A state located in the northwest of Malaysia, Kedah borders Thailand while hedging in the Langkawi archipelago. For foreigners, the state is famous for the quaint and charming Langkawi island that is accessible via ferry or flight. For the locals, it is known as the country's rice bowl - having being the largest rice producer in Malaysia.

Sadly, very little exposure has been given to the Kedahan cuisine.

The time-honored Kedahan fare perfectly reflects its geographical setting - its dishes carry heavy Siamese influences, as it was once invaded by the Kingdom of Siam as well as its proximity to today's Thailand. Since it is also essentially a Malay state, the cookery stays true to the roots of traditional Malay cooking. As a result, Kedah have invented a diversity of heartily prepared dishes with emphasis on strong aromatic elements and a slightly spicier edge.

Kedah Malay cuisine is nourishing, fulfilling and warm. Every dish here is meant to taste like a mother’s recipe - lovingly created so her children could eat and live well. The mandatory additions of spices and the use of exotic herbs made the local fares unique and authentic to this region, hence a definite must-try for everyone visiting the country.

Traveling to the northern region of Malaysia? Here are the must-try unique food in Kedah!

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    local kedah food
    8 Must-Try Unique Food in Kedah, Malaysia

    8 Must-Try Unique Food in Kedah

    Fresh River Oysters

    Believe it or not, Malaysia has its own oyster cultivation farm located at Sungai Merbok of the Bujang Valley. Visitors are given free access to watch the culturing process while tasting the unique delicacy: lightly steamed oysters topped with fried shallots, coarsely chopped ground nuts and a zesty chili-sugar sauce. Prices are as follow: Small (RM5), medium (RM7) and large (RM10).

    Oysters play a crucial role in cleaning the local waters and keeping the biodiversity in check. You can play your part to contribute simply by supporting our local oyster projects such as Bakau Hijau. Read more about it: Enjoy Fresh River Oysters at Bakau Hijau Sungai Merbok, Kedah

    Bakau Hijau
    Address: F383, Kampung Pengkalan Langgar, Mukim, Bujang, 08100 Bedong, Kedah

    Mee Ketam, Mee Udang & Mee Sotong

    Just ask any local what is their favorite dish in Kedah and they will definitely pick Mee Ketam (RM16), Mee Udang Special (RM20) or Mee Sotong (RM12) - noodle dishes doused with spicy and sweet tomato gravy completed with your seafood of choice.

    Read more about it: Authentic Kedahan Food at DSA Café, Jeti Semeling Sungai Petani

    DSA Café, Jeti Semeling
    Address: Jeti Semeling Sungai Petani 08000 Kedah

    DSA Café, Jeti Semeling
    DSA Café, Jeti Semeling
    DSA Café, Jeti Semeling
    Mee Ketam, Mee Udang & Mee Sotong in Kedah

    Air Nira Nipah

    Air nira nipah is a raw, sweet and refreshing drink extracted from the nipa palms. The mangrove palm is native to the tropical coastlines, and can be found in abundance at Merbok. When fermented, it can be made into a type of vinegar or an alcoholic beverage known as tuak or tuba.

    Read all about this delicious thirst-quenching drink here.

    Ladang Nira Nipah Napiah
    Address: F104, Kampung Sungai Pial, Merbok, Kedah

    Air Nira Nipah kedah
    Enjoy fresh Air Nira Nipah at Merbok, Kedah

    DIY Grilled Meat

    Tucked away on the foot of Mount Jerai is the Batas Ubi Deer Farm, a place where visitors are invited into the private enclosure to observe, feed and interact with the animals. Also located within the breeding farm is a DIY-style barbecue restaurant. Visitors can grill their own rib-eye beef, chicken, venison & lamb to the perfect degree of doneness while feasting on an array of side dishes such as fragrant butter rice, classic mushroom soup, garlic bread and a cold, bottomless jug of fresh fruit juice - all which are included in their group set meal for 4 people (RM140).

    Read more about it: DIY Grill Batas Ubi Deer Farm at Yan, Kedah

    Batas Ubi Deer Farm
    Address: Kampung Batas Ubi 06900 Yan, Kedah

    Batas Ubi Deer Farm
    DIY BBQ at the Batas Ubi Deer Farm

    Sate Semeling

    Sate or satay is a popular Malaysian dish of seasoned, skewered meat grilled over burning charcoal, and served with a sweet peanut dipping. Kedah's AT Satay Semeling has taken the local satay scene up a notch by introducing a variety of choice including chicken (RM0.50), beef (RM0.55), tripe (RM0.80), lamb (RM1.00), venison (RM1.50) and rabbit (RM2.50).

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    AT Satay Semeling
    Address: 56, 57, Jalan Raya Semeling, Kampung Mata Hari Naik, 08100 Bedong, Kedah

    Mee Udang Tsunami

    Prawn noodles is a highly cherished dish in Kedah, and it comes in different variations to suit every type of preference. Mee Udang Tsunami, in particular, is one such variant. It comes with a lusciously thick and sweet gravy and a generous portion of freshly caught prawns, and the meal is fantastically complemented with the sound of ocean waves crashing as you dine with your toes in the sands of the shore of Kota Kuala Muda.

    Read more about it: Mee Udang at Selera Dataran Tsunami, Kota Kuala Muda, Kedah

    Selera Dataran Tsunami
    Address: Kompleks Memorial Tsunami, Selera Dataran Tsunami 08500 Kota Kuala Muda, Kedah

    dataran selera tsunami kedah
    Mee Udang Tsunami at Selera Dataran Tsunami

    Madu Kelulut

    Madu kelulut is a type of honey that is highly regarded as a health elixir due to its medicinal properties and high nutritional values. It is said to provide up to 10 times the antioxidant content compared to other types of honey. Raw and wild, it is produced by the stingless bees bred in the far-flung corners of the tropical Kedah rainforests to keep away from pollution and urbanization.

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    madu kelulut kedah
    Madu Kelulut from Kedah


    Kudapan are snacks and tidbits eaten after meals as desserts or outside of meal times. They are bite-sized, have flavors that pack a punch and come in tantalizing shapes and colors. From sweet to savory, the selection is endless! At Hotel Seri Malaysia, you can treat your taste buds to all the different kudapan Kedah has to offer with its hi-tea buffet (RM35/pax), lunch buffet (RM30/pax) or dinner buffet (RM35/pax).

    Hotel Seri Malaysia
    Address: Jalan Pasar, Seksyen 21, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah

    hotel seri malaysia sungai petani
    Fried Wonton served at Hotel Seri Malaysia's lunch buffet
    Hotel Seri Malaysia sungai petani
    hotel seri malaysia sungai petani
    Banana fritters with chocolate sauce
    hotel seri malaysia sungai petani
    Pudding at Hotel Seri Malaysia, Sungai Petani

    Happy eating!