Famous Food at Tanjung Dawai, Kedah

Get ready to tantalise your taste buds at Tanjung Dawai, Kedah! This charming village boasts a variety of simple yet mouthwatering dishes that will leave you craving for more. And the best part? You get to enjoy your meal surrounded by the freshest air, breathtaking natural views, and a laid-back lifestyle that'll make you forget all about the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether you're in the mood for seafood, local delicacies or something in between, Tanjung Dawai has got you covered. So come on over, take a deep breath, and savor the flavors of this amazing village - you won't be disappointed!

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kedai makan tanjung dawai
Famous Food at Tanjung Dawai, Kedah

Famous Food at Tanjung Dawai, Kedah

Arked Tanjung Dawai

Once you are done with seafood shopping at Arked Tanjung Dawai, make your way to the stalls located on the ground floor of the building. Satisfy your well-worked up appetite with the mouth-watering Mee Udang, or the famous Laksa Kedah. It is a mildly spicy noodle dish prepared using dried shrimp paste, chilli and fish in an asam-flavoured gravy.

Next, quench your thirst with some fresh coconut water. Drink it directly from the fruit with a straw for a truly local experience. Do not forget to try the Ais Kacang - a uniquely Malaysian shaved ice dessert drizzled with colourful syrup, served atop a bed of kidney beans, sweetened corn, peanuts, and a scoop of ice-cream. End your meal with some local fruits or even Rojak Buah - a traditional salad of fruits and vegetables consisting of pineapples, cucumber, young mango, bean sprouts and water guava, coated evenly with a glorious mixture of fermented shrimp and chilli paste, lime juice and tamarind.

makanan sedap di tanjung dawai
Food stalls at Arked Tanjung Dawai, Kedah

Ikan Bakar & Grilled Seafood

There are several Chinese and halal Malay restaurants in Tanjung Dawai which serve delicious grilled fish or Ikan Bakar and other seafood dishes. You have the option to buy your own seafood from Arked Tanjung Dawai or the local fishermen, and have them cooked in the restaurants in the style and sauce of your choice.

As the sun sets, the beach starts teeming with life as restaurants open for business. It would certainly be a heavenly experience as you dig into the fresh seafood that’s been grilled to perfection, while you enjoy the soothing breeze and the stunning view in front of you. Be lulled by the gentle rolling waves as the descending sun paints the sky with a gorgeous tapestry of colours.

Restaurants open as early as 5.30am here, where ‘mixed rice’ or Nasi Campur can most commonly be found. It is a plate of white rice served with your choice of seafood, meat and vegetables. Have a good cup of coffee with your meal as you take in the view of the ocean ahead.

ikan bakar Tanjung Dawai
Ikan bakar at Arked Tanjung Dawai, Kedah

Ikan Bilis Tanjung Dawai

Anchovies or Ikan Bilis of all shapes and sizes are sold in this complex. They are peeled for your convenience and are available in bulk. You will also find other products such as dried, salted, and preserved fish here. Many visitors especially look forward to buying a type of fermented shrimp paste known as belacan, which is a popular local condiment in Malaysia. All of these items are neatly arranged with their prices clearly displayed.

As the prices are lower than what you would find in the city, remember to stock up on these durable dried seafood when you are here to prepare for days when you want to whip up local dishes at home!

tanjung dawai ikan bilis
Ikan bilis sold at Tanjung Dawai
tanjung dawai ikan bilis
A variety of anchovies sold at the Tanjung Dawai Arcade
ikan bilis tanjung dawai
Local anchovies or Ikan Bilis of Kedah

Fresh Keropok Lekor

If there is absolutely one thing that you have to buy at the Tanjung Dawai market, it is keropok lekor - a well-loved traditional snack in Malaysia. It is made from fish, sago flour, salt, and sugar, then moulded into thick sausages and deep-fried in hot palm oil. A sweet and spicy chilli dipping sauce is a must to go with these crispy, chewy fish crackers. For many Malaysians, keropok lekor is their favourite snack for any time of the day. It is tasty, cheap, and can easily be found!

keropok lekor tanjung dawai
Buy fresh keropok lekor at Tanjung Dawai

In conclusion, Tanjung Dawai, Kedah offers a unique culinary experience that's not to be missed. The village's simple yet delicious dishes, coupled with the serene natural surroundings and relaxed pace of life, create an unforgettable dining experience that's sure to leave you feeling satisfied and refreshed. So whether you're a foodie looking for your next adventure or just looking to escape the city for a while, Tanjung Dawai is the perfect destination to indulge in some of the best food Malaysia has to offer. Don't wait - come and discover the magic of Tanjung Dawai for yourself today!


  1. Mmmm... yummy foods! Lame dah x pergi Tanjung Dawai. Thank you for sharing this. Good post.

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  6. Wah thanks for sharing this, will take note and the next time i go to kedah i nak try the ikan bakar

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