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10 Must-Try Cambodian Dishes

Cambodia offers more than just temples and spectacular ancient ruins - visitors are given the opportunity to experience the ultimate gastronomic indulgence throughout their stay here. An average meal in this region typically consists of dishes of contrasting textures and flavors, served with an obligatory bowl of freshly steamed local rice. Each dish is heartily prepared using numerous types of herbs and pickled vegetables, and dipping sauces of all color sorts are always readily sitting on the tables, acting as a magical taste-enhancing potion that must not be disregarded during meals.
While there are countless Cambodian dishes worth mentioning, listed below are 10 of my top picks which I think you should definitely try!
10 Must-Try Cambodian Dishes Num Banh Chok A definitive breakfast in Cambodia, Num Banh Chok is prepared using rice noodles made by hand in heavy stone mills. Simple yet appetizing, it is served with fish gravy and fresh, crisp vegetables such as banana blossom, wate…

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