What comes to mind when you visit a restaurant located at the edge of a river? For us, it has to serve a variety of local freshwater fish and seafood that are fresh off the boat. Whether it is simply grilled, steamed, or cooked intricately in a traditional gulai stew, it has to guarantee satisfaction, freshness and amazing flavors!

Fortunately, we found a hidden gem that meets our expectations and more at the DSA Café located at Jeti Semeling, Sungai Petani during our visit to Kedah.

DSA Café, Jeti Semeling
Authentic Kedahan Food at DSA Café, Jeti Semeling: Menu & Review

Where is Jeti Semeling, Sungai Petani?

Jeti Semeling is located at Sungai Merbok, which is home to the largest mangrove colonization species in the world. There is a special monument constructed here called Gok Arang that has became an attraction of its own. It is an old but well-preserved furnace structure that was formerly used to burn mangrove trees to turn them into charcoal.

jeti semeling attractions
Gok Arang is a monument found at Jeti Semeling
Gok Arang, Sungai Petani, Kedah
Gok Arang is a furnace formerly used to produce coals and bricks in Sungai Petani
Gok Arang, Sungai Petani, Kedah
Gok Arang that faces the mangrove forest of Sungai Merbok was used to burn mangrove trees and turn them into charcoal. 

The fishermen at Sungai Merbok are the founders of several unique fishery activities known as ‘Langgai’ and ‘Menyenget’. These fishing techniques are claimed to be non-existent in other river-based communities in the world. Here, you can also easily find many local travel guides offering tour packages which include a river cruise through the National Geopark. A trip down the river will unveil mesmerising views of the majestic Gunung Jerai from afar while bringing you into the dense mangrove forest. You will also have the opportunity to visit an oyster farming site called the Bakau Hijau.

DSA Café, Jeti Semeling Menu
Jeti Semeling located along Sungai Merbok of Sungai Petani, Kedah
chalet jeti semeling
Go on a river cruise through the National Geopark when you are at Sungai Merbok, Sungai Petani!

Authentic Kedahan Food at DSA Café, Jeti Semeling: Menu & Review

The main attraction at DSA Café is its open air dining deck that allows you to marvel at the beautiful scenery of nearby Gunung Jerai. You are invited to immerse yourself in the tranquility and wonderful sunset brimming with magical splashes of pinkish orange hues as you dine!

Dedicated chefs at DSA Café are always ready to surprise you with their authentic and specialty Malay dishes. You can either pick from their ala carte menu or go full on with a ‘kampung’ themed buffet spread.

3 Sekawan: Mee Udang, Mee Sotong & Mee Ketam

Nobody leaves DSA Café without trying its signature seafood noodle dishes! Choose from fresh prawns, squids or crabs to go with the springy and chewy yellow noodles (mee kuning) or flat rice noodles (kuey teow). The gravy is slightly tangy, mildly spicy yet sweet and salty at the same time. The juiciness and meatiness of the seafood is incredibly tantalizing!

DSA Café, Jeti Semeling Review
You must try 3 Sekawan at DSA Café, Jeti Semeling, which include Mee Udang, Mee Sotong & Mee Ketam

Emping & Ringgi

Among all the dishes we had, this beautiful bowl of green Emping and Ringgi was the most memorable. The age-long classic recipe which originated from northern Malaysia is almost forgotten as locals hardly prepare or talk about it anymore. It consists of flakes derived from young paddy and glutinous rice with full but soft content. It is then seasoned with sugar, salt and a generous portion of grated coconut. This dish makes an excellent breakfast to power up the morning, or a fun and chewy evening snack.

emping & ringgi
Emping & Ringgi is a classic, traditional dish from Northern Malaysia, namely Kedah and Perlis.
emping & ringgi
Emping & Ringgi is made by mixing rice flakes from young paddies

Ikan Bakar

Charcoal grilling freshwater fish with a coat of spicy sambal produces the right amount of smoky flavors and showcases the natural freshness of the fish. The secret sambal blend at DSA Café kicks up the heat and taste of the dish, especially with a little squeeze of fresh lime! Choices of seafood include Jenahak, Siakap, Keli, Cencaru, Sotong and Bawal Emas.

DSA Café, Jeti Semeling Menu
DSA Café at Jeti Semeling prepares amazing Ikan Bakar and other charcoal grilled seafood!


DSA Café also serves one of the most delicious beef and chicken satays in Kedah. These skewered and well marinated meats are grilled to the perfect tenderness over charcoal and served with chunks of cucumbers and onions. They taste heavenly when dipped and enjoyed with DSA’s signature sweet peanut sauce.

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DSA Café, Jeti Semeling Menu
These meaty chicken skewers are a must-try when in Kedah
DSA Café, Jeti Semeling Menu
Beef satays are also a specialty at DSA Café, Jeti Semeling


We ended our amazing dining experience here with a irresistible local dessert known as ‘Pengat’. It is a warm soup loaded with bite-sized sweet potato cubes, Gula Melaka or local palm sugar, and thick, luscious coconut milk.

DSA Café, Jeti Semeling price
End your meal at DSA Café on a sweet note by trying its traditional Kedahan soupy dessert!

Ready to explore Kedah and all its hidden gems? Use this list to help pin down the best local food to try when you’re there!

DSA Café, Jeti Semeling

Address: Jeti Semeling, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah Darul Aman
Contact Number: +6014-349 6006
Opening Hours: 10.00am to 10.30pm daily

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