Air Nira at Ladang Nira Nipah Napiah, Kedah

You sip on a cold, light beverage while scanning the majestic paddy fields at Bedong's outlying Kampung Sungai Pial. The stretches of green seem endless, punctuated only by the misty views of distant mountain peaks. A friendly farmworker approaches with a plate of freshly roasted groundnuts and a smile, as he replenishes your glass with another serving of air nira nipah to the very brim.

Fancy an experience like this? Head over to Ladang Nira Nipah Napiah for the freshest, sweetest air nira nipah drink you'll love.

Air Nira at Ladang Nira Nipah Napiah, Kedah

What is Air Nira

Simply put, air nira is a drink extracted from the nipa palms. It is a type of mangrove palm native to the tropical coastlines, where its trunk grows beneath the ground while the leaves and flowers blossom above the surface. The leaves can extend up to 30 feet in height, while the globular flowers are made out of many individual woody nuts on a single stalk.

Exotic Foods To Try In Malaysia
Air Nira at Ladang Nira Nipah Napiah, Kedah
Malaysia's exotic beverages
Ladang Nira Nipah Napiah, Merbok, Kedah
Most Exotic Food In Malaysia
Air nira is an exotic Malaysian drink
Ladang Nira Nipah Napiah
Nira Nipah mangrove palms in Merbok, Kedah

Health Benefits of Air Nira

In Malaysia, the flower cluster of this plant is tapped to yield its sweet, edible sap. The process starts by fitting a bamboo tube into an exposed stalk to allow the translucent sap to be collected twice daily for 30 continuous days. Air nira is almost always drank as it is, and this sweet and nutritious drink comes with abundance of essential minerals such as sucrose, protein, fiber, magnesium, vitamin A and many more.

It hydrates and nourishes the body while keeping it energetic and refreshed, while providing countless health benefits including to aid digestion, act as a body coolant or a diabetic-friendly beverage replacement, as well as having the ability to improve liver functions.

What to see in Kedah State
Visiting Ladang Air Nira Nipah Napiah, Kedah
exotic drinks in Malaysia
Fresh Air Nira Nipah at Merbok, Kedah

Uses of Air Nira

Air nira nipah can also be manufactured into jaggery, sweeteners or concentrated syrup due to the high sweetness intensity. Some producers collect the sap to further ferment it into a local alcoholic drink known fondly as tuak.

How to Get to Ladang Nira Nipah Napiah

Merbok in Kedah is located about 500 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur, and the journey by car takes approximately 4 hours via Lebuhraya Utara - Selatan/E1. Ladang Nira Nipah Napiah is only 10 kilometers away from Merbok. Getting to this location by car is the most convenient and accessible option.

On your next visit to Malaysia, be sure to treat yourself to this exotic, tropical fruit drink. It pays off to travel deeper and experience authentic Malaysian hidden gems - even if they are out of the way!

Ladang Nira Nipah Napiah

Address: F104, Kampung Sungai Pial, Merbok, Kedah.
Opening hours: 12pm-7pm (closed on Wednesday)

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  1. That one in the jug looks so refreshing - you really make me wanna. And that table beside the paddy field looks so serene and instaworthy.

  2. nampak sedap but i tried before and i cannot deal with the taste. haha my mom suka air nira

  3. Fuhhhh nampak sedap betul. Musim panas ni rasa nak satu jug air nira. Hahahhaa.

  4. Never try air nira before. I just knew tuak is from nira too. Now i know the benefits of air nira.

  5. Ramai kata kalau minum ni mabuk.. tapi ada juga kata bagus untuk kesihatan.. Sis tak pernah lagi cuba, tapi Suami pernah..

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  7. Pernah try dulu masa ke Kedah..tak ingat dah rasa dia macam mana..Tapi memang ramai jual sekitar Merbok tu.

  8. I pernah try air nira, kalau baru jer cut out from the three memang fresh and sangat best.

  9. Kita pernah minum air nira kat ladang mereka ni memang pure sangat dan sedap giler... Masuk ladangnya pun besar giler.....


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