DIY Grill Batas Ubi Deer Farm at Yan, Kedah

Making a trip to northern Malaysia? Don’t pass up the chance to visit Batas Ubi Deer Farm at Yan, Kedah. The destination provides a unique Do-It-Yourself (DIY) grilling experience for fresh venison and other types of meat.

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    DIY Grill Batas Ubi Deer Farm at Yan, Kedah

    This unique culinary experience begins with an appetizer and a welcome drink. The soothing mint tea is refreshing and complements the crispy chips or kerepek perfectly. On a clear day, you might just be able to view the majestic Mount Jerai from afar. As you relax and soak in the beautiful atmosphere around you, the meal progresses with warm, creamy mushroom soup and crusty garlic bread. As delicious as these starters are, remember to save some space in your stomach for the hearty feast ahead: the variety of meats!

    Batas Ubi Deer Farm at Yan, Kedah
    DIY Grill Batas Ubi Deer Farm at Yan, Kedah
    Batas Ubi Deer Farm at Yan, Kedah
    DIY Grill Batas Ubi Deer Farm at Yan, Kedah

    Health Benefits of Venison

    The consumption of deer meat (also known as venison) is gaining popularity as of late. Venison is a good source of protein, zinc, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. It is also low in sodium, which is good for your health. Overall, venison is lower in fat and calories compared to other types of meats.

    Set Menu at Batas Ubi Deer Farm

    There are two options for the mixed grill set that you can choose from. The first option is a combination of chicken, ribeye beef, and lamb. The second option includes chicken, ribeye beef, and venison. You may also mix and match the meats according to your preference. Each set is priced at RM140 and serves up to 4 people.

    menu batas ubi deer farm
    Set menu at Batas Ubi Deer Farm that comes with three types of meats, drinks, starters, side dishes and desserts
    batas ubi deer farm menu price
    Each set at Batas Ubi Deer Farm is priced at RM140 for 4 pax

    DIY Grill Batas Ubi Deer Farm Menu

    Read to eat? It’s time to unleash your inner Gordon Ramsay and cook your own food! Begin by slathering the pan with plenty of butter until the fat melts and fill the air with creamy fragrance. Pick your meat and begin grilling away as you work up an appetite. Once cooked, the meat will certainly be flavourful and tasty as they are well-marinated and divinely tender.

    For your source of carbohydrates, you have a choice of rice or potatoes. Rice fills you up longer, while the potatoes complement the grilled meat better. The set also comes with herbal soda to quench your thirst. End your meal on a sweet and glorious note with a serving of ice-cream for dessert.

    It is important to take your time to enjoy the whole experience. Sip your drink, talk, and laugh with your loved ones as you dig into your meal!

    DIY Grill Batas Ubi Deer Farm at Yan, Kedah
    The meat served at Batas Ubi Deer Farm is tender well-marinated!

    Opening Hours & Reservations

    Batas Ubi Deer Farm is open every Friday and Saturday, with only two sessions available. Drop by for dinner from 5pm to 7pm or 8pm to 10pm. Reservations must be made before every Wednesday of the week. It is advisable to make your bookings early. There is a minimum requirement of 4 people per booking. For group bookings, a minimum of 32 people will be required and is not limited to only Fridays and Saturdays. Please call to book and enquire about the availability at least two days before your event.

    Facilities & Event Space

    There is an air-conditioned seminar room that accommodates 40 people as well as indoor and outdoor dining rooms that seat up to 200 people. For companies looking for event venues, Batas Ubi Deer Farm should definitely be considered!

    Pet a Deer at Batas Ubi Deer Farm

    Besides the restaurant, you may also opt to visit the dedicated on-site deer farm. Entrance is free of charge and it makes an exciting stopover for both children and adults. With their gentle demeanour and big eyes, one cannot help but to instantly warm up to the deer. They are kept in a well-fenced area with plenty of grasses that serve as forage. You can feed these friendly deer with sedges and shoots prepared by the farm.

    DIY Grill Batas Ubi Deer Farm at Yan
    Batas Ubi Deer Farm at Yan, Kedah
    batas ubi deer farm at yan kedah
    A deer farm in Kedah
    batas ubi deer farm at yan kedah
    You can feed and pet the deer at the Batas Ubi Farm!
    batas ubi deer farm at yan kedah
    A well-fenced area for the deer to roam freely

    Short ATV Fun Rides

    For adventure seekers, the ATV fun rides are for you! Let your guards down and leap into the thrill as the journey takes you along scenic roads through golden paddy fields and sleepy villages located at the foot of Mount Jerai. Each 30-minute ride costs RM 30, and is a recommended activity before a heavy meal at the restaurant!

    Owner & History of Batas Ubi Deer Farm

    The Batas Ubi Deer Farm is the brainchild of Mazlan Jaafar. He established this place because he wanted to create a well-balanced life with his family. Having spent too much time in the office previously while working as an architect, Mazlan decided to slow down to appreciate life. This has subsequently led him to deer farming.

    According to the owner, it is easy to get caught up in life and the never-ending list of things to do. Batas Ubi Deer Farm is a reminder for you to enjoy the better part of life. You are invited to feel happy and relaxed during your visit.

    Do not leave without buying some fresh honey, traditional massage oil, or local handicrafts available here!

    Minyak Ikan Linang
    Minyak Ikan Linang and other traditional ointments sold at Batas Ubi Deer Farm at Yan, Kedah
    madu kelulut kedah
    Madu Kelulut is the most popular type of honey in Kedah
    deer antler crafts
    Deer antler crafts and decors sold at the Batas Ubi Deer Farm

    Contact Information

    Address: Lot 2679, Kampung Batas Ubi, Teroi, 06900 Yan, Kedah
    Opening hours: 5pm to 7pm or 8pm to 10pm, Friday and Saturday only
    Contact number: +6012-431 3635

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    1. banyaknya rusa...tak pernah dengar lagi tempat ni..nampak unik..sambil2 makan boleh jugak singgah tengok rusa2 kan.

    2. bestnyaaa. nanti nak singgah sini. kalau tau dah lama pim i suka tempat jual minyak2 traditional. susah nak dapat.

    3. Wah first time tau ada tempat macam ni... now apKP lak dah belum bole visit... nanti if go to Yan boleh la cari tempat ni.

    4. saya suka makan rusa walaupun jarang sangat dapat makan.

    5. Macam best pulak gi sini tapi tu la asyik pkp x habis2 so harap bila dah x pkp n clear covid leh la gi sini

    6. I've never tried venison. Would love to try some but I don't think I'd be able to stomach it after petting a live deer on the same farm. I'd have to do one or the other.

    7. Sedapnya daging rusa.. maniss kann.. lagi satu agak mahal juga harganya.. pernah sekali kawan bagi, tapi anak Sis kemain bising bila tau Sis makan daging rusa, huhuhu

    8. Wahhh fresh from the ladang la like that.. :P Kedah got so many attraction la.. need to plan a trip after MCO is over la.. this is an interesting place that i would love to explore..

    9. Baru tau ada ladang rusa dekat yan kedah.. Siap ada tempat mkana. Wah daging rusa fresh dri ladang. Mesti sedp. Dulu beljr kat kedah. Yan ni pernah la pergi.

    10. wah tak sangka ada tempat macam ni dekat kedah. bolehlah pegi nnti. actually tak pernah try lagi daging rusa.mesti sedap kn?

    11. Dekat je dengan kampung tapi tak pernah tahu pulak kewujudan Deer Farm ni! Bestnya tengok daging BBQ dia, berbaloi dengan harga. Produk lain pun ada dijual.

    12. Wah best nyer, lepas PKP kita pun nak try planning trip untuk cuti cuti Malaysia.


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