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The Best 2-Minute Vegan Smoothie, Ever

Once you try this delicious recipe, you'll never want to have your smoothie any other way.

Yes, I've finally jumped on the wellness bandwagon. I now buy only organic produce, consume only plant-based milk, always making sure I load each of my meal with superfood, and adopted a vegan diet at home. The transition hasn't been easy, but I keep myself motivated by watching videos by YouTubers Cam & Nina for resourceful ways to jazz up my dishes.

When I first heard about smoothie bowls, I thought it was just going to be another short-lived cafe trend and swore never to try it. RM30 for a bowl of blended tropical fruits? In Malaysia? No thank you. Yet I noticed on YouTube that most vegans have smoothie bowls religiously either for breakfast or for lunch. They made it seem like being vegan is a breeze.

I always keep a box of ground seed concoction within reach. To prepare, I blend pumpkin seeds, white sesame seeds, brown flax seeds and golden flax seeds together until they ar…

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