Limited Time Only: Jaya Grocer Pop Up Store, Sunway Pyramid

Are you ready for a tantalising new arrival at Subang Jaya’s Sunway Pyramid? The much-loved, home-grown supermarket chain, Jaya Grocer, is now putting down roots amidst the vibrant hubbub of this bustling Malaysian city.

Starting October, the unique concept of a ‘pop-up’ store marks the prologue of their grand adventure, teasing their loyal customers and mall goers with an appetising glimpse of what's to come when their flagship store swings open its doors in 2024.

Limited Time Only: Jaya Grocer Pop Up Store, Sunway Pyramid

Jaya Grocer Flagship Store

Jaya Grocer has recently unveiled the figurative curtain to their pop-up venture, part and parcel of the supermarket chain's continuous mission to spur joy in their clientele by continually revamping their shopping experiences. Recognising that their extensive fit-out is a lengthy process, this interim way-station graciously allows regulars to continue their love affair with Jaya Grocer.

The pop-up store is a bid to keep the Sunway community and Pyramid's devoted customers eagerly on their toes. Jaya Grocer's new flagship store – touted to be a remarkable addition given the mall’s supreme stature in the city – is a dream come true not just for the brand, but for food enthusiasts seeking high-quality, fresh ingredients and imported goodies.

Bedecked with a splendid array of flavours and surprises, the upcoming outlet is poised to swing open its doors at the Sunway Pyramid in the vibrant finale of 2024. Prepare to lose yourself in the captivating maze of aromatic spices, fascinating edibles and fresh local bounties; it promises to be a shopping experience unlike any other!

jaya grocer sunway pyramid
Popular supermarket chain Jaya Grocer opens pop-up store at Sunway Pyramid to give customers a taste of what to expect when it opens its brand new flagship store next year.

Bakery & Imported Groceries

As part of the grand arrival, Jaya Grocer will be rolling out some irresistible opening promotions across all categories. The tasteful pop-up store will adopt a two-pronged approach - the main part at the blue concourse unveiling an array of groceries and the secondary area at the orange concourse showcasing irresistible bakery items from Baker's Son, along with select provisions from renowned overseas suppliers like Australia's Coles.

Grab Jaya Grocer Membership

Drawing from its origins as a thoughtfully nurtured brand, Jaya Grocer’s nationwide expansion to over 45 outlets is a testament to its unwavering quality and commitment, echoed in a diverse range of store formats accompanying neighbourhood malls to grand city malls.

Meanwhile, shoppers can expect delightful value deals and discounts through the unique Jaya Grocer Membership programme in partnership with Grab.

jaya grocer sunway pyramid
Jaya Grocer Pop Up Store, Sunway Pyramid

About Sunway Pyramid

A prominent star of the Sunway Pyramid retail scene since 1997, Malaysia’s first themed shopping and entertainment mall's upcoming collaboration with Jaya Grocer marks new milestones. Enticing shopping precincts - Fashion Central, Oasis Boulevard, Asian Avenue, and Marrakesh - beckon, promising a rejuvenating sanctuary for passionate shoppers of all ages.

From impressive architectural charm to unforgettable shopping experiences, Sunway Pyramid continues to reinvent, innovate, and inspire. The versatile, inventive Jaya Grocer, with its keen eye on procuring high-quality fresh ingredients and imported items, promises an elevated shopping voyage, whether you're at their brick-and-mortar stores or on their online platform on GrabMart.

Contact Information

Address: Lower Ground 2 Floor, Orange Concourse & Blue Concourse, Sunway Pyramid, Selangor
Opening hours: 10am to 10pm daily

One thing is for sure - there's always something thrilling around the corner at Jaya Grocer. So gear yourself up, shopper adventurers, the aisles of culinary delight await!


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