Sushi Class at Nobu KL & Omakase Menu by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa

Hold onto your chopsticks, because we are inviting you to discover the culinary event of the year that whisked us away on an unforgettable adventure! Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, the maestro behind the esteemed Nobu Restaurants, led an exclusive Media Sushi Class at the renowned Nobu Kuala Lumpur. It was an experience that left our taste buds tingling and hearts racing.

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Sushi Class at Nobu KL & Omakase Menu by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa

Media Sushi Class with Chef Nobu Matsuhisa

Picture this: the elegant dining room of Nobu Kuala Lumpur, bathed in soft light and buzzing with anticipation. The air is thick with the scent of freshly prepared sushi and the gentle hum of excitement. As Chef Nobu Matsuhisa enters the room, a hush falls over the crowd. With his signature blend of warmth and charisma, he welcomes the attendees, ready to share his culinary wisdom.

The sushi-making class begins, and Chef Nobu, with his skilful hands, demonstrates the art of crafting delicate rolls and nigiri. The media participants gather around, our eyes gleaming with anticipation as we soak in each step, determined to replicate his expert technique. And guess what? We did! Under Chef Nobu's watchful eye and patient guidance, we created morsels of sushi perfection.

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa
Exclusive media sushi class with Chef Nobu Matsuhisa held recently at Nobu Kuala Lumpur
Nobu Matsuhisa
Chef Nobu skilfully demonstrated the art of crafting delicate rolls and nigiri.

Exclusive Interview with Chef Nobu Matsuhisa

Indulging in cuisine from around the world is an adventure in and of itself. Rolling Grace had the privilege of sitting down with world-renowned Chef Nobu Matsuhisa to learn how his passion for fresh and locally sourced ingredients has helped him blend cultures and create a culinary legacy that spans continents.

As an ingredient-driven professional with a keen palate for all things delicious, Chef Nobu has made it his life's work to keep innovating and providing his guests with top-quality meals. However, before any new culinary creation hits the menu, he pays close attention to his patrons' preferences, ensuring that their expectations are met.

It's no surprise that Chef Nobu has been inspired by his surroundings, including the unique spices and herbs he finds in local markets. Recently, during a trip to Singapore, he discovered a new dish that he simply couldn't resist adding to his repertoire: chili pepper crab. This delicate yet flavourful dish has soon become his muse ever since.

At Nobu, the focus is always on quality and consistency over fleeting trends. Even though catering to a broad clientele can be challenging, Chef Nobu never deviates from his high standards, instead choosing to create and refine dishes that stay true to the restaurant's ideals. He believes that the kitchen is the heart of the house and that each plate is a reflection of his passion.

The staff at Nobu works tirelessly to ensure the restaurant remains a staple in the industry. Thanks to their extensive training and understanding of Chef Nobu's style, they act as gatekeepers, ensuring the quality of the restaurant's dishes stays up to scratch. While the chef has strict expectations, he wants his team to express their creativity in presentation and preparation, always striving to delight their guests.

As he looks toward the future, Chef Nobu plans to solidify and grow the Nobu brand further, creating innovative dishes that stay true to his passion for fresh, locally sourced ingredients and that continue to set the standard for excellence in the industry. We can't wait to see what's next from this culinary icon!

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa
Exclusive interview with Chef Nobu Matsuhisa (left) and saké master Fumio Hazu-san (right), held at Nobu Kuala Lumpur on the 20th of September, 2023

Fumio Hazu-san: Nobu Hokusetsu Sake Master

This event featured more than just delicious sushi. It was an extravaganza of flavours, thanks to the presence of Fumio Hazu-san, the Nobu Hokusetsu Sake Master. With his deep knowledge and captivating storytelling, Hazu-san took the participants on a journey through the intricate world of sake pairing. As the delicate aroma of the sake filled the room, participants learned the art of matching refined sake with the nuances of the Nobu cuisine.

And what better way to celebrate their newfound skills than with a Chef Nobu Lunch Special? Attendees had the privilege of indulging in a feast fit for royalty, prepared by none other than Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and his talented team. Each dish was a work of art, a symphony of flavours dancing on the palate. As the attendees savoured every bite, the room came alive with lively conversation and laughter. It was a moment of pure culinary bliss.

The event provided an opportunity for participants to engage directly with Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and his team. Through a roundtable discussion, they delved into the themes, inspirations, and culinary visions that have shaped the globally renowned Nobu dining experience. It's not every day you get to pick the brain of a culinary icon, and the exchange of ideas and insights made it an unforgettable experience.

This meet-and-greet truly offered an exclusive peek into the creative process of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, his trailblazing fusion cuisine, and the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into every dish bearing his name. It was a celebration of flavours, culture, and innovation, and those fortunate enough to be in attendance left with a deeper appreciation for the artistry behind the Nobu legacy.

Nobu KL Omakase Menu & Price

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa returned to Nobu Kuala Lumpur with an all-new Omakase menu. From the 19th to the 24th of September, guests have had the chance to experience an extravagant dining journey curated personally by the Chef.

Diners were treated to a meticulously crafted assortment of dishes that exemplify Chef Nobu's unique style and creativity. The menu showcased a variety of exquisite dishes, including the Creamy Jalapeno Hamachi, where tender Hamachi is elevated by the delicate embrace of Yuba and vibrant Shiso Leaves. Another highlight is the lavish Lobster with Caviar, accentuated by a beautifully smooth touch of Beetroot and Lotus Root Dry Miso.

The Chilean Sea Bass, a fusion of Asian and South American influences, promised a delightful explosion of flavours. The Wagyu dish, a combination of marbled perfection and bold Truffle Tamari Soy, captivated the senses. The grand finale was the Charcoal Pavlova, which elegantly blends smoky essence with tangy Raspberry Soy Ice Cream, providing a truly enchanting conclusion to this exceptional Omakase experience.

nobu kl omakase price
Nobu KL Omakase Menu by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa
Nobu kl omakase menu
Treat yourself to Omakase at Nobu KL to experience an explosion of flavours 

Hokusetsu Brewery Sake of  Sado Island

Your culinary journey at Nobu KL will be enhanced by a special Hokusetsu Sake pairing profile, featuring the renowned Hokusetsu Brewery sake from Sado Island in the Sea of Japan.

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa's introduction to Hokusetsu sake at the original Matsuhisa Restaurant in Beverly Hills left a lasting impression, leading him to secure exclusive distribution rights for Hokusetsu sake in the United States. Today, you are invited to savour the delightful flavours of Nobu Sake in the finest fashion, right here in Kuala Lumpur!

nobu sake junmai daiginjo
Pair your favourite Nobu dish with premium sake for a subtle, heavenly finish.
Photo by Nobu KL

After Chef Nobu's departure on the 21st of September, guests can continue to enjoy an exceptional dining experience with the innovative Osusume menu. Curated by Nobu Corporate Chef Hervé Courtot and Corporate Sushi Chef Toshiyuki Shiramizu, this menu combines Japanese flavours with global inspirations, showcasing the culinary excellence that has become synonymous with the Nobu brand. 

The convergence of Chef Nobu's innovative spirit with the skilled hands of his talented team promises an experience that transcends dining – it's a sensory exploration, an artistic celebration, and a testament to the power of creativity.

Each dish is a chapter in a culinary story that unfolds with every bite, inviting guests to redefine their understanding of taste and luxury.

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