During my recent trip to Perlis, I visited a farm dedicated to growing over 2,000 nipah palm trees which is located at Kampung Tanah Timbul of Kuala Sanglang. Known as Ladang Nipah Kipli, the plantation also offers guests a chance to dine in the vicinity under the shade of the rustling palms.

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Laksa Utara and other local food at Ladang Nipah Kipli, Sanglang, Perlis
traditional food in Perlis
Ladang Nipah Kipli, Sanglang at Perlis, Malaysia

Ladang Nipah Kipli, Sanglang at Perlis, Malaysia

Nipah palm is scientifically called the Nypa Frutican and it is the only type of palm adaptable to the mangroves. These trees have an average life expectancy of up to 50 years, and they are loved by the locals especially for the palm sap which is a natural drink used to manufacture different types of products such as sugar, vinegar, fermented beverage or alcohol. The sap from the nipah palm can also be consumed as it is as the refreshing drink is an amazing quencher - perfect for the hot tropical climate.

air nira nipah di perlis
Sweet, rich and thick sap from the sap of the nipah palms
Air Nira Nipah perlis
The majestic looking fruits of the nipah palm

Local Perlis Food at Ladang Nipah Kipli

The Kipli’s Nipah Palm farm is designed to allow its customers to dine, explore as well as to learn about the palm trees. The open space is conveniently decked with tables, stools and huts built by hands so visitors can sip on the freshest and purest nipah juice while they recharge and unwind during their brief stay here.

Those looking to indulge in a meal will be delighted with an extensive menu comprised of local favorites:

pulut udang panggang
Pulut Udang (RM0.50 per piece)
Coconut shrimp rolled in glutinous rice and then grilled over charcoal
laksa utara perlis
The must-try dish in Perlis - Laksa (RM4)
Thick rice noodles served in a fragrant, sourish soup - unique only to Malaysia
Tempat Makan Best Di Perlis
Nasi Ayam (RM5)
Grilled chicken served with oily rice
air nira segar perlis
The refreshing sap of the nipah palm is served as it is with ice (RM8 per jug)
What to eat in Perlis
Cendol (RM3)
Sweet dessert which consists of shaved ice, green rice flour jelly, palm sugar syrup and coconut milk.
tempat Makan Menarik di Perlis
Kuih karas - a type of traditional coconut fried snack from Northern Malaysia

Menu & Prices at Ladang Nira Nipah Kipli

The food and drink selection here stays true to what Perlis has to offer. The prices are also reasonable and affordable for all to enjoy:

harga makanan Ladang Nipah Kipli, Sanglang, Perlis
Food menu of Ladang Nipah Kipli, Sanglang, Perlis

Ladang Nipah Kipli, Sanglang, Perlis

Contact no.: 017-4306245
Address: 282, Kg Tanah Timbul Kuala Sanglang, 02800 Sanglang, Perlis
Opening hours: 1.00pm-7.30pm. Closed on Mondays.

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