Ramadan Bazaar Kampong Gelam, Singapore

Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and traditions of Kampong Gelam's historic quarter in Singapore! The eagerly awaited Raikan Cahaya Ramadan bazaar is back, and it promises to be a spectacular celebration leading up to Hari Raya.

Featuring over 100 booths with an impressive array of goodies, this year's event is not to be missed. And that's not all - prepare to be dazzled by stunning light installations that will transport you to a magical wonderland.

There will be exhilarating performances that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and a charity drive that will warm your heart. And let's not forget about the neighbourhood spirit and heritage experiences that will make this event truly unforgettable.

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Ramadan Bazaar Kampong Gelam
Ramadan Bazaar Kampong Gelam, Singapore

Ramadan Bazaar Kampong Gelam, Singapore

History of Kampong Gelam Bazaar

This popular Muslim-Malay district of Singapore dates back to the colonial 1820s, when the area was first set aside for the Malay, Arab, and Bugis people under the rule of Malay sultans. Due to its colourful past and wealth of cultural attractions, the "kampong," or "compound" in Malay, managed to preserve its prominence as a hub for Malay-Muslim activities despite the inflow of immigrant populations.

The first Kampong Gelam Bazaar began back in the 1960s where visitors gathered for prayers, post-fast feasts, and shopping for Eid-related goods with a backdrop of ethnic performances. It was centred around the impressive Masjid Sultan, Singapore's most famous mosque, which was gazetted as a national monument in 1975.

Ramadan Bazaar Kampong Gelam singapore
You can purchase tables in advance for your own Iftar, or pay-it-forward for beneficiaries of the local communities.

Raikan Cahaya Ramadan Bazaar

While the Kampong Gelam Market has been a staple of Ramadan for decades, its recent editions have seen the return of larger-scale celebrations that harken back to the frantic 1960s, with aspects that solidify its current character as a vibrant neighbourhood that straddles modernity and tradition.

The celebration this year is anticipated to be the largest yet in One Kampong Gelam's ongoing effort to rekindle interest and ultimately drive foot traffic for the benefit of local businesses. This year's celebration builds on the successes of previous iterations and GLAMboyant, the 10-day Kampong Gelam F1 precinct activation.

Raikan Cahaya Ramadan, which translates to "celebrating the light of Ramadan," elevates the traditional Ramadan bazaar with breathtaking light shows, an engaging line-up of acts, and a 10-day charity drive to bring an appropriate end to the holy month of reflection and community.

The Glam Eid, which will span important neighbourhoods for 33 days, may be summed up in five experiential pillars: food, retail, lighting, entertainment, and community.

Masjid Sultan singapore
The Ramadan Bazaar is located around Masjid Sultan - Singapore's most famous mosque

Traditional Malay Food

Visitors may anticipate Kampong Gelam's largest food line-up yet, with up to 86 vendors, located along Baghdad Street, Kandahar Street, and directly outside Sultan Mosque's gate. Expect a variety of traditional favourites like Kuih Raya, satay, and deep-fried snacks, as well as trendy foods with the option of outdoor or mezzanine seats overlooking the crowd. There are a variety of vibrant food trucks, outdoor grills, and a 2-story mezzanine for dining on the top floor.

Raikan Cahaya Ramadan Bazaar
Discover delicious traditional Malay food at the Raikan Cahaya Ramadan Bazaar
Ramadan Bazaar Kampong Gelam Singapore
In collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board, One Kampong Gelam is organising the Raikan Cahaya Ramadan celebration.
Kampong Gelam Singapore
The bazaar will be held over a 33-day period
Kampong Gelam Bazaar
Spend your Iftar at Ramadan Bazaar Kampong Gelam, Singapore

Shopping & Crafts

23 retail kiosks exhibiting contemporary art, traditional crafts, and clothing made by independent artists or artisans are strategically placed across different F&B zones to provide a diverse presentation of creativity that you may take home.

A closer date will be announced on Kampong Gelam's social media pages at https://www.instagram.com/visitkamponggelam/ for both the culinary and shop line-up.


There can be no Ramadan Bazaar without entertainment. With a mainstage located close to the Baghdad Street parking lot, guests may unwind while taking in live music performances from a variety of singers, traditional and contemporary dances, and enlightening live conversations.

You can learn the most recent information by visiting the official OKG socials via https://www.instagram.com/visitkamponggelam/. The event will take place during a 33-day span. Don't forget to use the hashtags #visitkamponggelam #OneKampongGelam #KampongGelam #VisitSingapore to share your experience!

About One Kampong Gelam

One Kampong Gelam, which was founded in 2014, is dedicated to representing and advancing the interests of numerous neighbourhood stakeholders. The organisation, which is governed by a 14-member executive council, has worked to establish Kampong Gelam as a lifestyle destination since its start and has chosen activities and events that will appeal to both locals and visitors. Visit www.visitkamponggelam.com.sg for more details.

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