latest addition to this industry, and it comes with a setting and ambiance that the Malaysians would love.

Luckily for me, I was able to visit the cafe before the crowd starts coming in:

best cafes in klang valley
Inside the Nest Underground: A mini cinema!

where to buy vape in kuala lumpur
Inside the Nest Underground: The chill-out section
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where to buy vape in petaling jaya
Comprehensive selection of juices, devices, and accessories

New to vaping? This is the perfect place to go to!

Since I am pretty new to vaping, I needed someone to guide me through the selection, refilling and other post-purchase processes. Fortunately, Eric the shop attendant was there to patiently show my friend and I the proper steps in setting up the device, which I think was really helpful.

best cafes in klang valley
Eric guiding my friend through the setup

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where to buy vape in kuala lumpur
Jeffri and Zac, a.k.a the big bosses. Say hi if you ever see them there!

best vape juice flavors in malaysia
Screw squarish tanks - pick something that stands out :P

Café Clon

Foodies can revel in the food and drinks prepared by Café Clon located on the ground floor (place your order, pay at the counter, and have the baristas send the food down). Here's a sneak peak of what we had:

popular cafes in petaling jaya
Vietnamese Pizza - imagine otak-otak wrapped in rice paper.

best cafes in klang valley
Seafood Tom Yam Carbonara. Generous portion of seafood!

best cafes in kuala lumpur
Yummy juices

where to buy vape in petaling jaya
Complimentary sago dessert - available until Malaysia day only!

  • Closing time is 10pm on weekdays and 12am on weekends as of now, but it will soon be extended.
  • Cigars are sold here, and shisha will be next to be introduced to the Nest Underground. Long story short, this place is a haven for smokers of all kinds ;)

How to get to Café Clon

Enter "" on your waze search bar,
or follow this address:
62, Jalan Kemajuan 12/18, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(Kaching, PJS 12)

How to get to the Nest Underground

Enter the café, and you will see a glass door on your right. Take the stairs down and you're there!

Delicious Turkish Food to Try in Istanbul

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popular food in turkey
Oh Turkey, how I've missed you....r food!

If you have read my previous post on Turkey, you should know by now how deeply, madly, and crazily in love I am with Turkish food. It did not matter if I was dining at a posh restaurant or by the streets, I was constantly wowed by the mouthwatering flavors that came with the meals.

The following is a list of the food I've tried which I think is worthy of a mention, regardless of the price range:

Delicious Turkish Food to Try in Istanbul


Try the kebabs. ALL of them

There are at least 30 different types of kebabs available in Turkey. Whichever direction you turn to face, you will see the juiciest, fattest stacks of meat being roasted to perfection on vertical rotisseries. And the smell, oh the smell - you will find yourself dancing merrily amid the fragrance. Accompanied with fresh tomatoes, onions, parsley, french fries, and traditional homemade condiments, this overly common roadside snack is both delicious and cheap.

Price starts from 5TL

delicious kebab in turkey
where to eat kebab in turkey
Döner kebab
good kebab places in istanbul
Adana Kebap - with grilled vege, fries, rice, AND bread

where to find the best kebab in turkey
Dürüm - this one from Dürümzade, as approved by Anthony Bourdain

best kebab restaurant istanbul
Lamb plate

Islak Hamburgers

Also known as wet burgers, the Islak hamburgers are cheap, fast (readily prepared and incubated in glass-lined steamers), and very tasty. Burgers are dunked in some sort of a tomato-based sauce and then steamed in order to achieve that wet, warm and yummy outcome.

Price starts from 3TL

islak hamburgers
turkey islak burgers
Islak burgers in Istanbul


Pide (pronounced pee-dE) comes with choices of toppings similar to those of pizzas, but its base is made using flat-bread and is baked in stone ovens.

Prices start from 3TL

delicious turkish food
My 15 TL pide. Still worth it.




My absolute favorite food in the whole of Turkey? Manti.
These little dumplings (also known as Turkish raviolis) are magical. Small sheets of dough wrappers are meticulously stuffed with the best spiced lamb/beef, and are either boiled or steamed. They are then graciously and generously topped with garlic yogurt, spice-infused olive oil, sumac, chili flakes (optional), and fresh mint leaves for that unreservedly delectable taste.

According to locals, the smaller the size of the manti, the more skillful the cook. It can also be used as an indicator for in-laws to gauge if a girl knows her way around the kitchen.

Prices start from 10TL

best manti in turkey
What I'd do to taste this again..

what to eat in istanbul
Turkish manti

Mozaik Pastası

Heading out for a cup of coffee? Order a slice of the Turkish mosaic cake as well! While it isn't really to my liking (too dry and hard IMO), this dessert is well-known throughout the country. If it has a rich texture and looks pretty in pictures, why not?

Price starts from 3TL

mosaic cakes in turkey
Turkish Mosaic Cake


These Turkish bagel-lookalikes are bread rings commonly encrusted with seeds of all kinds. It could be white or black sesames, poppy, flax, or my favorite - sunflower seeds. Available everywhere.

Price starts from 1TL

simit turkish street food
I always had one of these in my bag while traveling in Turkey

Turkish Ice-Cream

Nothing special, really, but soooo good when eaten under the hot, brutal Turkish sun. Remember to try these flavors: Pistachio, pomegranate, honey, or sade.

Price starts from 2TL

what to eat in istanbul
Ice-cream in Turkey

Midye Dolma

Introducing my next favorite food - Stuffed mussels. These mussels are filled with aromatic rice before being boiled in spiced broth. The vendor will squeeze a generous amount of lemon juice onto the rice before serving it. Simple, and so very delicious.

Price: 1TL/2 small mussels, 1TL/big mussel

popular street food in turkey
Turkish mussels

Toasts and Sandwiches

The sandwiches that I've had in Asia are mostly pathetic (they taste and look so), which was why I never bothered ordering one while I was in Turkey. However, I've learned that they are a very common and popular choice of fast food here so I've decided to give them a try. I was hooked ever since. The panini-style toasts and thick salami slices are definitely worth the hype.

Prices starts from 3TL

popular food to try in turkey
Salami sandwich

popular turkish sandwiches
Salami toast

Homemade Dishes

It isn't easy finding a stall selling homemade dishes, but the effort is worth it. They are definitely the most tasty, authentic, and (unusually) cheap.

Price starts at 2TL per dish

hidden gem food turkey
Pilav and an assortment of dishes


No one is ever too full for dessert. Desserts in Turkey can be found on every street and coffee bar. I personally find that the desserts here are overly sweet, but thousands of other tourists beg to differ.

Price starts at 2T

desserts in istanbul
Baklava in Turkey

where to eat desserts in istanbul
Ekmek kadayıfı - I gave up after two bites. It's basically just sugar in a fancy shape.

There are many other delicious food to try in Turkey, so making time for it is a must!

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What It's Like Inside a Capsule Hotel

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While traveling in China, I have unexpectedly chanced upon a capsule hotel which is both cheap and conveniently located near a metro station. I've spent a night in a capsule and the experience was pretty exciting.

The idea behind capsule hotels or kapuseru hoteru originated from Japan (a.k.a. the world's most innovative country). It features a large number of compact capsules to make it possible to provide guests with a cheap and basic overnight accommodation. I find this very useful for solo travelers for it comes with the much needed privacy and comfort.

inside a capsule hotel
Soft, plushy pillows and duvets

features of capsule hotels
Also comes with in-capsule entertainment. Great selection of movies!

capsule hotel booking
Mine even comes with four different type of cool lighting

Common features of a capsule hotel:

Inside a capsule:
  • Safe box (most budget hotels do not even have this)
  • Entertainment: Movies/Music + earphones
  • Mirror
  • Lighting (top, back, TV, mirror, reading)
  • Cup holder
  • Toiletries - Slippers, soap, towels etc

capsule hotels
Toiletries are usually provided in capsule hotels

  • Locker
  • Common area
  • Large communal bathing areas with hair dryers etc
  • Complimentary PC and WiFi usage
  • Separate sections for female and males

Remember to drop by a capsule hotel when you have the chance. There are many choices available on to suit your preference and travel destination!