Broga Recreational Fishing Park is the most famous restaurant at Broga Hills, best known for its grilled seafood dishes.

Every dish here is cooked using this method. No stove and no wok - just meat and vegetables wrapped up in aluminum sheets before being treated to good ol'charcoal grilling. Cost-efficient, fast and fuss-free!

Signature dishes here include grilled fish in tom yum sauce and hot sauce (with the option of chilli padi/extra hot).  

Once you unwrap the foil, gravy will slowly seep out and you'll start salivating and.....

Tadah! This is how your fish will look like.
The signature dish, extra hot.

Tom Yam

Herbal Chicken

Mixed Vegetable

Mutton Curry

Perfect for a family of five!

Location: Lenggeng

Getting to Broga Recreational Fishing Park

Set Pekan Broga on your GPS and pray not to get lost.
Once you're there, ask around for the location of a Chinese temple known as Sek Dato.
If you have been to Broga Hills for hiking, follow the same cramped road and drive all the way to the very end. The temple is really, really deep inside.

The restaurant is almost hidden and out of sight. Once in front of the temple, you'll see a small turning on your left. Take that narrow road and for your good sake, I hope there isn't any cars coming your way.

Drive real slow (What am I, your GPS or something?!) Follow that even more cramped road now until you reach the VERY end. I repeat - the VERY end. I know there is a very high possibility that you'll feel like you're lost at some point, but fret not, because the restaurant is really just hidden.

At the end of the road you'll come to a junction, and you'll see what seems like a construction site. Before the junction, there is a tiny turning to the left with a red gate. Drive up the very small slope and go past the red gate.

You think you're lost? You'll be so surprised to see cars all parked nicely and the restaurant teeming with people. And oh, you'll be able to see a lake too. (All these are not visible until you reach that very slope)

Bored after dinner?
Visit the rabbit farm before your long drive home! :)
It is located directly opposite the entrance to Broga Hills (where you park your cars before hiking)

&This fellow here, my friends, is said to be the biggest cow in Malaysia.
I do not doubt that.

If you're a fan of rabbit... grilled.