10 Best Things to do in Fraser's Hill

Fraser's Hill has plenty to offer especially for those who enjoy leisurely strolls through the forests while taking in the beauty of the surrounding nature, rich bird species diversity, and magnificent waterfalls. It makes the perfect weekend getaway for families, couples or even solo travellers!

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popular places in fraser's hill
10 Best Things to do in Fraser's Hill

10 Best Things to do in Fraser's Hill

The Paddock for Horse-riding & Archery

Do you have eyes like a hawk and love every type of adventure that comes your way? Hurry and head over to The Paddock for horse riding and archery! Don’t worry if you’ve never ridden a horse before as the activity will be conducted under supervision. As for archery, you will be provided with 10 arrows to shoot away!

Price and packages

Horse riding fee: RM15 (child accompanied by a parent), RM10 (adult) or RM8 (child)
Archery fee: RM5 (adult) or RM3 (child) for 30 minutes

Address: Valley Road 49000 Bukit Fraser, Pahang
Opening hours: 8.30am–6.30pm (Saturday–Thursday), 8.30am–12pm & 2.45pm–6.30pm (Friday)
Contact number: +609-3622195

The Paddock Fraser's Hill
The Paddock is an equestrian centre in Bukit Fraser. You can experience horse-riding and archery here!

Allan’s Water for Boat Paddling

Fit some leisure activities into your schedule by making your way to Allan’s Water. Here, you can feed the fish and paddle a boat as you enjoy the breezy wind and beautiful scenery. You don’t have to bring your own fish pellets as you can purchase them at the kiosk for only RM2 per pack.

Price for boat paddling: RM8 for 15 minutes

Address: Jalan High Pines, Bukit Fraser, 49000 Bukit Fraser, Pahang.
Opening hours: 9.00am–12.30pm & 2.00pm–4.30pm (Monday–Friday), 9am–12.30pm & 2pm–7pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Allan’s Water Fraser's Hill
Allan’s Water makes a great family destination for boat paddling

Edible Garden for Gardening

Right next to Allan’s Water, you’ll find the Edible Garden. This is one of the tourist attractions at Fraser's Hill offering visitor a chance to experience gardening for free. You can also purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, seeds, and other freshly harvested produce here.

Address: 2, Jalan High Pines, Bukit Fraser, 49000 Bukit Fraser, Pahang
Opening hours: 9am–5pm

Edible Garden Fraser's Hill
Drop by the Edible Garden to learn more about gardening

Jeriau Waterfall for Picnics

The Jeriau Waterfall is located around four kilometres from the town centre. It is possible for you to trek all the way there in 30 minutes. However, it is advisable for you to drive. There are gazebos and picnic spaces in the vicinity which makes it a perfect destination for a family day out. The waterfalls are around 10 meters high, and swimming is permitted.

Address: 4km from Bukit Fraser town centre, 49000 Fraser's Hill, Pahang.
Opening hours: 8am–5pm

Jeriau Waterfall Fraser's Hill
Jeriau Waterfall is an expansive nature preserve featuring a scenic hiking trail

Strawberry Garden for Fresh Strawberries

At Strawberry Garden, you can pluck the freshest, juiciest strawberries to bring home with you. You are invited to indulge in the sweet goodness of the fruits which are grown in a hydroponic garden. It is located on the main road on the way to the Jeriau Waterfall, making it an ideal stopover to stock up on your picnic essentials!

Address: 422, 49000 Fraser's Hill, Pahang.
Contact number: +609-362 2066
Opening hours: 9am–5pm

Strawberry Garden Fraser's Hill
Pluck your own strawberries to bring home at the Strawberry Garden

Bishop Trail for Hiking & Birdwatching

If you love adventures and birdwatching, this is the spot to visit when you are in town. The trail is surrounded by beautiful lush nature, which makes it exciting to trek on. You should not be worried as it is well-maintained and is suitable for both beginner and advanced hikers. Trekking while bird watching and breathing in the cold, fresh air is definitely a must-try activity in Fraser's Hill! For your safety, avoid coming during rainy days as the trail is slippery and dangerous. 

Address: 422, Bukit Fraser, 49000 Fraser's Hill, Pahang.
Opening hours: Open 24 hours

Bishop Trail Fraser's Hill
Bishop Trail in Bukit Fraser is great for birdwatching and hiking

Fraser's Hill Clock Tower 

This famous landmark at Fraser's Hill is the perfect backdrop for family photos. Interestingly, the clock is still working today despite being built in 1989! The four-sided clock tower which is covered beautifully with creeper vines will definitely hypnotise you with its own charm. It totally deserves a spot on your Instagram feed!

Fraser's Hill Clock Tower
The unique Fraser's Hill Clock Tower was built in 1989

Royal Fraser's Hill Golf Club

Fancy a game of golf during your visit to Fraser's Hill? Make your way to the Royal Fraser's Hill Golf Club, which is one of Malaysia's oldest golf courses which offers a challenging 9-hole play. It is advisable to come here on weekdays to avoid the crowd. The best time to golf is in the late morning, when the course is not shrouded in mist which impairs the visibility.

Address: Jalan Jeriau, Pahang, 49000 Fraser's Hill
Contact number: +609-362 2129
Opening hours: 8am-7pm

Royal Fraser's Hill Golf Club
Fancy a game of golf in the chilly weather? Head over to the Royal Fraser's Hill Golf Club.

Glasshouse Fraser's Hill for Tea & Cakes

As you wander around Fraser Hill, you will come across a little cosy café called the Glasshouse. Surrounded by the green forest, it is a relaxing spot for a cup of coffee. It is located within a literal glasshouse and is known for delicious drinks and sweet homemade cakes. If you have a sweet tooth, you must drop by during tea time with your loved ones!

Address: Lot 1494, Jalan Lady Guillemard, Bukit Fraser, 49000 Bukit Fraser, Pahang.
Contact number: +6012-207 9455
Opening hours: 10am–6pm (Thursday–Monday), Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Glasshouse Fraser's Hill
Drop by Glasshouse Fraser's Hill for tea and cakes

Fraser's Hill Cycling Route

Challenge yourself to Bukit Fraser's 37-kilometre Hors Category climb. Your journey will begin at Kuala Kubu Bharu and end at the Bukit Fraser Clock Tower. It has a 3.1% average gradient on the way up that allows you to gain 1,155 vertical metres. Cycling here is best done with friends or other seasoned cyclists.

Fraser's Hill Cycling Route
Fraser's Hill 37-kilometre cycling route from Kuala Kubu Bharu

There are so many fun activities for everyone at Fraser's Hill. Which one is your favourite? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. Fraser Hill look so beautiful. Reading your post makes me wanna visit there again. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Honestly, i belum pernah sampai Fraser Hill lagi.. so bolehlah masuk list ni, nanti nak pergiiii...

  3. Fraser Hill is always on my travel list but I still don't get the chance to be there. Thanks for sharing those activities to do in Fraser Hill for reference later.

  4. makan and gardening mmg best...suka dengan strawberi kat sini fresh

  5. Long time no see Fraser hill. I remember that there are the Japanese shop who rent the kimono since I was young and get wear it. Hehe. Now no more, but I shocked u show many new things in this place. Good. Next time my family and I will go again when we free. 😉

  6. Tak pernh jejak lagi fraser hill. Orang cakap takda aktiviti ape pun kat situ, baca you share ada juga tempat dan aktiviti nak buat

  7. Tak pernah sampai ke Fraser Hill sebab tak banyak aktiviti yang boleh di buat. Tapi jika nak menikmati suasana alam semulajadi, mungkin ini pilihan yang ada.

  8. Tak pernah lagi jejak kat fraser hill ni. Bolehla masuk dalam list nanti

  9. It has been quite some time since I last visited Bkt Fraser. Perhaps I will bring my international friends here soon.

  10. Tak pernah lagi sampai ke Fraser Hill. Mungkin next destination untuk dilawati adalah ke sini. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for sharing this list, i m going to take note coz i plan to go to Fraser soon.

  12. Bukit Fraser i belum pernah sampai lagi.. so far Bukit Tinggi dah.. one day nak ke sini laa.. menarik dan cantikk tenpatnya..,


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