Best Food in Kedah: At Satay Semeling, Bedong

Satay or sate is a type of heavy and filling appetizer which have originated from Indonesia. The dish consists of marinated skewered meat grilled to tender perfection over charcoal and is served with a thick peanut dipping sauce, diced onions, fresh cucumbers, and nasi impit or compressed rice.

In the Selangor state of Malaysia, the most popular destinations to enjoy a plate of assorted satays are at the renowned Sate Kajang Haji Samuri or Willy Satay which have been operating for decades. In Melaka, foodies are queuing for its satay celup while satay limau pulut is loved in Kota Bharu. When it comes to Kedah, it is At Satay Semeling in Bedong that takes the crown.

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Best Satay in Kedah
Best Food in Kedah: At Satay Semeling, Bedong

Best Food in Kedah: At Satay Semeling, Bedong

At Satay Semeling

Searching for the best satay in Kedah? Head over to At (pronounced “art”) Satay Semeling located just around Taman Desa Semeling in Bedong. Along the street, you will find several other satay stalls that are equally as crowded and impressive. Simply look out for a yellow signboard and a canopy swarmed with friendly chaps in striking black aprons fanning the juicy satays on a traditional charcoal grill.

At Satay Semeling is almost always teeming with people queuing for takeaways as well as for dine in especially during peak hours. The restaurant provides a casual and family-oriented open space dining environment. Basic facilities such as washroom and surau are also available.

satay semeling 8770
Looking for Kedah specialty food and restaurant? At Satay Semeling is one of them!
menu at satay semeling
Every Kedah food blog will recommend satay. Swing by At Satay Semeling for the best food beyond Alor Setar and Sungai Petani!

Food Menu & Price

There is a wide variety of satays sold here at incredibly affordable prices. The popular common selections are chicken, lamb and beef, while more exotic options are also available such as tripe, venison or rabbit satays. Different meats have different levels of chewiness, toughness and texture. Just pick a few types to give yourself a fun discovery experience!

pak din satay semeling
Enjoy the best traiditional satay in Kedah at At Satay Semeling, Bedong
AT Satay Semeling Menu & Price
At Satay Semeling menu with unbelievably cheap prices!

At Satay Semeling is loved for its moist, juicy and delicious satays. As the satays are well marinated and infused with flavours with each stick skillfully and attentively prepared, you can actually enjoy them on their own without the peanut sauce. Although the sauce looks reddish and spicy, it is actually sweet with very mild hotness.

Another specialty at At Satay Semeling is the Ayam Percik – roasted, skewered chicken pieces smothered with the Percik gravy. This traditional Malay gravy is spicy with a hint of sweetness, cooked with lemongrass in a coconut cream base.

satay semeling delivery
Besides satays, Kedah's At Satay Semeling is also famous for its Ayam Percik that's prepared the traditional way.

Contact Information

Address: F12, Kampung Paya Suri, Semeling 08100 Bedong, Kedah
Contact No: +6017-552 5701 / +6017-4384236
Opening hours: 3.00pm to 12.00am daily

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  1. Missing my Atok's 'kampung' there..We used to have satay Semeling when we got chance to come over..It tastes really good

  2. You are so right the price per stick is simply too cheap compared to what we have right now. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely check it out.

  3. Satay is my all time fav food. Must try this At Satay Semeling if go to Kedah one day. The price is much cheaper than at my place.

  4. both satay and ayam percik nampak sedap sangat. nanti kalau ke kedah boleh singgah and rasa

  5. Satay is my favoirite! Kalau ngam kuah kacangnya memang lagi sedap dibuatnya. Kalo Hj Samuri secucuk pun da 2x ganda harganya. Btw not yet try satay Willy..nampknya satay Semiling ni mmg popular ya di Kedah.

  6. This is great. Definitely at the right time for me to read your entry as im about to head on north tomorrow. Will go and search for all the foods in ur blog especially this satay. Thanks for sharing

  7. Ada bagi bawang tak? Sis kalau makan satay atau benda yang di bakar, mesti nak ada bawang, takde bawang memang tak boleh nak makan.. pernah sekali bawa dari rumah bawang hahahahaha..

  8. I may be biased, but out of all the skewered meat dishes around the world from Japanese yakitori to Greek souvlaki to the Middle Eastern shish kebab, I still think Malaysian satay is the best. Even Indonesian satay can't beat it.

  9. Omg! Satay memang favourite tp lom pernah try stay ni lagi kan btl u cakap pergi mana2 even satay indonesia x leh beat Malaysia punya satay

  10. Just ate sate. My fav local food. Esp with peanut gravy. So awesome

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