5 Must Try Food in Mukah, Sarawak

Being a foodie and traveling to a city with limited food choices can be a nightmare. But fear not, as Mukah, a small coastal town in Sarawak, Malaysia, offers a wide variety of delicacies that are not only popular in Sarawak but also across Borneo. To make your trip to Mukah a gastronomic delight, we have compiled a list of five must-try food in Mukah that you simply cannot miss.

Fun fact: In Mukah, the locals say “makan” as “keman” - which is in the Melanau language!

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most popular Food in Mukah, Sarawak
5 Must Try Food in Mukah, Sarawak

5 Must Try Food in Mukah, Sarawak

Nasi Lemak at Kantin Airport Mukah

Nasi lemak is undoubtedly the favourite breakfast among Malaysians. Completing your meal with a crunchy, loaded curry puff on a breezy morning while waiting for your flight is something you should not miss out on while you are in Mukah. The richness of the sweet and spicy sambal harmoniously complements the simple yet aromatic rice. Take your sweet time to devour the meal with a glass of teh tarik!

Address: Old Mukah Airport, Jalan Lapangan Terbang, 96400 Mukah, Sarawak.
Opening hours: 7am–11am

Nasi Lemak Kantin Airport Mukah
Simple yet delicious Nasi Lemak at Kantin Airport Mukah

Nasi Kerabu at Kafe Kak Pah

The owner of Kafe Kak Pah is Kak Pah herself, who comes from Penang. She maintains the authenticity of her dishes, without altering the taste to the Sarawakian palate. The signature Nasi Kerabu here features beautiful blue-coloured rice, a generous portion of crunchy fish chips, salted egg, ulam or raw salad, grated coconut paste, and succulent ayam percik. Most of the cafés in Sarawak offer Nasi Kerabu without budu, but Kafe Kak Pah provides three types of sauces including anchovy sauce, chilli sauce, and the main star of the dish – budu!

Address: Jalan Setia 2, Bandar Baru Mukah, 96400 Mukah, Sarawak.
Opening hours: 8am–6pm

Kafe Kak Pah mukah
Craving for food from Peninsular Malaysia? Try the Nasi Kerabu at Kafe Kak Pah, Mukah

Nasi Ayam Penyet at Gadoung View 

Are you looking for a relaxing diner with delicious food for your family? At Gadoung View, you can treat yourself to the best Nasi Ayam Penyet in town. A plus point for this eatery – the place is easy to recognise. The name - Gadoung - is a Sarawakian word which means “green” and the entire restaurant is painted in this colour! Even the plates used to serve Nasi Ayam Penyet are green. The overall offering of food is exciting – you get a balanced amount of rice, chicken and ulam-ulaman. The highlight of this meal is the sambal, which is perfectly sweet and spicy.

Address: Jalan Tellian Laut No.56 A Kampung Tellian Laut, 96400 Mukah, Sarawak.
Contact number: +6016-864 3378
Opening hours: 10am–10pm

Gadoung View mukah
Nasi Ayam Penyet at Gadoung View

Set Talam at Hannah’s Kitchen 

If you wish to indulge in western food with your friends or family, you should head over to Hannah’s Kitchen for their Set Talam Ayam Tarik. The portion is unbelievably huge and comes with a generous portion of fried chicken drizzled with cheese on top. Additionally, there are a whole lot of fries with mayonnaise and chilli sauce, as well as coleslaw. It is a satisfying and easy dinner to grab while catching up with your friends. If one talam is not enough, you are recommended to get another talam to go!

Address: 16, Jalan Petanak, Kampung Kuala Lama, 96400 Mukah, Sarawak.
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 5.30pm–10.00pm
Contact number: +6011-3171 0464

Set Talam Ayam Tarik Hannah’s Kitchen
The extra filling Set Talam at Hannah’s Kitchen is perfect for sharing! | Source: Hannah’s Kitchen

Umai Salad at JS Seafood 

Umai is one of Mukah’s famous local dishes. It is a dish of raw fish that has been marinated with chilli, lime juice, and onion. Once you tasted it, it can be very addictive. The acidity and the spiciness of the chillies from this dish are rich and incredibly irresistible when simply eaten with a bowl of warm, white rice. However, it is advisable to try it on its own to get a full experience and to appreciate the taste thoroughly!

Address: JS Seafood Restaurant, Bandar Baru Mukah, 96400 Mukah, Sarawak. 
Opening hours: 10.00am–9.30pm
Contact number: +6019-826 1268

JS Seafood mukah
Try the exotic Umai Salad at JS Seafood when in Mukah!

Now that you already know the hidden gems in Mukah, plan your trip to this beautiful town as soon as possible! Let’s go keman!

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  1. Waaa menu-menu yang ada di semenanjung pun ada di sana ekkk.. tak susahlah nak cari makan kalau ke sana...

  2. Thanks for this that I learnt more about Mukah, saved it for my next foodie hunt at Sarawak. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing

  3. Oh wow... these food look yummy! I always wish to travel to Mukah. But still haven't been there yet. Most people said it's a good place for seafood and authentic food. Right?

  4. You are making me missing my hometown, Sibu. I will be going back this June and will make sure to visit all these eateries.

  5. set talam tu very tempting.. i suka sangat semua makanan kat sini

  6. all the food looks good especially umai.. my wish list to try..hope can visit sarawak soon

  7. You must try the famous Mee Jawa. It's delicious. Long time no go Sarawak

  8. Wow thanks for sharing this food list, i m so tempted to try some of them.

  9. All the food looks tempting but the ones which captivated me were the Set Talam and the Umai salad. They look kinda exotic.


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