Tanjung Dawai is a small fishing village in Merbok, Kedah Darul Aman. It is located about 30 kilometres away from Sungai Petani, which is Kedah’s largest town. Besides being one of the many fishing villages found in northern Malaysia, it is also home to the country’s rare treasures and beautiful attractions.

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    Top Attractions at Tanjung Dawai, Merbok, Kedah

    Tanjung Dawai Fishing Village

    Tanjung Dawai is most popularly known for its fresh seafood produce. Many of the villagers are fishermen and they make their living off the sea. The jetty at Tanjung Dawai was built to facilitate small-scale fishing operations. In the morning, it bustles with activities as the fishermen sort out their catch of the day, hose down their boats, and catch up with each other.

    jeti tanjung dawai
    Jeti Tanjung Dawai in Merbok, Kedah
    jeti tanjung dawai
    Tanjung Dawai beach at Merbok

    Arked Tanjung Dawai Market

    Once you have arrived at Tanjung Dawai, head over to the complex to shop for fresh and dried seafood produce. Stay on the lookout for succulent mantis prawns that will make a simple yet delicious dish when cooked with chilli and eaten with piping hot rice! You can also find Horseshoe crabs here (Ikan Belangkas) that are typically grilled or steamed with aromatic ginger. Other than that, do not miss the opportunity to buy fresh croakers (Ikan Gelama) or eeltail catfish (Ikan Sembilang). Generally, the seafood prices here depend on the supply from the catch, but are nevertheless significantly cheaper than in the cities.

    arked tanjung dawai
    Top Attractions at Tanjung Dawai, Merbok, Kedah
    tanjung dawai market
    Arked Tanjung Dawai, which is a seafood market opposite the jetty
    tanjung dawai seafood
    Dried seafood sold at Tanjung Dawai
    tanjung dawai seafood
    Sotong Cumit or dried baby squids sold at Tanjung Dawai
    arked tanjung dawai
    Assorted dried seafood sold at the complex
    arked tanjung dawai
    Arked Tanjung Dawai is a seafood market in Merbok

    Pantai Merdeka at Kota Kuala Muda

    Tanjung Dawai is usually busier during the weekends and holiday season. To escape the crowd, you can visit the beautiful Merdeka Beach which is famed for its unique red rock formation and a historic British World War II bunker. Merdeka Beach is accessible from Tanjung Dawai via a speed boat ride across the Merbok river. There are several hotels at Pantai Merdeka, such as the Mai Restu Chalet, Chinta Chalet and Impian Homestay.

    pantai merdeka kedah
    Travel to Pantai Merdeka from Tanjung Dawai via speed boat across the Merbok river

    Tanjung Dawai Resorts & Hotels

    For those who are planning to stay a night at Tanjung Dawai, there are several hotels and chalets available. This would give you the opportunity to wake up at dawn, take a stroll on the beach and indulge in a hearty breakfast with the locals. Popular accommodations here include The Jerai Hill Resort and Purest Hotel Sungai Petani.

    How to Get to Tanjung Dawai, Kedah

    There are several ways to get from Sungai Petani to Tanjung Dawai. To arrive at the Jeti Tanjung Dawai, take the Kedah Route K1 which will then branch out of Federal Route 1 at Bedong. From here, enjoy a scenic drive along Kampung Kechik and Kampung Sungai Pial with golden paddy fields to your left and right until you reach the jetty.

    Tanjung Dawai is a gem with many wonderful treasures to be discovered. From fresh seafood produce to breathtaking sunsets, this village is a glorious testament to how beautiful Malaysia is.

    tanjung dawai seafood
    Don't leave Tanjung Dawai until you've gone seafood shopping!

    Contact Information

    Address: 135, K161, Tanjung Dawai, 08400 Merbok, Kedah
    Opening hours: 8am-5pm

    Happy travelling!
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