Top Reasons To Avoid Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

"Ko Phi Phi is a must-visit - it's the Maldives of Southeast Asia!" 

And so the journey begun. 
A week of thorough probing and meticulous planning has induced the perfect getaway. For a person who loves the sun and sea more than anything else, I knew for sure that nothing could go wrong with Ko Phi Phi.

Ko Phi Phi view point
3 Reasons To Avoid Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Top Reasons To Avoid Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

The place is gloriously stunning.

The bewitchingly emerald green ocean at one side and resplendent aqua blue on the other has given this island a feature so distinctive and characteristic as compared to its neighboring isles in the archipelago. The water is shallow and it takes plenty of patience to come to a satisfactory dipping spot distant from the shores, yet the breathtaking view of the encircling azure sky and rugged limestone has made the lengthy walk worthwhile.

The water is crystal clear - unlike anything that I have seen before. I instantly realized that Ko Phi Phi is one of the best decision that I have made.... until things took a turn for the worse.

Phi Phi Islands
Long-tail boats at Ko Phi Phi
Ton Sai Pier, Phi Phi Island
Ton Sai Pier, Phi Phi Island

The brief but engrossing 15 minutes walk from Ton Sai Pier (where the passengers alighted from a ferry from Rassada) towards the other side of the island, Lo Dalum, was mind-altering.

Ton Sai was crawling with unflagging, hardworking Thais moving so swiftly to keep things on and running. Upon exiting the pier into the island, a few Thai women stood in the way, demanding 20 baht as a fee for keeping the island clean.

What lies ahead, however, was beyond my imagination.

White teenage girls with their busts dangling out of their sheer bikinis giggled and chuckled as they paraded through the narrow streets of the town. Topless boys winked and smirked at the sight of beautiful young girls and the entire town was permeated with the stench of alcohol and decomposing chemicals.

Ko Phi Phi is unfortunately just another island with a massive influx of party-goers and rowdy teens from every corner of the world. Barely-dressed adolescents with little or no respect for the local people and their customs pervaded the island.

restaurant at Ko Phi Phi
A restaurant in Ko Phi Phi

A Wild Party Island In Thailand

No one cares to try the famous local street food, unless they are running out of money after splurging on alcohol. No one cares to appreciate the beauty of the geographical features of the island, although there are nothing quite like these in other parts of the world. No one cares to speak to a local townsman, or to know more about the people's way of living.

It's all about the party. It's all about getting laid.

ko phi phi party
Ko Phi Phi is one the most most popular party islands in Thailand

Where Thai Culture Goes to Die

It is extremely disappointing to see how the entire island has been tailored to adapt to the needs of foreign tourists. It is even more disappointing to see so little of Thai elements being presented. To know that revenue has been given more priority than cultural traditions disgusts me.

Ko Phi Phi is a traveler's nightmare. It is not a place for soul-searching or to meditate, but a place for teenagers to fornicate.

Koh Phi Phi beach
Tourist boats at Koh Phi Phi

If we are not going to do anything to preserve our heritage, who will? Asians have a lot to change if we wish to move forward, or we will forever be looked down and stepped on. If you are looking to give this island a chance, read this article on what to expect in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand.

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  1. I never been to Phi Phi Island and I didn't expect the island is that bad even though the island is quiet familiar

  2. I never been to Phi Phi Island and I didn't expect the island is that bad even though the island is quiet familiar

  3. Oh dear. I can just say wow.
    I haven't been here. So pity that not many are admiring the beauty of the island and the serenity it could provide, otherwise.
    I have visited Koh Lipe and I loved my stay there. It was serene, laid back and so clean.

  4. Aduhai sayangnya rasa bila tempat cantik macamni tercemar dengan perkara-perkara yang tak elok. Memang agak menakutkan kalau kita yang tak biasa dengan keterbukaan pelancong asing terutamanya mat dan minah saleh yang tidak soapan dan tidak menghormati orang lain dan penduduk tempatan. Sayang sangat sebab Ko Phi Phi ni memang cantik.

  5. Phi Phi Island memang tak masuk dalam bucket list sebab dah tau di sana hanya ada untuk hiburan. Jika ke sana, mungkin akan jadi mati akal tak tau nak buat apa. Jika ingin melihat flora dan fauna mesti mahal kosnya sebab jarang-jarang ada pakej yang tersedia. Risau kena tipu pun ada. Kena culik ke? Fuhh bahaya betul.

  6. i went to island hoping in thailand back then. tak stay phinphi island. just stop about an hour so tak notice all this. sayang betul la

  7. The places there are so pretty but it is sad to know that people go there to party. I tak pernah lagi pergi Thailand, bila tau ni this definitely out of my list.

  8. saya tak pernah pergi pun tempat ni. air pun jernih je tapi rasa macam seram je nak pergi sana lagi-lagi kalau ada banyak parti liar.

  9. Wah nice article. Mula2 pelik baca tajuk 'To Avoid'. Now I understand why. Btw belum pernah sampai island kt sana. Baru jalan2 ke historical places, mountains dan kota Bangkok je.

  10. Kira indah khabar dari rupa laa ekk.. sebab rata-rata kata best aje ke sini, kesahnya kalau yang betul travel dan tau akan keadaanya yang mengecewakan, mereka cakap le benda yang benar.. habis yang kata best semua tu kenapa ekkk?... ermmmm

  11. Saya tidak pernah jejak ke Phi Phi Island dan saya baru tahu tentang ini. Agak sedih mendengarnya

  12. Tak pernah pergi ke Phi Phi Island. Lepasni boleh la rasanya avoid this place. By the way, bangkok best pergi hehe.

  13. human being is the destroyer of environment! I hate those selfish tourists not gonna visit here

  14. Well that island is famous for party goers and their full moon party, not suitable for those who love to have a relaxing vacation.

  15. Oh my gosh I miss koh phi phi so much.. Used to come here before married. Love to snorkeling here. Its so beautiful.

  16. I didn't get a chance to visit this island before this but I did receive the same comments before this.. Maybe giving it a try just to experience it once in near future when traveling is permitted :)

  17. Never heard of Ko Phi Phi but it is such a waste such beautiful place became a party spot instead of a beautiful tourist and family friendly vacation list.


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