Top Things to Do at Pulau Tuba, Langkawi

There are 99 islands across Pulau Langkawi, and Pulau Tuba is one of them. As one of the few inhabited islands here, it features a beautiful mountainous landscape with very minimal land area. Pulau Tuba is also listed as a Marble Geoforest Park, which brings together marble and limestone formations.

Located approximately 5 kilometres or 20 minutes away from the Kuah Jetty, the remote and rural island of Pulau Tuba is a traditional fishing village. It is one of the most popular stops for Langkawi island-hopping tours, and is also home to a few homestays. Despite its proximity to the main Langkawi island, it still remains lesser known among both local and foreign holiday-goers.

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    popular attractions at pulau tuba langkawi
    Top Things to Do at Pulau Tuba, Langkawi

    Top Things to Do at Pulau Tuba, Langkawi

    Eat Mee Udang at Restoran Ombak Rindu

    Restoran Ombak Rindu is the most popular on Pulau Tuba, loved particularly for the Mee Udang. It is a noodle dish which a sweet, thick gravy accompanied by the freshest prawns of all sizes. There are also other items on the menu, such as Mee Ketam, Nasi Goreng Udang and Nasi Berlauk - a rich dish served alongside local curry dishes.

    Restoran Ombak Rindu pulau tuba
    Mee Udang is a must-try at Pulau Tuba's Restoran Ombak Rindu

    Experience Malay Culture at Kampung Selat Bagan Nyior

    Kampung Selat Bagan Nyior is one of the many laidback Malay villages in Pulau Tuba. The villagers live an easy-going and modest life and they mostly work as fishermen. You will notice many facilities that have been built, such as primary and secondary schools, clinics as well as clean water supply. There are also mosques and other religious amenities, making it exceptionally convenient for Muslim visitors.

    Kampung Selat Bagan Nyior pulau tuba
    Experience Malay Culture at Kampung Selat Bagan Nyior, Pulau Tuba
    Kampung Selat Bagan Nyior pulau tuba
    Kampung Selat Bagan Nyior at Pulau Tuba is a hidden gem in Langkawi

    Cross the Narrow Jambatan Tuba Selat

    Traveling across this bridge is an attraction of its own due to how unusually narrow it is! If you are renting a van to tour the island, sit back and observe as your driver skilfully manoeuvre the vehicle past motorcyclists to get to the other end. This bridge also connects Tuba Island to the Dayang Buting Island across Selat Bagan Nyior.

    Jambatan Tuba Selat
    Jambatan Tuba Selat is a narrow bridge connecting Pulau Tuba to Pulau Dayang Buting in Langkawi.

    Test Your Photography Skills at Buffalo Garden

    The scenic Buffalo Garden is one of the most usual stops while touring this beautiful island. You will be able too meet the friendly owner who will bring you around the farm, where you get to meet and greet 20 beautiful buffalos. On top of being able to take photos of these gentle beings against the serene mountainous backdrop, you will also have the opportunity to feed them.

    buffalo farm pulau tuba
    Buffalo Garden is a buffalo farm found in Pulau Tuba

    Rent a Van for Pulau Tuba Island Tour

    You can rent a 12-seater van in Pulau Tuba for as low as RM70 which include a dedicated driver who doubles as a tour guide. It is the most comfortable and convenient way to get around, especially if you are travelling in a large group!

    Pulau Tuba van rental
    Plan your own Pulau Tuba tour by renting a van

    Rent a Scooter or Motorbike

    For those arriving solo or in a small group, you can rent scooters to get around the Tuba Island from as low as RM15 per day. These scooters can be rented and returned upon arrival and departure conveniently at the jetty. With a bike, you can easily ride through the villages while immersing yourself in the scenic views unlike any other.

    scooter rental pulau tuba
    You can rent a scooter or motorcycle to get around Pulau Tuba easily.

    See the Malaysian Fruit Bats at Gua Kelawar

    This bat cave is located along the Kilim river, and can be easily reached by boat. In order to get to the cave, you need to walk on a wooden footbridge from the dock, where you will have the opportunity to experience the beauty of the surrounding mangrove swamps. Within the wet and dark cave, you can find thousands of local Fruit Bats hanging from the ceiling.

    Gua Kelawar pulau tuba
    See the Malaysian Fruit Bats at Gua Kelawar

    Stay at Tuba Beach Resort

    If you wish to spend a night on this island, you can choose from several accommodations ranging from family holiday packages at homestays at very reasonable prices. However, if you are looking for more privacy and comfort, you can stay at the newly established Tuba Beach Resort. It is a 10-minute drive from the jetty, and is the only accommodation on the island providing resort facilities such as swimming pool and breakfast.

    Tuba Beach Resort langkawi
    Tuba Beach Resort is the most popular resort in Pulau Tuba, Langkawi

    Short Hike up Bukit Kecik

    Have spare time on your hands? Take a short hike up the Bukit Kecik hill to explore and learn about the geological formation of folding in rocks. This hill was formerly submerged in the sea many centuries ago. The features found on this ancient formation is definitely a sight not to be missed.

    Eat Local Street Food at Tanjung Pandan

    No trip is complete without a taste of the local fares. Make your way to the lively shores of Tanjung Pandan, where you will be greeted by an incredible line-up of food stalls helmed by friendly locals who are busy whipping up a fresh, new batch of snacks. Our favourite selection here are hot, crispy keropok lekor and 

    Tanjung Pandan Corner, Pulau Tuba
    Eat cheap local street food at Tanjung Pandan Corner, Pulau Tuba

    How to Get to Pulau Tuba, Langkawi

    To arrive at Pulau Tuba, you can hop onto a boat or a ferry, starting at RM5 to RM10 per person depending on the season. You can depart from Kuah at Langkawi either from Jeti Marble Langkawi, Jeti Pekan Rabu or Jeti Dato Syed Omar to arrive any of the jetty in Pulau Tuba.

    pulau tuba jetty
    There are several jetties at Pulau Tuba

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    1. Rupanya banyak juga tempat di Langkawi yang i tak tau Grace..biasa pergi tempat yang selalu je orang pergi, next time boleh plak singgah sini.. mee udang tu nampak menarik sangat...

    2. Thanks for sharing this Pulau Tuba, there are so many things to makan and explore, i like to try the mee udang.

    3. Nice! I have yet to travel to Pulau Tuba. Last I came over to Langkawi was like 25 years back! Wow! Dah lama sangat kan tu? Hehehehe. I guess I need to plan my trip to Langkawi la. Bila tengok all of your beautifully taken pictures, rasa teruja nak alami sendiri.

    4. Wahh! So long didn't go to Langkawi since last MCO if not mistaken... Can put this Pulau Toba in the list la.. something new to explore kan..

    5. i kalau ke sini for sure akan explore tenpat alam semulajadinya.. is a must.. and local food dia juga

    6. I didn't visit here when I was island-hopping Langkawi a few years back. Your sharing make me wanna go and visit

    7. Its been forever since I've visited Langkawi! Looking forward to put Pulau Tuba on my bucket list.

    8. Kita belum pernah sampai sini, 1st time baca dan suka kan keindahan kedamaian Pulau Tuba ni. Sure nanti kita akan tambah cuti spend time sini. Terliur tengok Mee Udang tu tau!

    9. Ruby pernah pergi masa zaman sekolah after SPM dulu tapi tak explore banyak macam Grace pergi ni. Tak sangka eh bleh jalan-jalan ke gua semua. I should come again lah. Best betul.


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