The possibility is endless in Ko Phi Phi Don, and here's my top 5 picks for the things to see/do while you're vacationing there:

1. Try the enormous pizzas

These face-sized slices of pizza are priced at 80 bahts each. This picture obviously does no justice to how big the pizzas really are, but rest assure that one slice of these can keep you satiated for hours.

2. Climb your way up to the viewpoints

If you are not the kind to workout, and pant after a 100 meters run, then this might be challenging for you. However, you will find the climb worth it when you reach the viewpoint at the top, which offers a breathtaking panorama of the island. Spare a few extra hours and you will be able to catch the sunrise and sunset!

Timings for sunrise and sunset at the Ko Phi Phi Viewpoint:

April - November: 6.00 - 6.30 a.m.
December - March: 6.30 - 7.00 a.m.

February - July: 6.00 - 6.45 p.m.
August - January: 6.00 - 6.30 p.m.

Just remember to bring along at least one bottle of ice-cold water (which will eventually turn warm) and 20 bahts for entrance fee. No alcohol is allowed as it is a Muslim area. There are a few stalls which sell ice-cream and drinks in case you desperately need to get hydrated. The journey to the top takes approximately 25 minutes.

3. Party at Slinky Beach Bar

Get drunk, make friends, grind ANYbody, and have the hairs of your hands and chest burned by participating in their crazy fire performances and games, like jumping through a ring (set on fire), skipping on ropes (set on fire), or attempting to break your spine by going under a bar (also set on fire) in a game of limbo.

You have not truly been to KPP if you do not spend a night at the bars along Lo Dalum.

4. Experience the Full/Half Moon parties

Isn't this why you made KPP your destination in the first place? Phi Phi is second to Phangan when it comes to parties, but they sure are making an exceptional progress.

5. Get a tattoo

Tattoo parlors are literally on every street. Pick a date, get completely wasted, and make a mistake you'll probably regret over. Think of all the stories that you'll be able to share with your grandchildren one day!