10 Best Things to Do in Limbang, Sarawak

Limbang is a small town nestled between the two halves of Brunei. It is a fascinating destination especially for adventure enthusiasts. Depending on the nature of your leisure needs, customised Limbang travel tours can be arranged with a local agent to help you plan your travel with ease. Check out our list of the best things to do during your visit to Limbang!

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unique things to do Limbang, Sarawak
10 Best Things to Do in Limbang, Sarawak

10 Best Things to Do in Limbang, Sarawak

Visit the Limbang Museum

The best way to get to know Limbang is to visit the Limbang Regional Museum. This wooden museum is located 200 metres away from the Limbang River. The original building was an old fort built in 1897 and was burnt down in 1989. It was then rebuilt on the exact site, keeping to the original architecture and design. Apart from having archaeological and ethnic artefacts, this museum displays the history and culture of the Limbang community in the form of bead works, bark cloth, salt making, bamboo bands and many more.

Address: Muzium Wilayah Limbang, 98700 Limbang, Sarawak
Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 9:00 am - 4:45 pm, Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Admission: Free

Muzium Wilayah Limbang
Visit the Limbang Museum during your trip to Sarawak!

Try the Exotic Tahai & Beritus Fish

Different parts of Limbang offer their own unique sets of attractions. The water village in Limbang is known as the producer of cheap and tasty smoked fish known as Tahai and Beritus. These smoked fish are seasoned with salt and are usually deep fried to be served with white rice. Other famous local fish include the Soon Hock fish or Ikan Batutu, as well as the Ikan Sema river fish from the Limbang River. Limbang also has plenty of mud crabs, which you can easily order from local seafood restaurants. Fishing and crab catching activities are available daily for group arrangements.

beritus sarawak
Try the exotic Tahai & Beritus fish in Limbang, Sarawak

Stroll Through the Esplanade

The waterfront Esplanade in the town of Limbang is a popular place for evening walks along the Limbang River. It is marked with a memorial of the Limbang Rebellion. Spend some time here after your dinner for a memorable and leisurely stroll with your loved ones!

Short Hike Up Bukit Mas

For a little adventure, discover the trails of Bukit Mas of Limbang. It has a long flight of stairs which starts from the lake garden of Tasik Bukit Mas leading to the summit of a jungle-clad limestone outcrop of approximately 210-metre tall. At the summit, you have the opportunity to get an excellent glimpse of nearby Brunei.

Gastronomy Journey at the Ba’kelalan Village

The remote highland village of Ba’kelalan in Limbang is famous for apples, organic vegetables and salt spring. If you happen to be dropping by Ba’kelalan, a salt factory visit at Buduk Bui is not to be missed. You can learn about the salt production process involving the boiling of the spring water.

During the trip to this village, you may get a taste of ethnic Lun Bawang food. A unique dessert that can be found here is called Ekor Kuyuk - which is made from Beras Jawa or Javanese Rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves extract.. This dish is not easily available as Beras Jawa is very expensive, costing as much as RM100 per bushel. If you would like to try, an order has to be placed a day earlier.

Ba’kelalan Village in Limbang, Sarawak
Go on a gastronomy journey at the Ba’kelalan Village in Limbang, Sarawak

Night Cruise at Limpaki Wetland

A great way for enjoying the nature in Limbang is through a canoe trip during the day. Alternatively, you can book a night cruise at the Limpaki Wetland, which is a mangrove site with a beautiful glistening river. This magical destination gives you the opportunity to experience the sighting of crocodiles, dugongs and Proboscis monkeys. At night, the same spots are lit up with dancing fireflies.

Limpaki Wetland, Limbang
Night cruise at Limpaki Wetland is a must when visiting Limbang!

Bird-watching at Paya Maga Highlands

For bird-watching enthusiasts, Paya Maga Highlands is a recommended location as you get to observe many different species of birds perched on the Macaranga tree branches. The highlight is of course Sarawak's famous hornbills such as the Helmeted Hornbills, Bushy-crested Hornbills and Wreathed Hornbills.

Paya Maga Highlands sarawak
Helmeted Hornbills at the Paya Maga Highlands in Limbang, Sarawak

Nature's Spa at Penawan Waterfalls

For a refreshing getaway, head over to the Penawan Waterfalls Eco Park in Limbang. It features a magnificent 10-tier waterfall while its Merarap Hot Springs offers a spa-like experience with 4 dipping pools with different temperature levels. 

Mud-dipping at Kampung Meritam

For a truly unique experience, don't forget to add the Meritam Volcanic Mud to your itinerary. You can discover several crater-like mounds with a bubbling surface which is caused by erupting gases. The locals can be seen enjoying their time soaking in the mud, while applying layers of mud as face and body masks. Research has found that the mud is free from bacteria and safe for humans. These mud mounds are of natural occurrences and not actually related to any volcanic activities.

Kampung Meritam at Limbang, Sarawak
Mud-dipping at Kampung Meritam is an attraction in Limbang, Sarawak

Buy Local Produce at Tamu Limbang

Tamu Limbang is open weekly on Thursdays and Fridays for villagers to sell locally grown produce. The fresh and cheap vegetables, fruits, local seafood and handicrafts have attracted many visitors from Brunei as well as locals from Limbang. You can also find a variety of street food, snacks and drinks every evening at Pasar Malam Limbang along the streets near Limbang Plaza. The nearby shophouses offers exciting entertainment such as snooker games, karaoke singing and massage centres.

Pasar malam Limbang
Head over to the Tamu Limbang wet market to get the freshest local produce

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  1. Best juga kat Limbang ni. Ada Mud dipping lagi. Agak2 boleh glowing ke muka kalau letak mud tu kat muka?. Cantiklah permandangan Limpaki Wetland tu.

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  3. Omg loving all the shots especially that rare Helmeted Hornbill! This is one of the area I really wish to visit someday in Sarawak. Lovely sharing!

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  6. Wah! All of the pictures looked welcoming and interesting. Seriously menarik. Tak sangka ada banyak betul lokasi menarik di Limbang ya. Will definitely plan to travel here especially with all of the amazingly beautiful scenery, who can resist kan? Hehehehe.


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