Curonian Spit at Nida, Lithuania

It's surprising why anyone would want to visit the Curonian Spit at Nida, Lithuania when there are literally just white sand dunes. This destination is often overlooked since it is located a long way from Vilnius - the country's capital. However, a visit to this secret gem is certainly worth your time. Along with the beautiful landscape, lovely villages, and natural attractions, Curonian Spit provides plenty to see and do.

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    Curonian Spit travel guide
    Curonian Spit at Nida, Lithuania

    Curonian Spit at Nida, Lithuania

    History of the Curonian Spit

    Curonian Spit is known for its unusual yet spectacular sand dunes, seaside forests teeming with hundred-year-old pine trees, white sandy beaches, and fascinating fisherman settlements. Since prehistoric times, humans began building homes along the Curonian Spit. According to scientists, the spit was formed around 7,000 years ago due to the strong winds and waves of the stormy Baltic Sea.

    In 2000, the Curonian Spit was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Republic of Lithuania owns a 50-kilometre stretch of the Curonian Spit, while the Russian Federation owns the rest. The Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea are separated by this sand dune peninsula. The Kursiu Nerija National Park was established in 1991 to protect the significant landscape complexes.

    Curonian lagoon
    Curonian Spit separates the Curonian Lagoon and the mesmerising Baltic Sea
    Curonian Spit history
    Curonian Spit was formed  7,000 years ago due to the strong winds and waves of the stormy Baltic Sea.

    Popular Things to Do

    One of many things you should do at the Curonian Spit is to climb the Pardanis Dune. It is the primary attraction of Nida and the Curonian Spit as a whole. At the Curonian Spit, this sand dune is one of the tallest. Upon climbing it, you will be greeted with stunning views of surrounding dunes, the lagoon, and Baltic Sea. If you’re coming with your loved ones, this is the perfect spot to catch the sunrise and sunset.
    Another must-do thing is exploring the Nida Village by walking. Bless your eyes with the beautiful and colourful traditional houses. With the Curonian Lagoon on one side, pine tree forest all around, and some of the tallest dunes of the Curonian Spit standing right next to the town, this position is incredibly scenic. There are also various playgrounds, mini golf courses, and other family-friendly activities available.

    The Lithuanian Sea Museum is another place you should not miss during your time here. The most popular attraction at the Curonian Spit is arguably this. There is a good assortment of marine species, large aquariums, and an aquarium tunnel, as well as a dolphin and seal show. The fishermen's house museum is certainly also worth a visit.

    Curonian Spit sunset
    Curonian Spit provides the perfect spot to catch the sunrise and sunset.
    Curonian Spit lithuania
    Explore the beautiful and colourful traditional houses at the village of Nida.
    Curonian Spit lithuania
    Climb the Pardanis Dune - the tallest sand dune at Curonian Spit.
    Curonian Spit hiking
    The magical pine tree forest is a sight not to be missed at the village.
    Curonian Spit light house
    There is a lighthouse located near the entrance between the mainland and the end of Curonian Spit

    How to Get to Curonian Spit

    The Curonian Spit is one of the world's longest spits. It runs through the Baltic Sea from southwestern Lithuania to Kaliningrad's Sambian Peninsula. Lithuania, a nation north of Poland, owns a little over half of the spit.

    The easiest way to arrive at the Curonian Spit sand dunes is by boarding a boat from Klaipeda, which is a Lithuanian harbour city. You can choose from two terminals available there, which are The Old Ferry Terminal and The New Ferry Terminal.

    Curonian Spit Border Crossing

    The Curonian Spit, also known as Neringa in Lithuanian, is home to the country's most distant border station. It is flanked by dunes on the peninsula's edge, close to the Russian border of Kaliningrad. Officers stationed here monitor the state border at the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea, as well as the land crossing between Lithuania and the Russian Federation. The Neringa border station is outfitted with one-of-a-kind vehicles, including SUVs, all-terrain vehicles, speedboats, ships, and hovercrafts that can travel on both water and land.

    Curonian Spit russia
    Curonian Spit is located close to the Russian border of Kaliningrad

    Contact Information

    Address: Naglių g. 8, Nida 93123, Lithuania
    Opening hours: 9am–12pm, 1pm–6pm (Closed on Sunday)
    Contact number: +370 469 51224

    If you're searching for a unique family-friendly destination with pristine environment, great beaches, a healthy dose of history, we would strongly recommend that you visit the Curonian Spit in Lithuania!

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