How to Make Easy & Beautiful Smoothie Bowls at Home

Ever since the quarantine period has begun, I have been waking up each day planning my meals while experimenting with new recipes and ingredients. That was when I discovered smoothie bowls, though I have to admit that I have always dismissed them in the past because I used to find it amusing to drink pureed fruits out of a bowl - especially when I can just get that done with a glass with half the hassle.
Lo and behold - I made my first smoothie bowl with a blender I initially bought to blend curry spices, and posted a few photos of my creations on Instagram. Just a few days later, these photos have received so many likes and comments. My feed has since then been filled with smoothie bowls in different shades of colors.

Today, I am having these for breakfast almost 4 times in a week. My formula to prepare them is delightfully simple and I do not follow a fixed recipe (don't worry, it's not rocket science). Here's how you can make easy smoothie bowls at home the way I do, while further jazzing them up into being Instagram-worthy!

Spirulina Smoothie Bowl recipe
How to Make Easy & Beautiful Smoothie Bowls at Home
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Smoothie bowl recipes for weight loss that will keep you satiated for hours!

How to Make Easy & Beautiful Smoothie Bowls at Home

Smoothie bowl is the most beautiful breakfast there is out there, and each serving is packed with sweet, nutritious plant-based goodness your body and guts will appreciate. There are only two parts to a delicious smoothie bowl - base and toppings. You will need to prep your ingredients ahead to give them enough time to freeze, but other than that it is mostly assembling and just burying your face in the bowl.

For my latest smoothie bowl creations, click here.

Easy Smoothie Bowl Recipes

Smoothie Bowl Base

  • 2 cups of fruits - at least two-thirds frozen
  • 1 cup of liquid - preferably unsweetened
  • 2 tbsp superfood powder - optional

Method: Blend everything in the blender until you get a thick and smooth ice cream-like paste.

I always use frozen bananas because they are easy to freeze and can be kept for many days in a zip lock bag, but you can really just use any frozen fruit you prefer. Also, tropical fruits and berries are delicious. Use the list below to guide you, and feel free to mix and match all your favorite fruits and be surprised by the color that you'll get after blending them together!

You can add oats if you need extra fiber or just to make the consistency thicker.

Fruits (frozen+fresh)

Liquid (unsweetened)

Superfood powder (optional)






Red Pittaya



Almond milk

Oat milk

Hemp milk

Coconut milk

Rice milk

Soy milk

Coconut water





Camu camu





Smoothie Bowl Toppings

The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating your smoothie bowls! Personally, I love the addition of sweet and savory homemade granola (recipe coming soon!) for that added crunch, flax seeds, chia seeds and walnuts. On days when I am feeling adventurous, I will go the extra mile and adorn the smoothie bowls with meticulously cleaned and sliced fruits, such as fresh figs, bananas, kiwis and berries.

Here are some photos to inspire your creativity!

Acai Berry Smoothie Bowl recipe
The most popular acai smoothie bowl recipe
banana oatmeal smoothie bowl
Smoothie bowl with oats? Yes please!
mango & papaya smoothie bowl recipe
Dairy-free and delicious - try this simple mango-papaya with berries smoothie bowl recipe
Blue Spirulina Smoothie Bowl
Ingredients needed for blue spirulina bowl are really easy to get!
green smoothie bowl recipe
Easy green smoothie bowl recipe
easy Papaya Smoothie Bowl Recipe
Tropical papaya smoothie bowl - easy and so refreshing!
Spinach and Banana Smoothie Bowl
Not a big fan of sweet fruits? Try this super green smoothie bowl recipe which uses baby spinach, frozen banana and unsweetened almond milk!
how to make Acai Bowl Recipe
Simple yet beautiful acai bowl with delicious muesli toppings

Feeling inspired to create your own easy & beautiful smoothie bowls? Remember to tag me @rollinggrace and Instagram - I'd love to see them!

Stay safe, stay well.


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