SPG by Bijan Menu, Price & Review: Bukit Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur

Each contemporary dining restaurant today has its own set of unique offerings, yet they all share a few unmistakable common characteristics. These establishments strives to pamper diners with an exceptional experience from the moment they walk through the door - an experience that goes beyond the sparkling chandeliers, tunes that hit the right note, and art on the wall.

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SPG by Bijan
SPG by Bijan: Menu, Price & Review at Bukit Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur

SPG by Bijan Menu, Price & Review

SPG Changkat

First there’s Bijan, then there is SPG by Bijan. SPG or Sarong Party Grill is a kittenish play on words. It was initially coined as the acronym for Sarong Party Girls - a term that dates back to the late 1940s to describe Asian ladies who preferred dating and socialising with white men. The tapas and grill bar embodies playful and carefree elements that follow the theme closely, all while staying true to its local roots through its tastefully embellished interior and attentive selection of the chief ingredients used in all its dishes.

new restaurants in bukit ceylon
SPG by Bijan at Bukit Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur

Honeycomb tiles. Walls abound with bold, vibrant floral paintings. Sturdy rattan and wood furniture. A breezy ambiance with plenty of room for conversations and boogie-woogie. Every corner of SPG by Bijan is affectionately fashioned to meet its vision of the perfect modern Malay restaurant.

SPG by Bijan kuala lumpur
Dedicated bar at SPG by Bijan
SPG by Bijan kuala lumpur
Every corner of SPG by Bijan is looked into, even down to minute details like the batik accents of its napkins.
SPG by Bijan
Interior with a touch of playfulness and vibrant colours
SPG by Bijan
A private room for intimate functions
SPG by Bijan
Open dining space at SPG by Bijan

Signature Cocktails at SPG

SPG cocktails are created with nothing less than bold, high-flown, yet unpretentious displays of artfulness. Each glass comes with at least one key Malaysian ingredient that makes the cocktail truly and innovatively local.

All the cocktails - even the frozen ones, are priced at RM35 per glass, which I personally think is very reasonable considering the quality and ingredients used.

SPG by Bijan
Stinkini (RM35)
Pickled petai, gin & vermouth.

My personal favorite is definitely the Stinkini, which I think would be a shame for anyone to skip during the visit here. The only possible way to remember this brilliant concoction by is through its potent, palate-awakening flavors and soul-wrenching stench (which ironically, is something Malaysians appreciate). The first few sips may be overwhelming for those who are yet to be accustomed to the pervasive "rotten egg" odor of this tropical broad bean, but the following sips will slowly but surely turn the potion into your next secret addiction.

SPG by Bijan
Frozen Asam Pedas (RM35)
Tequila, triple sec, tamarind juice
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Yellow Fever (RM35)
Gin, turmeric, lime juice, honey, tonic water
SPG by Bijan
Feeling adventurous? SPG by Bijan offers cocktail lovers a monthly special to excite your senses!

Restaurant Menu & Price

Tell the waiter about your favourite Malay dish and they will swiftly recommend an inventive, delightful variation. Served tapas-style, each dish is thoughtfully portioned for sharing with attractive plating for appeal. As serious as the chefs are in developing the dishes, they still managed to elevate the planning into an art. Cheeky, but serious nonetheless.

Colours efficaciously stimulate the senses and enliven the palate, and SPG by Bijan has proven this to be true.

The food menu at SPG by Bijan is divided into four parts to clearly categorise all their house specialties: Light bites, Bakar-bakar, Rice & Vegetables and Desserts.

SPG by Bijan
Herbaceous steamed fish parcels - one of the latest addition to the SPG menu
SPG by Bijan
Grilled Calamari (RM29)
Grilled squid served with sambal belacan
SPG by Bijan
Ah Ran Sini (RM25)
Nasi Lemak balls: All the familiar flavors stuffed into bite-size rice balls, deep-fried and served with anchovy mayo dip.
SPG by Bijan
Lidah & Sambal (RM28)
Pan-seared braised ox tongue served with sambal hitam
SPG by Bijan
Golden deep fried mantou, ayam percik & cucumber raita
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Roti Jala Tiffin (RM22)
Lace pancakes, kaffir lime curry chicken, fish floss & anchovy sambal
SPG by Bijan
Black Pomfret
Pan-seared black pomfret with coconut and galangal sauce
SPG by Bijan
Grilled Lamb Shoulder (RM39)
Served with sambal hitam, sambal hijau and sambal merah
SPG by Bijan
Angus Oyster Blade (RM68)
Served with sambal hitam, sambal hijau and sambal merah
SPG by Bijan
Prawns & Pineapple (RM35)
A new addition to SPG by Bijan's Bakar-bakar menu
SPG by Bijan
Nasi Petai (RM27)
Rice with petai, galangal floss, anchovies, salted egg & sambal hijau

Desserts at SPG by Bijan

Always end your meal on a sweet note! The chefs at SPG have come up with several innovative and lip-smacking sweet courses with a local twist, including the diving Pulut Mango Cake and Chocolate Durian Cake!

best desserts in Kuala Lumpur
Bananas over Bananas (RM18)
Homemade banana ice cream, smokey caramelised banana & dehydrated banana cone
SPG by Bijan
Pulut Mango Cake (RM15)
Chilled mango mousse, fresh mango & coconut glutinous rice on a biscuit base
spg by bijan
Chocolate Durian Cake (RM24)
best desserts in bukit bintang
Don't be fooled by the sheer size of the cake - it's packed with mind-blowing richness. I highly recommend ending your meal here with desserts and a hot cuppa tea/coffee!

SPG by Bijan Review

SPG by Bijan is everything packed into one beautiful package: A semi-fine dining restaurant that’s kept casual and playful, a café serving coffee and a small yet innovative dessert selection, as well as a bar specialising in cocktails yet also offering a comprehensive alcohol menu. Conveniently located in the KL city center and just a few steps away from country's nightlife hub of Changkat, SPG by Bijan makes a great dining spot for locals with an adventurous palate or visitors who would like to witness the artsy side of Malaysia.

How to Get to SPG by Bijan

The restaurant is located at Bukit Ceylon - in the heart of the vibrant Kuala Lumpur city. Make your way to the famous bar street called 'Changkat', and you will find  SPG at the very start of the row of shops. If you are driving, there are many several parking options available, with the nearest ones being the valet parking service next to Havana Grill & Bar.

Contact Information

Address: 3A, Jalan Ceylon, Bukit Ceylon, 50200 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 12pm-12am daily
Reservations/Inquiries: +603-2022 3575

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  3. The deco of the restaurant is superb. The plating is nice but I don't think I can dine in here because they serve alcoholic beverages.

  4. Been asking what SPG is while reading the intro and the meaning is mind-blowing. Even the menus all mind-blowing. Freeze Asam Pedas 🤯

  5. tengok menu semua nampak sedap and price tu reasonable bila tengok setiap menu. okay la sesekali nak makan sini

  6. memang cantik lah restoren ni. best juga kalau dapat makan dating berdua dengan suami di sini.nampak selesa dan menu semua nampak sedap

  7. Fuhhh rindunya nak makan kat Bijan. Memang best! Memalam tengok artikel ni, terus rasa lapar. Nak booking lah makan di Bijan. Tq Grace!

  8. I love how beautiful the decorations are in the restaurant. So beautiful and I bet having dinner here would be so rewarding. Look at those yummy desserts

  9. Belum pernah try makan kt Bijan. Nampak menu dia sgtlah premium. Ada lidah? Waa teringin nak try la.

  10. Cantiknya deco dia. Tapi menu dia rare juga untuk kampung macam nur. Asam pedas freeze tu wow sangat

  11. Suasana kedai dia sangat tenang kalau makan situ, menaikkan selera..
    Memunya pun nampak sedap, padan dengan harga..
    One day kalau dah boleh JJCM, nak juga singgah sini..

  12. Cantiknya lahai deco restaurant dia...Terpegun Nina tengok. Harga dia pun berpatutan and menu-menu makanan dia pun menarik. Terliur Nina tengok youuu.

  13. nampak eksotik lah semua menu dia and still menarik.

  14. Makanan nampak sedap dan menyelerakan juga banyak pilihan serta juga tempat yang cantik dan menarik kemas best gilerrr tak sabar nak pergi makan kat luar nanti...


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