Paris: The City of Art

It has been more than a year since I was in Paris, yet I could never forget how it felt like when I took my first step onto the French soils.

I was really eager to share the experience with my readers, but I was concerned that I was not able to fitly convey in words the grandeur and splendor of this city. You see, Paris is the city of art, and it's almost illegitimate if I do not give it the full glory it deserves.

Paris: The City of Art

Delving into an entirely different culture and way of life can sometimes be a little harrowing. Growing up in Asia my whole life, the Western world is undoubtedly very foreign to me. This unfamiliarity has made my travel experience strikingly contrasting with the rest, because I did not have the slightest knowledge of what to expect, nor was I able to find a single likeness in the language and customs in this part of the world.

See photos Map of Eiffel Tower  See outside Eiffel Tower
Paris: The City of Art
paris france
The Parisian streets at twilight
Seine river cruise
Cruising along the river Seine

The French Way of Living

France is a pleasant change. The 13-hour journey from Kuala Lumpur to Paris is a total transfiguration from an urban sprawl that is fast-paced, sweltering, and agile, to a dreamy town-like metropolis that is always composed and calm, yet exceptionally dignifying. I could never admire enough how adept the French are in appreciating life, and the way they manage to seek pleasure in every facet of their existence. They certainly know how to make the most out of everything, and living a life of pressure is a serious taboo.

Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower
The Louvre
The Louvre, many pairs of feet, and very tainted water
The Louvre, or the Louvre Museum

The French Pride

The French are very proud. They are proud of their language, their sophistication, their culture, and their French-ly ancestry. Very frankly, they have all the right to be. Through my observation, I have come to realize that these people are always brimming with confidence and self-respect. Keeping up one's image is of the essence and they are dressed to the nines even if it means getting groceries at the hypermarché across the street. It is as though people get fined in this country for being distasteful.

Neuilly sur Seine
Fresh produce sold at a mini market in Neuilly sur Seine
paris baguette
The best baguette I have tasted in life
paris france
Italian dinner in France, because why not?

France is a country of beauty and sophistication. Though not everyone speaks English (or to you), flashing a smile can definitely ease the tension and break the stereotype. The French could get pretty appalled to see certain unruly behaviors from people of the antipodal lands and foreign immigrants, so always be well-mannered and tasteful while mingling with them.

paris france
There is something about the clouds here...
paris france
There is something about the clouds here... (Part 2)
paris mcdonald's
McDonald's self-order kiosks
Avenue des Champs-Élysées
The Avenue des Champs-Élysées - a shopping haven for tourists
paris red light district
The red light district of Paris, where one can find bars, night clubs, drugs, and lots of sex motels.
paris hiking
Every corner is a sight to behold!
paris hiking
Taking a stroll around this beautiful lake in the evening

There are so much more to this beautiful place and one post is definitely not enough to cover it. Don't forget to share your travel & dining moments with us on Instagram by tagging @rollinggrace or #RollingGrace. Happy travelling!


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