Best Shisha Places in Cyberjaya

As Cyberjaya's horizons continue to expand, the city further entrenches itself as a hotbed of cultural fusion and nuanced experiences. As the evening drapes itself over the bustling tech hub, the city lights up with a vibrant nightlife, where local and expat communities converge over enticing flavours beneath swirling plumes of shisha smoke.

Stepping into the intoxicating world of Cyberjaya's shisha scene, we're taking you on an intriguing voyage through the city's top-rated lounges. Tour with us through seven unique establishments from the heart of Tamarind Square to the edges of Neo Cyber.

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Best Shisha Cyberjaya
Best Shisha Places in Cyberjaya

Best Shisha Places in Cyberjaya

Shisha Town, Tamarind Square

First up is Shisha Town, nestled amidst Tamarind Square's rustic setting. Recognised for its exceptional shisha selection and enchanting ambience, Shisha Town is a socially vibrant setting ideal for relaxation after a busy day.

Address: A-01-11 Tamarind Square, Cyber 11, 63000 Cyberjaya
Contact number: +6019-987 0304
Opening hours: 12.30pm-12.00am

Shisha Town cyberjaya
Shisha at Shisha Town, Tamarind Square | Photo by Shisha Town

Hookah Lounge, Plaza Crystalville

Hookah Lounge in Plaza Crystalville is where tradition weaves itself seamlessly with modernity. Perfectly burned coals, fragrant shisha flavours, and top-notch customer service make it a favourite destination for locals and international visitors alike.

Address: A-G-7, Plaza Crystalville @ Vita, Lingkaran Cyber Point Timur 63000 Cyberjaya
Contact number: +6011-2171 7652
Opening hours: 4pm-12pm

Hookah Lounge Plaza Crystalville
Shisha at Hookah Lounge, Plaza Crystalville | Photo by Hookah Lounge

Mixcafe Smokelounge, Neo Cyber

Venture deeper into Neo Cyber and find Mixcafe Smokelounge. A haven for shisha enthusiasts, Mixcafe boasts an array of aromatic blends and a cosy, minimalist environment perfect for unwinding and meeting new, like-minded friends.

Address: 31-G, Neo Cyber, Lingkaran Cyber Point Barat 63000 Cyberjaya
Contact number: +6011-1034 1003
Opening hours: 12pm-12am

Mixcafe Smokelounge Cyberjaya
Shisha at Mixcafe Smokelounge, Cyberjaya

Julio's Lounge, Neo Cyber

Keeping pace with Neo Cyber's dynamic rhythm, we introduce you to Julio's Lounge. Home to a flavoursome shisha catalog and coupled with its ambient lighting, Julio's becomes an exciting space for colourful conversations and immersive shisha experiences.

Address: 3A-G, Neo Cyber, Lingkaran Cyber Point Barat 63000 Cyberjaya
Contact number: +603-8322 1220
Opening hours: 11am-12am

Julio's shisha cyberjaya
Shisha at Julio's Lounge, Cyberjaya | Photo by Julio's Lounge

After Seven Lounge, Tamarind Square

After Seven Lounge in Tamarind Square attracts patrons seeking a unique fusion of cultures, embraced in swirling smoke trails. This spot's eclectic shisha selection remains a favourite among Cyberjaya's discerning crowd.

Address: A-03-01 Tamarind Square, Persiaran Multimedia, 63000 Cyberjaya
Contact number: +6012-246 2623
Opening hours: 12pm-12am

After Seven Lounge shisha
Shisha at After Seven Lounge, Tamarind Square

Accolades Lounge, Tamarind Square

Just around the corner, Accolades Lounge captivates with its impressive hospitality and inviting atmosphere. An ideal social lounge for those looking to unwind over fragrant fumes, Accolades stands as a gem in Tamarind Square.

Address: A-05-01 Tamarind Square, Persiaran Multimedia, 63000 Cyberjaya
Contact number: +6011-2734 4096
Opening hours: 4pm-12am

Accolades Lounge cyberjaya
Shisha at Accolades Lounge, Tamarind Square | Photo by Accolades Lounge

Hao Kao, Tamarind Square

Finally, Hao Kao balances impeccably on the cusp of east and west. This establishment spices things up with its fusion grilled dishes, best enjoyed beside their carefully curated selection of shisha flavours, all while lounging in a relaxing setting.

Address: A-01-08 Tamarind Square, Persiaran Multimedia, 63000 Cyberjaya
Contact number: +6011-3320 6967
Opening hours: 5pm-12am

Hao Kao cyberjaya
Shisha at Hao Kao, Tamarind Square | Photo by Hao Kao

Are you ready to wind through Cyberjaya's captivating shisha locales? As the last plumes of smoke rise and vanish into the night, remember that your journey was about more than relaxation and camaraderie. It mapped the sultry soul of the city, its melting pot of traditions, and the embrace of global pleasures.

At Rolling Grace, we believe in the dance between experiencing a place and truly tasting its culture. The blend of tech chic and traditional elegance, called forth from the heart of a burgeoning cyber city, is a taste of that adventure.

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