Top Attractions at Kubang Badak Biogeotrail, Langkawi

There are many hidden attractions in Langkawi. If you are an adventurous soul looking for places which are off the beaten track, you can make your way to the Kubang Badak Biogeotrail. This recently designated area is located within the Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark, which comprises of the surrounding 99 islands of the archipelago. Kubang Badak is a former quaint fishing community situated approximately 30 kilometres away from the town of Kuah.

    Top Attractions at Kubang Badak Biogeotrail, Langkawi

    The newly established Kubang Badak Biogeotrail is home to several natural wonders in the region. There are 12 main attractions developed and made accessible to the public here, giving you the opportunity to see and learn about the island's geotourism sites that are exclusive to this area. It is also a part of Langkawi's ongoing efforts in facilitating sustainable development through science-based recreation.

    Kubang Badak Biogeotrail Langkawi
    Top Attractions at Kubang Badak Biogeotrail, Langkawi

    The village of Kubang Badak is host to a unique tidal river estuary ecosystem that is blossoming with geological diversity, a variety of mangrove species, and a distinctive cultural history thanks to the early settlements of the Siamese community. Selected as a Biogeotrail, it is the latest geotourism product in Langkawi. Just recently, this site was awarded the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Gold Award 2021 in the Heritage category.

    Kubang Badak Biogeotrail
    The Kubang Badak Biogeotrail begins at the Kubang Badak Jetty

    Gua Pinang Ancient Bat Cave

    This incredible 6,000-year-old Pinang Cave is home to approximately 10,000 nectar bats. Once inside, you can witness the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites that are formed centuries ago. At the entrance is a host of ancient shell deposits which are sunk into the walls of the caves and around the ground. Gua Pinang is said to be the largest cave in Langkawi measuring 130 metres in length and is one of the oldest caves in Malaysia as it is found within limestones claimed to be dating back to 450 million years ago.

    The guono or bat droppings collected here is used as a fertiliser by the local communities in the farms. During the visit, you can watch the bats in their natural habitat, clinging onto the soaring ceilings within the pitch-black chambers.

    Gua Pinang langkawi
    Ancient shell deposits found at the entrance of Gua Pinang, Langkawi
    Pinang cave langkawi
    Gua Pinang is the largest cave in Langkawi
    Pinang cave langkawi
    There are several chambers within Gua Pinang, which are interconnected by narrow tunnels
    Pinang cave langkawi
    The limestone formation at Gua Pinang is said to be over 450 million years old
    Pinang cave langkawi
    Every feature is a sight to behold at the grand Pinang Cave

    Eagle Watching

    During the cruise, you will have the opportunity to see the magnificent White-bellied sea eagles and Brahminy Kites (also known as Red-backed sea-eagles) enroute to the islands. These large apex predators soar proudly and freely in the blue sky, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone traveling at this geosite.

    eagle feeding langkawi price
    Kubang Badak Biogeotrail make an ideal destination for bird-watching

    Sungai Siam River Tour

    Before heading out to the sea for a tour around the islands, the Biogeotrail takes you through a picturesque cruise along the Siam River where you get to see the spectacular mangrove forests at the vast Kilim Geoforest Park.

    Kubang Badak Biogeotrail
    River cruise along Sungai Siam at the Kubang Badak Biogeotrail

    Bukit Menora

    Bukit Menora is a sight to behold as it leaves traces of early Siam settlements. Today, the settlers of Thai ethnic still reside on the north coast of Langkawi. The hill is named after a popular southern Thailand dance performance which features slow rhythmic movements of the body. At the very summit of Bukit Menora, you can immerse yourself in an unbroken view of the surrounding Sungai Kubang Badak and clear, blue sea.

    Bukit Menora langkawi
    The Kubang Badak Biogeotrail includes a trip to Bukit Menora in Langkawi

    Kampung Siam Charcoal Kiln Ruins

    Kampung Siam is a village embedded with historical significance. After a short hike into the thick forest, you will see remnants of 15 charcoal kilns resembling large igloos that were built over a century ago. There is one particular chamber made from bricks that is half-collapsed, claimed to be approximately 150 years old. The charcoal kilns were once used to create coals from woods from the surrounding mangrove trees.

    kebuk arang bukit menora
    Charcoal kiln ruins or kebuk arang at Kampung Siam, Bukit Menora
    kebuk arang bukit menora
    Remnants of charcoal kilns or kebuk arang at Kampung Siam, Bukit Menora
    kebuk arang bukit menora
    Chambers used to produce coal from wood by early Siamese settlers in Langkawi

    Crab Farm Langkawi

    Complete your trip to the Kubang Badak Biogeotrail with a meal at the Crab Farm Langkawi, located next to the jetty. Here, you can taste the freshest and most delicious Mee Ketam which features the Giant Mud crabs or Ketam Nipah which are grown on site. Alternatively, you can also experience crab farming first hand for a glimpse into the lives of the fishermen.

    mee ketam langkawi
    Mee Ketam at Crab Farm Langkawi
    Crab Farm kubang badak
    Learn more about crab farming at the Crab Farm Langkawi

    Pulau Dangli Snorkeling & Fish Feeding

    An island incredibly rich with marine and coral lives, Pulau Dangli is one of the most breathtaking attractions at the Kubang Badak Biogeotrail with clear, warm water along the pristine shoreline. You will be given adequate time to snorkel and feed the sergeant major fish here, with pellets and crackers dutifully provided by the tour guide. The isolated Pulau Dangli is one of the 99 islands found within Langkawi's Kulim Geoforest Park.

    fish feeding langkawi
    Fish feeding is an activity at Pulau Dangli, Langkawi
    fish feeding pulau dangli
    Pulau Dangli is a limestone island which is home to a few caves

    Tanjung Mendidih Hydrothermal Vents

    A short boat ride away from Pulau Dangli is Tanjung Mendidih. Here, you get the rare opportunity to see an underwater geyser where bubbly, boiling water is released to the ocean surface from the Kisap Thrust - which is one of its kind in Peninsular Malaysia.

    Pulau Jemuruk

    The small and quiet island of Pulau Jerumuk carries huge historical importance. It is a Cambrian Fossil Geosite, where the fossils of trilobites and several extinct marine arthropods dating back to one million year ago were discovered. It is surely a hidden gem still unknown to many today.

    Mangrove Forest

    Kubang Badak is covered mostly by mangroves, particularly two types of red mangrove species known as Rhizophora apiculata or Bakau Minyak (tall-stilt mangroves) and R. mucronata or Bakau Kurap (loot-root mangroves) - both which are typically used to produce charcoals. These are among the 45 mangrove species growing on sandbars and ancient tidal flat in this region. This biogeotrail is also rich in terrestrial fauna, such as the white belly eagles, red eagles, spectacle monkeys, monitor lizards, and many more. By joining the tour, you can trek the mangrove forest reserve by boat as well as by foot.

    Kubang Badak Mangrove Reserve
    Kubang Badak Mangrove Reserve
    langkawi Mangrove Forest
    Among these mangrove trees which are as old as 150 years old, you can find fiddler crabs and mudskippers

    How to Get to Kubang Badak Biogeotrail

    In order to get to the Kubang Badak Biogeotrail, make your way to Jalan Teluk Yu by car from the Telaga Harbour or Pantai Cenang. After arriving at Kampung Kubang Badak, follow the sign to the Biogeotrail until you reach the end of the road.

    If you are arriving by car, there is a free parking space at the main jetty.

    Ticket Prices

    Your adventure begins at the Jeti Nelayan Kubang Badak. The private charter and mangrove exploration package is priced at RM350 for 8 passengers for an approximate duration of 3 hours. There is a cheaper sharing option for RM165 for a minimum of 5 passengers. For the full list of packages and prices, click on this link. Prices are inclusive of drinking water and equipment for snorkelling.

    Contact Information

    Kubang Badak Biogeotrail, Langkawi

    Address: Sungai Kubang Badak, Jalan Teluk Ewa, Mukim Ayer Hangat, 07000 Kedah
    Contact number: +6013-4455644


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