Top 6 Plant-Based Drinks from Starbucks Malaysia

If you are new to the plant-based scene in Malaysia - welcome to the club and congratulations for making this bold but necessary switch in diet! Whether you are looking out for your health or trying to cut back on your carbon footprint, adopting a greener and more eco-friendly diet will bring you nothing but goodness!

With the growth in popularity and demand for cruel-free alternatives, many brands are now offering plant-based options - and Starbucks Malaysia is just one of them! The current line-up is so impressive that we want to share the good news with all our readers! On your next visit to Starbucks, remember to order any of these delicious drinks for instant satisfaction!

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    Top 6 Plant-Based Drinks from Starbucks Malaysia

    Almond Green Tea Affogato

    This article goes out to all our matcha lovers out there as we’re featuring not one but two amazing green tea beverages! This particular iced version is a delightful blend of almond milk, green tea powder and espresso shot. As a result, you’ll taste the blissful union of rich, creamy flavors that are going to leave you wanting more!

    Plant-Based Drinks from Starbucks Malaysia
    Top 6 Plant-Based Drinks from Starbucks Malaysia

    Coconut Vanilla Chocolate Cream Frappuccino

    This is a plant-based alternative for the Starbucks classic - Chocolate Cream Frappuccino. Keeping the base of this beverage the same, the baristas thoughtfully replace the milk with coconut milk and vanilla syrup for a playful note while retaining the essence of the all-time favourite combo.

    Starbucks Coconut Vanilla Chocolate Cream Frappuccino
    Starbucks Coconut Vanilla Chocolate Cream Frappuccino

    Soy Green Tea Latte

    Mildly sweet and slightly sharp, the creamy handcrafted Soy Green Tea Latte comes with a complex flavor profile that is strangely addictive! Soy milk is used by the baristas to enhance the taste of the green tea. It is not only an amazing energy booster in the AM, but also makes a great drink to sip on throughout the day to keep your mind and soul refreshed!

    Starbucks Soy Green Tea Latte
    Starbucks Soy Green Tea Latte

    Soy Vanilla Latte

    For those who like all things simple and basic, you’ll definitely be in love with the Starbucks Soy Vanilla Latte. It can be served hot or iced, and the luscious combination of soy milk, vanilla syrup and espresso shot brings a cheeky but joyful twist to a traditional latte while keeping all its original flavors.

    Coconut Raspberry Passion Tea

    Sometimes, all you want is a refreshing cuppa to get you through the day. This incredibly light and flavorful Coconut Raspberry Passion Tea is formulated to keep you sharp and energised. By bringing together raspberry juice and passion tea, you’ll be able to experience a touch of tartness that’s balanced out with coconut milk. According to Starbucks, this is a great choice of beverage after a workout session!

    Almond Chocolate Frappuccino with Almond Nuts

    We’ve featured a drink for the minimalist, now here’s one for all the maximalists out there whose lifestyles are filled with patterns and creativity! This ultimate 100% plant-based is designed to bring your chocolate drink game to the next level. Loaded with crushed almonds and hazelnut sauce in a creamy almond milk blend, it is best enjoyed during special occasions or trips to the shopping malls!

    Want to try the plant-based version of your favourite Starbucks drink? Simply tell the barista your preferences so the regular dairy milk content can be swapped with soy milk, oat milk, coconut milk or almond milk.

    Enjoy sipping and don't forget to share this list with your vegan buddies too!


    1. Omg sedapnya semua. I mmg suka sgt starbuck tp sejak terkurung ni mmg tak minum dah sbb i rasa cam best nak tapau..i suka lepak hahah

    2. Nampak pilihannya pun teruja nak merasanya. Dah lama tak pergi ke Starbucks ni. Paling terasa nak mencuba ialah Almond Chocolate Frappucchino

    3. Wow. I think I wanna try the coconot choc and almond choc frap. I will try it the next time I visit Starbucks. Thanks!

    4. sedapnya, banyak pilihan dari starbuck. boleh try order minuman ni nanti :)

    5. Lama dah tak singgah Starbuck. Semuanya Eiza terasa nak cuba. Semuanya nampak sedap. Hahaha...

    6. Wahhh semua minuman nampak sedap , boleh try cari esok dekat grabfood. Nak cuba yang Almond Chocloate Nuts dengan yang Almond Green Tea tu.

    7. Biasanya kalau ke Starbuck mesti Americano ajeee hahaha.. tapi lately ni suka plak order GreenTea.. kira sedap dr Tealive tu.. ni pepagi dah nampak, adoiii..

    8. Semua sedap! Ruby dah mula minum minuman berasaskan plant base di Starbucks. Dah mula kurangkan kopi. Susah tido malam ni bahaya. Tapi i tak boleh lari dari jenama Starbucks. Kahkahkah. Suka vibes di kafe mereka. Dapat bau kopi pun jadi lah. Heehhe.

    9. almond green tea tu nampak sedap.. nanti boleh cuba.. selalu beli macchiato..nanti blh try yang plant based

    10. Wahh starbuck lama tak nikmati minuman ni sejak PKP lagi hehehe siapa nak belanja kita nak delivery nanti cair lak hehehe sedapnya Almond tu kegemaran kita...

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