8 Must-try Traditional Food in Myanmar

Myanmar is emerging as a dazzling jewel on the Southeast Asian travel map. With each passing day, it entices a steady stream of adventure-seekers not just with culture and art, but with its irresistible invitation to a culinary voyage.

Immerse yourself in the unique gastronomic experience conjured by its warm-hearted inhabitants who refreshingly pair age-old traditions with culinary magic. Remember, the allure of Myanmar doesn't stop at its breathtaking landscapes and cultural celebrations. It extends to the very heart of its people's lifestyles—their vibrant kitchens, brimming with recipes handed down generations.

This means, when you savour a dish in Myanmar, you're not just tasting a meal; you're embarking on a delicious journey back in time to an era as ancient as Myanmar’s first dawn. In this article, let's explore the must-try traditional food in Myanmar during your trip!

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Traditional Food in Myanmar
8 Must-try Traditional Food in Myanmar

8 Must-try Traditional Food in Myanmar

Mohinga: Rice Noodles & Fish Soup

Waking up in a bustling city of Burma, the only meal you should have for breakfast is Mohinga! This dish is made from round rice noodles served in a herbal-based broth. Topped with fried bean fritters, boiled eggs, and onion, it also makes a very comforting meal to kick off your day.

You can also add fish sauce, dry chilli powder, lime juice, or beans to suit your preference. Although this is commonly known as a breakfast dish, the locals also have it as a soupy snack throughout the day.

Mohinga myanmar
Mohinga is a type of rice noodle & fish soup in Myanmar

Nga Htamin Chin: Shan-style Rice

Also known as Nga Htamin – this regional specialty is a traditional food of the Shan ethnic group, hence the name. This unique dish is actually fermented rice kneaded into round balls after being combined with tomato, potato, and fish.

As for the toppings, you can find anything from fried onion and garlic to tangy fresh tamarind sauce.

Shan-style Rice myanmar
Nga Htamin Chin or the Shan-style Rice in Myanmar

Nan Gyi Thote: Thick Rice Noodle Salad

When travelling to Myanmar, one thing that you must try is the Burmese noodle salad known as Nan Gyi Thote. This is also one of Myanmar's most popular breakfast dishes.

The thick round noodles are served with chicken curry and garnished with boiled egg, lime, onions, coriander, and crispy fritters. The heavenly combination of the flavourful sweet and sour curry with the saltiness of the noodles is definitely not something you should miss out on.

myanmar Rice Noodle Salad
Thick Rice Noodle Salad or Nan Gyi Thote is a famous breakfast dish in Myanmar

Lahpet Thoke: Tea Leaf Salad

The Burmese enjoy eating Tea Leaf Salad as a light snack, as an appetiser, or as a meal with a plate of rice. The dish consists of slightly bitter leaves mixed with shredded cabbage, tomatoes, spicy pepper, garlic, nuts, and peas.

The texture is interesting as you will get a bit of the crunch from the nuts and peas, crispy cabbage and leaves, and soft chunks of tomatoes. You should give it a taste so you will understand the pleasure of snacking on this salad!

Tea Leaf Salad myanmar
The popular Burmese Tea Leaf Salad or Lahpet Thoke

A Kyaw Sone: Fritters

A Kyaw Sone are assorted fritters sold as street food in Myanmar. They are generally savoury and come in many variations such as potatoes, tofu, onions, pakora, shrimps, bananas, and peas - served with chilli sauce as a delicious dipping.

The locals usually enjoy these with rice but many also have them as snacks. Every type of fried food is undoubtedly addictive, and A Kyaw Sone is no exception!

myanmar fried fritters
A Kyaw Sone is the incredible range of golden, crispy fritters sold on the streets of Myanmar

Burmese Curry

Burmese curry is a collective term used to describe the variety of dishes in the Burmese cuisine that consist of proteins or vegetables stewed in a fragrant curry base. The staple food of Myanmar is rice with an equal portion of dishes such as fish, chicken or pork curry.

Despite the proximity and influences of neighbouring India, the versions of curry that you will discover in Myanmar are generally milder and are prepared with lesser ingredients compared to their Indian counterpart.

myanmar Curry
There are many types of Burmese curries, thanks to its proximity to India.

Shan Khao Swé: Shan-style Noodles

The regional Shan-style Noodles might just the simplest yet most comforting dish you will ever come across! Thin, flat rice noodles are served in a transparent, spicy broth with perfectly seasoned chicken or pork in tomatoes.

It comes with pickled mustard and fresh coriander to further elevate the taste. This simple and delicious meal originated from the state of Shan which borders China, Thailand and Laos.

Shan Khao Swé
Shan-style Noodles or Shan Khao Swé is a must-try regional specialty dish of Myanmar.

Bein Mont: Pancakes

These beautiful Myanmar-style pancakes can easily be spotted and you wander on the country's busy streets. It is made of rice flour, palm sugar, coconut chips, peanuts, and occasionally topped with poppy seeds. Isn’t it fulfilling to discover an ancient city while munching on this chewy, fluffy, and nutty traditional snack? Be sure to buy some if you spot them on the street!

burmese pancakes
The beautiful Burmese pancakes or Bein Mont which are filling and absolutely gratifying.

As you can see, most of the amazing local food in Myanmar can be enjoyed as a main dish and simply as a snack. These are absolutely simple and comforting meals that will make your tummy happy. We hope you can give them a try when you are travelling to Myanmar in the future!

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