Pantai Air Papan Mersing, Johor

food in air papan

Air Papan is a seaside village in the state of Johor, just 15km north of the Mersing district. The beach is a popular weekend getaway for many Malay families due to the proximity and it is a very common sight to see colorful picnic mats being laid out and children frolicking around the shore in the evening.

Pantai Air Papan is not exactly somewhere anyone would specifically make a trip to (murky water, congested, and since it is a Muslim-populated area, lounging in your bikinis will be considered very disrespectful). Worth stopping by only if you happen to be in Mersing in my opinion.

air papan johor

We have decided to visit Air Papan after our trip to Tioman because it has been more than ten years since I was there. It has been raining for days in Johor, making it the worst possible time to head to the beach. Well we did it anyway.

air papan beach
food in air papan

It looked like Tsunami was about to happen, heh

air papan beach
air papan johor

If there is one thing that I've learned, it is to not trust the pictures you see on the internet. You can google the name of the filthiest beach you have seen in life, but images of the bluest sky and clearest sea will still show up in the search results.

There, you can find a few Malay stalls selling a small selection of local fare.

food in johor

Lontong Johor :)

malaysian fruits

Duku Langsat, because tropical fruit is always a good idea.

And this was how we ended our trip!

Had to stop by Baskin Robbins on the way back to KL.


  1. Nice Place. Are there direct transport from Singapore


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