What to eat in Perlis
Breakfast by the Paddy Field: Warung Tepi Sawah, Kangar, Perlis

There isn't a better way to experience Perlis than to have a local breakfast by a paddy field. After all, the main economic activity at the northernmost state in Malaysia is rice farming, so Perlis has nothing short of the most beautiful views of expansive paddy fields and the best rice dishes to offer its visitors.

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Warung Tepi Sawah, Kangar, Perlis is located right by the main road
makanan terbaik di perlis
Beautiful view at Warung Tepi Sawah, Kangar, Perlis
kedai makan di arau perlis
Warung Tepi Sawah gets filled up really quickly, so be sure to get here early!

Breakfast by the Paddy Field: Warung Tepi Sawah, Kangar, Perlis

We arrived at Warung Tepi Sawah a little over 10 in the morning, but it was already brimming with people. Cars of customers were parked on both sides of the road, causing a mild congestion but the food and view that await you will definitely be worth the obstruction and delay.

Once inside, you need to search high and low for a vacant table or stand around and wait until there is one. A server will come to take your orders (although you might need to catch their attention with either a wave or an eye contact as everyone is pretty busy) and everything in the menu except Nasi Lemak will be brought to your table. For Nasi Lemak, simply make your way to the counter up front to grab your own portion.

best breakfast in perlis
The making of Warung Tepi Sawah's signature Roti Bakar Telur Gedik
medan selera kuala perlis
Roti Lenggang with sambal at Warung Tepi Sawah
tempat makan best di perlis
Capati Peknga station at Warung Tepi Sawah
Menu Warung Tepi Sawah
sarapan pagi di perlis
One of the many skillful cooks at Warung Tepi Sawah
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Menu Warung Tepi Sawah, Kangar, Perlis

We had to try everything on the menu.

All the dishes offered here are authentically local - using locally sourced ingredients and cooked the local way. If you are hoping to try dishes that can only be found in this region of the world, be sure to order Roti Peknga - a type of soft coconut flatbread that is dipped in either curry or sambal, as well as Roti Lenggang which is a type of thin savory pancakes very similar to crepes - also to be dipped in curry or sambal. (You'll soon notice that most Malay dishes in Malaysia are wonderfully accompanied by flavorful dips and sauces!)

Tempat Makan BEST di Perlis
Nasi Lemak at Warung Tepi Sawah comes with beautiful green rice steamed in fragrant pandan leaves and coconut milk 
Breakfast by the Paddy Fields: Warung Tepi Sawah
makanan viral di perlis
Nasi Lemak at Warung Tepi Sawah
Rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves, served with fried anchovies, peanuts, chili sambal and egg.
Top Attractions in Perlis, Malaysia
Pulut Ikan Masin at Warung Tepi Sawah
Glutinious rice with salted fish and grated coconut
what to eat in perlis
Every Malaysian meal must be accompanied with local black coffee Kopi-O and Teh Tarik
roti peknga
Peknga or soft coconut flatbread served with curry and sambal
Roti Bakar Telur Gedik
Margerine toasts topped with runny eggs
Our breakfast at Warung Tepi Sawah, Kangar, Perlis
seafood kuala perlis
Roti Lenggang with sambal - one of the top favorite at Warung Tepi Sawah
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Warung Tepi Sawah opens at 7am, so be sure to arrive early to secure a table!
best food in perlis
The crowd at Warung Tepi Sawah in the morning

Warung Tepi Sawah
R111 Kg Bohor Janggus Jln Wang Ulu Bintong, 01000 Kangar, Perlis
+601110837769 | Facebook
Opening hours: 7am–12pm daily. Closed on Mondays.

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