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Renew Malaysian Passports on Weekends

Let's face it - we work full time in demanding professions, besides having to juggle between family and personal obligations. Over the period, time becomes a rare commodity and every hour wasted measures up to 60 minutes of regret.

Working full time also means having only the weekends to follow through with any personal matter, and passport renewal is one such. Since Malaysian Immigration Offices typically open only on the weekdays from 7.30am to 5.30pm, some had to go out of their way to request for a half-day leave just to have their passports renewed.

Thankfully, renewing your Malaysian passport over the weekends is possible but such service is only available at selected branches in each state:

Pulau Pinang Seberang Jaya Johor Johor Bahru, Pekan Rabu, UTC Johor (Friday & Saturday) Kedah UTC KedahPerak  UTC Perak  Selangor  Kelana Jaya, Pelabuhan Klang, Shah Alam, Kajang Negeri Sembilan  Seremban  Melaka  UTC Melaka Sabah UTC Sabah  Sarawak  UTC Miri, UTC Sarawak, UTC Sibu Kuala Lumpur UTC Pu…

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