Best Things to Do in Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang was the former royal capital of an ancient kingdom in northern Laos. Today, it remains as one of the most magnificent destinations in Southeast Asia, famous for its beautifully preserved Buddhist temples and spellbinding monasteries.

Wondering what you can do here besides visiting the historical sites? Read about the top attractions in Luang Prabang that you may find interesting!

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top attractions in Luang Prabang Laos
Best Things to Do in Luang Prabang, Laos

Best Things to Do in Luang Prabang, Laos

Mount Phousi

One major reason why you must visit the city is to climb up Mount Phousi - Luang Prabang’s highest hill which stands at a hundred metres above sea level. This popular must-visit hill only takes approximately 300 steps to arrive at the summit. The steps are designed to make the climb easy, even for those who are not in excellent shape!

You'll find another set of stairs leading to various temples which gives you the opportunity to admire the beautiful religious sites comprehensively. From the peak, you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the city and its many temples, as well as the mesmerising sight of distant mountains.

Address: The starting point is located opposite the Royal Palace Museum on Sisavangvong Road.
Entrance fee: 20,000 kip - to be paid on your way up.
Opening hours: 6am–7pm

Mount Phousi Luang Prabang
Mount Phousi, Luang Prabang

Wat Tham Phousi 

Halfway through Phousi Hill, you will arrive at Wat Tham Phousi. You will immediately notice a bright golden statue of Buddha inside a grotto and another of a reclining Buddha.

If you have the time to hang around, this is an ideal place for you to catch the sunset and sunrise. Be prepared to be fascinated by the sweeping view of Luang Prabang when you’re at the top!

Wat Tham Phousi Luang Prabang
Wat Tham Phousi, Luang Prabang

Wat Xieng Thong

This Buddhist temple is located on the northern extremity of Luang Prabang. Today, it is still known and remains as a significant monument that represents religion, traditional art, and the royalty. The architectural style is influenced by the ancient Lao Kingdom of Lan Xang as the temple was erected centuries ago in 1560.

Wat Xieng Thong is well-known for its vast ordination hall that has been ornamented with beautiful mosaics, where a tree of life painting was feaetured in the centre. It is advisable to wear appropriate attire (a long dress or skirt for women) to be respectful of this place of worship of great historic importance.

Address: Khem Khong, Luang Prabang, Laos.
Entrance fee: 20,000 kip
Opening hours: 8am – 5pm

Wat Xiengthong Luang Prabang
Wat Xieng Thong at Luang Prabang

Royal Palace Museum

Visit the Royale Palace Museum to discover the history of this remarkable town that is rich in architectural and artistic heritage. You will get a chance to visit galleries with murals depicting how life has evolved over time in Laos.

At the same time, you can also see with your own eyes the eye-opening displays of antiques and interesting age-old relics.

Address: 27 Ounheun Rd, Luang Prabang, Laos.
Entrance fee: 30,000 kip
Opening hours: 8am – 11am, 1:30pm – 3:30pm (Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday), 8am – 11 am (Friday). Closed on Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday. 
Contact number: +856 71 212 122

Royal Palace Museum Luang Prabang
Royal Palace Museum, Luang Prabang

Kuang Si Waterfall

When planning your itinerary, you simply cannot skip this magnificent three-tiered waterfall. To get this must-see natural wonder of Laos, you need to travel through the countryside or follow a tour, followed by a short hike through the jungle.

The shallow pools of water glistening across the steep hillside are famed for their bright turquoise colour. Get your camera ready as this destination is unapologetically unique and Instagram-worthy!

Address: Ban Long, 29 kilometers south of Luang Prabang.
Entrance fee: 20,000 kip. 
Opening hours: 8am – 5pm

Kuang Si Falls Luang Prabang
Kuang Si Waterfall, Luang Prabang

Green Jungle Park 

If you are an adventurous person, make your way to the Green Jungle Park to experience a variety of environmental-friendly outdoor activities all in one spot. You will get a chance to try the 900-metre zipline, go on an exciting rope course across 14 different bridges and obstacles, and trekking across plantations and forests.

If you are planning to stay the night, there are several options for accommodation from luxury bungalows to camping tents. 

Address: Hoi Khua Waterfall, Pak Long, Laos.
Contact number: +856 71 253 899
Opening hours: 9am – 5pm daily

Green Jungle Park Luang Prabang
Green Jungle Park, Luang Prabang

Boun Awk Phansa Festival

If you happen to be in Laos sometime in October, do not miss out on the popular cultural festival called Boun Awk Phansa - which means a magical festival of lights.

This annual event is celebrated nationwide to commemorate the end of the Buddhist Lent Day. During this time, you will not only get witness the magical beauty of hundreds of candles being lit up, but also get to mingle with the locals as they perform traditional rituals and engage in lively festivities.

Boun Awk Phansa luang prabang
Boun Awk Phansa Festival, Luang Prabang

Boun Pi Mai (Lao New Year)

Locals celebrate the Pi Mai Festival to ask for forgiveness and to receive good wishes. It is held for two days annually around the mid of April, when the weather is hot and dry.

If you happen to be in Laos during this time of the year, be sure to take part in this interesting festival! People from every walk of life will come together for the parades, as they spend their time singing and dancing away. Some will even splash water or throw flour at each other during the celebration.

Pi Mai festival laos
Pi Mai Festival or the Lao New Year celebrated in Luang Prabang

With strikingly beautiful architecture, significant religious sites, mesmerising natural wonders, and splendid landscapes, there's no doubt that Luang Prabang is worth visiting. Get your appetite for adventures and good food ready to help you prepare for this trip!

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