Looking for ideas to create the perfect cheese platter? Look no further!

cheese platter ideas
The ideal cheese platter
When I was 9 years old, the only knowledge that I have of cheese was that it comes in slices and is individually wrapped in ugly-looking plastic sheets. It tasted and felt like rubber, but I was too young to be bothered to query the need to put one of those awful things into sandwiches and burgers in restaurants.

As a kid, I have never liked cheese. Maybe it was because it is not popular in the continent which I live in, or I was just totally oblivious to the availability of other types of cheese in the supermarkets. Whatever the reason was, I am very glad that I have moved on from consuming processed cheese to eating only the "real" ones that are healthier, with the absence of preservatives, artificial ingredients, and a crazy amount of salt. (Read more about the comparison of processed versus natural cheese by Tillamook.)

perfect cheese platter

Putting together a cheese plate is a very fun and enjoyable thing to do. It also gives you the opportunity to unleash your creativity and to wow your guests with the choice of components and method of arrangements.

cheese platter ideas
perfect cheese platter

A good cheese platter is best enjoyed during get-togethers or to complement lengthy post-meal conversations. For serial cheese nibblers, anytime is a good time for this plate of delectable goodness. The perfect cheese platter should more or less be comprised of all the following components:

Cheese Platter Ingredients:

cheese platter ideas

  1. Bread
  2. Cheese board & knives
  3. Wine
  4. Nuts
  5. Chutney/Jam
  6. Fruits
  7. Crackers
  8. Pâté
  9. Cured meats
  10. Cheeses


Cold Storage/Jaya Grocer has the best selection of high quality breads in the entire country. Raisin bread, nutty loafs, sourdough bread, brioche or even baguette - pick the ones that will go well with the cheese in terms of texture and taste. Overwhelmed by choices? You can't go wrong with a fresh loaf of baguette (goes really well with many types of cheese)


Selecting the right mix of cheese can make the dining experience an extra memorable one. A cheese platter is usually comprised of three to five types of cheese that are distinguishable in texture and taste (i.e. milky and soft with the pungent, creamy with the firm). My top picks are aged cheddar, Comté, brie, and goat Gouda.

Additional Pointers...

  • Separate all the components. Do not drizzle raspberry jam over the cheese. Avoid letting the cheese soak in the oils from the meat or the olives. The whole idea of a cheese platter is to be able to taste each individual component heartily and pair them according to what you think makes the best match. It isn't like eating rojak/ice kacang.
  • It is said that white wine makes a better accompaniment to cheese as compared to red wine. I do not really know if that is really the case, as I find both equally as gratifying. (Read this article by Telegraph)
  • Cheese knives come in different shapes so use them accordingly to what they were made for. You may find this article from Buzzle helpful.
  • Cheese tastes best at room temperature so allow them to sit wrapped for at least one hour before serving.
 It's time to get cheesy. Bon appétit!