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Top 5 Things to See in Mostar

I love the Balkans.

To me, it is the western variation of Southeast Asia - cultural, vibrant and exceptionally full of life. It was in this region that I learned to immerse in the sights and sounds presented before me and just to explore freely.

The sweetest reminiscence I have of this region is the emerald green river flowing through Mostar. As one of the most ethnically diverse city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar is rich in culture and in history. This former war-torn city has undergone extensive restoration to be reinstated as the beautiful destination that it is today.

Top 5 Things to See in MostarStari Most (Old Bridge)Čaršija (Market)Koski Mehmed Paša MosqueKravice WaterfallsDon't Forget Stones

I arrived at the Old Town of Mostar misty-eyed and sentimental. How can a place be this beautiful?

Just days ago, I witnessed the bluest of seas and earth's most beautiful stretch of mountains as I traveled across Greece, Albania and Montenegro. Being able to experience all of…

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