Best Things to do in Vientiane, Laos

Picture this: a city bursting with charm and tranquillity. Vientiane, the beloved capital of Laos, boasts fresh air and a serene atmosphere that will soothe your soul. Take a leisurely stroll along the riverfront promenade and treat yourself to delicious street snacks that will tantalise your taste buds. And if you're a fan of history and culture, you're in luck - Vientiane is home to intriguing old structures and stunning Buddhist temples that will leave you in awe.

But that's not all - the central region of Laos is a treasure trove of religious monuments and diverse cultures. It's where you'll find the national symbol of sovereignty and the iconic representation of Buddhism in Laos. The rugged limestone mountains with their underground rivers and caves will take your breath away, offering the perfect backdrop for trekking and wildlife spotting.

And let's not forget about the stunning Mekong river valley, with its flat, fertile alluvial plains that stretch as far as the eye can see. The stretch of the Mekong river between Vientiane and Bolikhamxay is particularly special, offering excellent sunset views and plenty of relaxing spots for picnicking and dining. So what are you waiting for? Come explore the enchanting capital of Vientiane and the natural wonders that surround it!

Xieng Khuan Buddha Park

Xieng Khua was built in 1958 and is located approximately 25 kilometres outside of Vientiane. It contains over 200 holy monuments in both Hindu and Buddhist sculpture that are strewn across the beautiful grounds. The most prominent statue here is a 40-meter-long, gigantic reclining Buddha statue. Images of gods, devils, people, animals, and the three layers of hell, earth, and heaven are all featured.

Xieng Khuan Buddha Park
Xieng Khuan Buddha Park in Vientiane, Laos

Vientiane Night Market

The Vientiane Night Market is held along the Mekong Riverfront, with rows of red-roofed shops offering handicrafts, clothing, and gadgets. At twilight, vendors begin to set up their stalls; the market is busiest around 8 p.m., so arrive early to avoid a large crowd. The Vientiane Night Market alone is worth a visit in the evening, as are the numerous street food shops providing local Lao specialties.

Vientiane Night Market
Vientiane Night Market is a must-see attraction in Vientiane, Laos

Patuxay Victory Gate

The Patuxay Victory Monument is one of Vientiane's most well-known structures. It was inspired by the Arc de Triomphe, but is engraved with Hindu god symbols and includes an additional five towers that mimic traditional Laotian buildings, making this an East meets West attraction. The monument is part of the larger Patuxai Park, which is a lovely area to go for a peaceful walk at sunset. Views of Vientiane can also be enjoyed from the top of the Patuxai Victory Monument, which can be reached via a series of steps or an elevator.

Patuxay Victory monument
Patuxay Victory Gate in Vientiane, Laos

Pha That Luang Stupa

Pha That Luang, or the Great Stupa in Lao, located in the heart of Vientiane, is one of Laos' most important monuments. The stupa is divided into multiple terraces, each reflecting a different step of Buddhist enlightenment. The material world is represented by the lowest level, while emptiness is represented by the highest level. Pha That Luang was built over the remnants of an ancient Khmer temple in the 16th century. Pha That Luang was destroyed by a Siamese invasion in 1828, then rebuilt by the French in 1931.

Pha That Luang Stupa
Pha That Luang Stupa in Vientiane, Laos

Tad Xay Waterfall, Bolikhamxay

Tad Xay is a magnificent waterfall which cascades over seven large steps, making it the most spectacular sight in the Phou Khao Kuay National Park. It is especially appealing during the rainy season and is easily accessible through a beautiful boat ride and walking excursion from Ban Had Kai hamlet, close to Tad Leuk.

Tad Xay Waterfall Bolikhamxay
Tad Xay Waterfall in Bolikhamxay near Vientiane, Laos

Konglor Cave, Khammouane

Konglor Cave is a 7-kilometer-long cavern formed by the Nam Hin Boun River. Going by boat into the cave is an exciting experience as you get geared up with headlights as you enter the darkness. The cave has stunning rock formations and various lakes. To get to this cave, board a long-tail boat at Konglor Village and cruise along the karst-lined Nam Hinboun River. You'll travel by riverfront vegetable gardens before coming to a halt at the foot of a mountain. The river enters a dark abyss here, which expands into a stadium-like cavern with a 100-metre roof. The 30-metre-wide canal then runs 7.5 kilometres through sandy beaches and rock formations named for their shapes: "Buddha", "frog", "owl", "soft-shell turtle", and "fish trap".

Konglor Cave laos
Konglor Cave in Khammouane near Vientiane, Laos

Ho Tay Pidok Library, Savannakhet

The Hor Tay Pidok Library building is home to 4,000 palm-leaf manuscripts, including 361 Buddhist texts written in Pali, Burmese, Khmer, and Ancient Lao. Hotay Pitak was built as part of the Nonglamchanh Temple in the late 18th century. If you happen to visit the nearby Monkey Forest, you can easily take a 3-kilometer trail to get to this library!

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  1. Wahh semua tempat menarik untuk dilawati. I nak ke library tu next time ke Ho Tay Pidok Library (Ancient Buddhist Scripts Library). Perpustakaan diperbuat dari kayu dan masih kukuh sampai hari ni.

  2. Bestnya dapat travel ke negara orang. I suka baca pengalaman orang yang dah pergi dalam masa yang sama kita dapat pelajari budaya sesuatu tempat

  3. I want to go and enjoy the night market at Vientine, among any other places there.

  4. I never been to laos! Seems like a very interesting country to visit! Would love to go there someday!

  5. Been to Laos many years ago for work dont have the chance to go around, will try to visit these places next time

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  7. Ohh yes yes , totally love this list & it recalled my good time at Vientiane, thanks for this. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing

  8. Cantiknya Vientiane! Nak pergi juga la, gonna put all these into my list bah!


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