How to Use Uber: Uber in Kuala Lumpur

Let's admit it - travelling around Kuala Lumpur is a pain the ass and an agony to our wallets for having to bear for all the expenses needed for fuel and tolls just to get us to our destinations. The appalling traffic condition that hammers the city during on-peak hours (AND off-peak now, thanks to the on-going MRT constructions) only rubs salt into the wounds.

Since there is no escaping the traffic congestion and the constantly increasing travelling costs, why not then let someone else do the worrying and fussing while you lounge on the back seat of a luxury vehicle and do something more pleasing like taking a #selfie or just wait around #likeaboss while you are en route to your destination?

For both locals and foreigners alike, Uber is here to ease that pain and will help you accomplish just that!

How to Use Uber: Uber in Kuala Lumpur

Uber had its official launch in Kuala Lumpur just less than three months ago and it has now become the topic of conversations among socialites and bloggers from all across the city.

Being invited to the official launch/media event of Uber not only made it possible for me to meet the vibrant Uber team, but I also got to ride in Uber first-hand for free!

uber malaysia
The Uber app, available on iPhone, Android, and at

uber malaysia
Using the app is as easy as it can be!

After downloading the app and keying in essential details (i.e. credit card number, phone number, email address etc), users can instantly call for a ride at the push of a button.

Requesting for a car is literally as simple as dropping the pin at the desired pickup location. Once that is done, you will receive a message within a few minutes (or even seconds) to ratify your request, as well as to inform you about the driver's information like his name, vehicle license plate and car make and the ETA:

uber malaysia

The app comes with a map which allows you to track the car real-time as it navigates towards your location. When the request is confirmed, a notification will show up in the app:

uber malaysia

Although it was stated that the ETA was 65 minutes, Mr. Bong, my driver that afternoon, called to inform me that he will arrive in approximately 20 minutes. About 5 minutes before I got picked up, he gave me another call to ascertain my precise whereabouts so he could come right up to me, rather than having me walking towards him.

Needless to say, just like every other Uber-riders, I was blown away by the quality of the service being provided.

I supposed all the fancy cars were taken that day because I got picked up in a Toyota Camry (although it wasn't any less gratifying)

uber malaysia
Mr. Bong is a very friendly man and I absolutely enjoyed my conversation with him.
uber malaysia
A few magazines neatly tucked behind the passenger's seat and a complimentary bottle of water

uber malaysia
A receipt will be sent to your email once you have arrived at your destination.

The journey from the Mines, Seri Kembangan to Bangsar took less than half an hour with a total fare of RM55.27. I have taken cabs for a few years in the past and I personally feel that the pricing is very reasonable, in view of the type of car you are travelling in as well as the safety features, convenience, and luxury that come along with it.

The transaction is totally cashless, meaning money will only be deducted from your credit/debit card, making the rides safe, seamless, and exceptionally convenient.

At the end of the ride, both the user and the driver is required to rate each other through the app in their respective devices/phones, which is great as it allows them to see how staunch and accountable the other party is in the forthcoming rides.

uber malaysia
One with the bloggers

Uber Quick Facts

  • Uber has a base fare of RM7.00, with an additional RM0.30 per minute and RM2.00 per kilometer
  • Uber is a premium and safe on-demand private chauffeur service
  • Uber is not an taxi app. They partner with professional limousine companies that provide chauffeur services
  • Range of cars includes Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata, Nissan Teana, Mercedes E-class, BMW 7-Series etc
  • Uber is foreigner-friendly and is available in 15 different languages
  • Seats up to four (or more, depending on the cars you are getting - I got an Alphard on the way back)

Uber Fare Rates

  • KLCC to Bangsar Baru - RM29-RM37
  • Subang Jaya to Publika - RM64-RM71
  • KL to Genting Highlands - RM150 (Flat rate)
  • KL to KLIA/LCCT - RM300 (Flat rate)

All in all, I was uber-impressed with my Uber ride!

Get free credit to give Uber a first-hand try for free (only for new users) in an exclusively luxury vehicle around the city by keying in the promotion code 'dhlot':

uber free credits

Key in 'dhlot' as the promotion code to get free credit (amount changes from time to time)!


  1. I visited kuala lampur on a business tour and one problem I found was to use Uber in the area. It happened again next time on my vacations. But thanks to your article It won't happen again hopefully.

  2. Uber taxi system has made the travelling easy and comfortable now with a very economic cost. Thanks for sharing the pattern to book an uber taxi.

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