Kafe Kaki Corner, Taman Billion, Cheras

Found an awesome place to have good food, sit back, and relax!

The pricing is reasonable and I absolutely love the ambiance of the place!

A big screen for movies and football matches

Ample seating for everyone!

The food isn't exactly the finest of its kind but there sure are a vast varieties to choose from!

The perfect chill out spot for jobless teenagers like me, lol.

Quick and Easy Hummus Recipe

I love Middle Eastern food! Just like how the Chinese has sauces and condiments to add flavors to their food, the Middle Easterners use this thick paste known as hummus which is so delicious and simple to make! Nothing beats having a thick spread of hummus in sharwarmas. Simply delectable!

My simple recipe for hummus:

Salt, olive oil, tahina, garlic, lemon, ground cummin, and of course....


I failed miserably trying to look for canned chickpeas, so I have to settle for the dried ones. Soak the chickpeas overnight and do not discard the water. The reserved water has its purpose.

Looked for this sesame seed paste everywhere.

Do not bother looking for Arabian/Iranian foodstuffs in supermarkets - chances are that you will not find them. I got mine from a Iranian mini market at Casa Tropicana, and you can easily find more of these at the mini markets located at the Heritage, opposite the Mines.

Blend everything together, except for olive oil and lemon. Gradually add in the reserved water until the desired consistency is achieved.

This is how I store the hummus. Add olive oil and lemon only before consumption.

I like a little coarseness in my hummus, just like how I would prefer chunky peanut butter spread over smooth. Add a quick dust of paprika for taste.

Serve with warm flat breads for a quick, simple and healthy snack.

Paddington Garden, Sunway Giza Kota Damansara

A new restaurant is now open for business at Sunway Giza! It's more good news for Segi students lol.

It's great that now, we get to have pancakes for a change. 
With the swift emergence of food blogs and Instagram, people are now constantly on the hunt for the most delectable and appealing food in town. What better than to have a picture of fluffy slices of pancakes generously topped with whipped cream and drizzled with your favorite sauce served graciously on a modish square plate from Macy's? (Sorry for the profuse usage of adjectives, just came home from a break after working since 7 in the morning for my FYP :[ ).

Got a feeling that one day, I will get fined for taking pictures of the menu lol.

The entrance itself is an attraction on its own.

I could eat 20 pancakes for lunch in such a cozy and spruced up ambiance.

Orange juice (RM6.90) &a glass of refreshing water (RM2) for a sunny afternoon!

Cheese fried chicken cutlet set meal (RM23.90)

Here comes the best part:


Berry Berry Pancake (RM16.90).

It is indeed, berry berry nice. It is exactly the type of pancake that I will make on a Saturday morning, and have it gobbled down with a glass of low fat milk. It does not only come with all my favorite and nutrient-infused berries, but it also comes with blueberry jam and strawberry syrup, topped with a heavenly scoop of vanilla ice-cream!

Like what I always say, "Aiya, wanna spend anyway, then spend happily lah!"

Best food I have had in days. I miss it already :'(

We both have had an awesome time there!

The lady boss was also kind enough to ask me to pick a badge for me to take home.

You HAVE to definitely give it a try!

Service charge 10%

F-03 First Floor, Sunway Giza Mall
Tel: 03-61431632