Experience Malay Culture: Kampung Raga Homestay at Yan, Kedah

I have always wanted to give Malay homestay in Malaysia a try. That means being able to soak in nothing less than the most authentic kampung or village vibes, chase a flock of chickens and geese around a meadow, and take long, delightful dips in the cooling water of free-flowing rivers.

Luckily for me, I finally had a taste of the traditional Malay way of living just recently at the Kampung Raga Homestay located in Malaysia's northernmost state of Kedah. Here, I set out for two days of eye-opening discoveries and experiences and ended up getting more than what I bargained for!

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Kampung Raga Homestay, Kedah
We arrived at Kampung Raga to a warm, traditional kompang welcome. It is a drum-like traditional music instrument typically played during festive Malay occasions.
Kampung Raga Homestay, Kedah
Experience Malay Culture at Kampung Raga Homestay, Kedah

Experience Malay Culture: Kampung Raga Homestay at Yan, Kedah

Malay Culture in Malaysia

Kampung Raga started as one of Kedah's first homestay programs back in 1996. Today, it offers up to 40 guest rooms in 29 different houses. Guests can freely explore the village that is located at the foot of the idyllic Gunung Jerai, smack in the middle of Kampung Permatang Keramat and Kampung Jawa.

Surrounding Kampung Raga are incredible views of Yan’s timelessly green paddy fields and panoramic beaches. Every morning, you will be greeted by the sounds of nature - chirping of the birds, vibrating buzzes from the tireless bees, and the punctual crowing from husky roosters once the sun breaches the horizon.

The dwellers of Kampung Raga are more than just neighbors - they are family. It is claimed that everyone living in this village has family ties descending from the same ancestors. Due to this, the place was initially known as Kampung Keluarga which means Family Village, before the name was shortened to become what it is today.

what to do in kedah
One of the attractions of Kampung Raga - a house made entirely of mangoesteen tree trunks

Activities at Kampung Raga Homestay

Looking for an authentic and traditional Malay homestay experience in Malaysia? Kampung Raga should definitely be on your list. Listed below are a few fun activities at the Kampung Raga Homestay that are suitable for every type of traveller with an interest for cultures.

Traditional Kedah Cuisine

Kedahan cuisine is different from those found around the central or southern regions of Peninsular Malaysia. It carries heavy Siamese influences which uses plenty of fresh herbs and piquant sauces. Kedahans love their grains - they include steamed white rice in all three meals of the day because the conventional occupations here revolve around agriculture, fishing and forestry - all which are laborious jobs requiring physical strength and a carb-dense diet. Since Yan is also situated along the coast of the Straits of Malacca, visitors can freely indulge in a wide selection of freshly caught seafood anytime of the day.

what to do in kedah
Take whatever you want from the buffet spread. Needless to say, I tried everything.
The Best Malaysian Food in Kedah
Banana stem curry. Yummy!
Kedah : Top 10 Restaurants to Eat The Best Food
Deep fried salted fish

Exotic Tropical Fruits

Although there is an orchard in Kampung Raga, you can pretty much find fruits hanging everywhere, swarming the entire village. Starfruits, rambutans, mangosteens and durians are nothing short of abundance, which you can pick and eat as you take your leisurely strolls. The fruits here are so good that outsiders often drop by the village to replenish their juicy supplies when they are in season.

fruit season in kedah
Orchard at Kampung Raga Homestay, Kedah
local kedah dishes
Fruit season at Kampung Raga Homestay, Kedah
Kampung Raga Homestay, Kedah
Local fruits at Kampung Raga Homestay, Kedah
what to do in kedah
It's free-flow tropical fruits all day long here at Kampung Raga!
asam keping kedah
Beautifully sliced asam gelugur left out under the sun to dry

Get Adopted by a Family

Every visitor here will be assigned to a keluarga angkat or foster family through a fun “adoption” ceremony. You will be staying in the house of your foster family where your accommodation, food and tour will be fully taken care of. This enables intimate conversations and bonding so you can have an authentic, first-hand taste of what it is like living with the locals.

The 10 best homestays in Malaysia
This is our ibu angkat or foster mother, who took care of us throughout our two-day stay at her house.
The Malaysian kampung homestay experience
The house we stayed in at Kampung Raga
Top Kedah Attractions
The living room
Kampung Raga Homestay, Kedah
Our room which has a private bathroom attached
Top Tourist Attractions in Kedah
The backyard that comes with the house
What to eat in Kedah
The chickens that come with the backyard
Kampung Raga Homestay, Kedah
best things to do in kedah
Breakfast prepared by our ibu angkat - curry puffs, banana fritters, kuey teow goreng and teh tarik

Make Kuih Karas

Kuih Karas is a sweet traditional coconut snack of Kedah that is usually eaten during tea time accompanied with a cup of hot sweetened tea. At Kampung Raga, you will have the opportunity to see how the snack is made, or even try making it yourself! The process takes control and skills, but you will definitely master the art of frying Kuih Karas using a special wooden sieve just after a few rounds of coiling!

kuih karas recipe
Make Your Own Kuih Karas at Kampung Raga Homestay, Kedah
traditional food in kedah
Make your very own Kedah's famous Kuih Karas and eat them fresh! 

Raw Madu Kelulut

The kelulut honey is highly regarded as a health elixir that provides up to ten times more antioxidants compared to other types of honey. This raw, wild honey is produced by the stingless bee which have been inhabiting our tropical rainforests for the last 50 million years - away from pollution and urbanization. Considered rare, it is used by many as remedies for various diseases thanks to the high nutritional value and medicinal properties.

madu kelulut kedah
Try Kelulut Honey right out of the unique honeycomb created by the stingless bees of Yan.
Malaysia's Best Homestay
The river Sungai Raga which flows through the village
Kampung Raga Homestay, Kedah
Traditional music performances during dinner

How to Get to Kampung Raga

Kampung Raga is located in the Yan district of Kedah, about 45 kilometers from the state capital of Alor Setar and 40 kilometers from Sungai Petani. The drive to Yan is an enthralling journey through narrow passages across several time-honoured villages and lush greenery.

Homestay Price & Packages

2D1N Accommodation+Food (RM50/pax, minimum 2 pax)
2D1N Accommodation+Food+Activities (RM60/pax, minimum 6 pax)
3D2N Accommodation+Food (RM100/pax, minimum 2 pax)
3D2N Accommodation+Food+Activities (RM120/pax, minimum 6 pax)
4D3N Accommodation+Food (RM220/pax, minimum 2 pax)
4D3N Accommodation+Food+Activities (RM250/pax, minimum 6 pax)

Contact Information

Address: F285, Kampung Raga 06900 Yan, Kedah.
Email: homestay_raga@yahoo.com
Tel: +6013-4668191 / +6011-10662829

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  4. Wah bnyk aktiviti ya kat sini jadi sesiapa yg nk rasa pengalaman duduk di kpg bole la ke sini.

  5. This could be the ultimate kampung experience for those who want to be away form the hustle and bustle of the city. You got the complete package from lodging to food. :) Amazing.

  6. Dekat je dengan kampung I ni & yesss suka sangat makan kuih karas tu. Madu kelulut pun senang je dapat. Rindunya nak balik kampung!

  7. Rindunya suasana kampung. Really glad ada lagi tempat macam ni kat Malaysia for this experience ☺️ Oh, kuih Karas tu sedap 👍🤩

  8. Wah. Bestnya. To indulge in the kampung life - to destress and just be free is what I want now! And this just looks like what I want!

  9. menarik juga dapat merasai pengalaman duduk kampung. balik tu bolehlah singgah ke gunung jerai :)

  10. bila baca artikel ni, rindu pulak rumah saya dekat kedah, memang inilah pengalaman saya membesar di negeri Kedah :)

  11. Bestnya kampungnya.. Bnayak aktiviti buah buahan semua.. Kenapa dulu beljr kat kedah tak tau kampung ni.. Haishhh.. Tepi sungai pulak tu

  12. This is so cool! I'm Malay but having spent my entire life in the city, I'm not very familiar with traditional Malay culture. It would be great to rediscover my roots.

  13. Sedapnya nampak buah-buah tu....karas is one of my fav kuih sebab dari kecik makan. Bestnya rasa nak balik kedah cari.

  14. murahnyaaa pakej homestay ni. kalau pi musim buah mesti best

  15. Bestnya susana kampung macamtu, Sis takde kampung yang macamtu..
    Belah Suami pun Sabak tepi sawah, tapi jarang balik sebab memasing buat hal sendiri..
    Nak cubalah ajak family semua menginap di sini, bestnyaa...

  16. I x pernah try menginap homestay. Macam menarik esp di negeri kedah

  17. Bestnya suasana kampung macam ni..tunggu anak2 besar sikit nak bawa mereka menginap kat homstay macam ni..bg depa kenal suasana kampung

  18. that's a very nice trip back to kampung. The most interest me is to pick the fresh fruits and eat!

  19. Ohhhh,, this article reminds me of my ibu angkat also back in our uni day... so long dy and lost contact dy... miss those days when staying at kampung..

  20. Tentu enjoy and byk pengalaman explore kampung di Kedah, makanan kampung mmg sedap, l selalu pg kedah jln2

  21. This is a great experience! I would love to try this when I get a chance, I've never tried kampung style.

  22. i used to join a lot agrotourism trip and love to see their malay cultural events... hope one day i can go travel freely again without worry of the virus


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