EQ KL Ramadan Buffet Price & Menu: Citarasa Nipah 2024

Step into the world of Ramadan at EQ Kuala Lumpur, where the rich legacy of Malay cooking embraces bold, inventive culinary explorations. Sink your teeth into the extravagant Iftar spread at Nipah, and let the lively EQ Bazaar whisk you away to a realm where fast-breaking ceremonies are reimagined.

With every dish that's served, EQ Kuala Lumpur invites you to a banquet of senses, where every flavour tells a story steeped in heritage yet whispers of innovation. It's not just a meal; it's an invitation to traverse the bridges between the old and the new, between the familiar comfort of traditional recipes and the exhilarating allure of gastronomic creativity.

Let's embark on a journey through EQ's imaginative landscape, where cherished traditions blend seamlessly with modern culinary twists, transforming every Iftar into an unforgettable affair.

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EQ KL Ramadan Buffet Price & Menu: Citarasa Nipah 2024

Citarasa Nipah Ramadan Buffet Malaysia 2024

EQ Kuala Lumpur, a name synonymous with luxury and unparalleled hospitality, introduces a revitalising twist to the Ramadan rituals. In the heart of Malaysia's bustling capital, EQ redefines the essence of Iftar with its distinctive offerings: Citarasa Nipah.

Located at the ground floor of EQ's award-winning edifice, Nipah, the Citarasa Nipah is a tribute to the rich tapestry of Malay culinary heritage. Helmed by Chef Zaini, with decades of experience, the buffet is an exquisite blend of traditional flavours, designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia and warmth. 

Ramadan Buffet EQ hotel
Citarasa Nipah Ramadan Buffet at Nipah, EQ KL

Iftar Buffet Menu

Roll up your sleeves and prepare for a culinary jaunt that begins with an enticing array of salads that speak the language of the land. Feel the zesty caress of fiddlehead ferns entwined with the crisp, unmistakable freshness of ulam-ulaman - local herbs that seem to whisper tales of the rainforest.

Diving deeper into this garden feast, robust dips await your discovery. Enter sambal belacan and tamarind water, a duo daring enough to add a spark of excitement to your greens. This salad journey is more than just an appetiser; it's an invitation to explore the vibrant bounty Malaysia has to offer, all while gathered around the communal joy of breaking fast.

As we segue to the heart of the feast, the unmistakable presence of Kambing Golek commands your attention. A whole roast lamb, seasoned and cooked to perfection, becomes a centrepiece that symbolises celebration.

Nestled next to this masterpiece is the aromatic beriani rice—a staple that promises to transport your senses to the bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur. As if the indulgence wasn't enough, the menu boasts Malay classics that are culinary gems in their own right: the fiery adventure of “daging dendeng berlada,” the trilogy of flavours in “siakap tiga rasa”, and the comforting embrace of “bubur lambuk.” These dishes are stories, each bite a paragraph of Malaysia’s rich heritage.

EQ KL Ramadan Buffet
Aromatic beriani rice served at the Citarasa Nipah Ramadan Buffet at Nipah, EQ KL
EQ hotel Buffet
You can also find the traditional Bubur Lambuk at the Citarasa Nipah Ramadan Buffet at EQ KL
EQ KL Ramadan Buffet
End your meal with an assortment of beautiful and colourful kuih-muih

And then, there's the inaugural Nipah 'Shell Out', a sea-faring feast of prawns, mussels, and crabs, each bathed in flavours that bridge tradition and innovation. This bold addition to the menu is a celebration of communal dining, where every shared dish strengthens connections, making this not just a meal, but a truly memorable gathering.

EQ Bazaar Ramadan Buffet

Bridging the gap between traditional bazaars and modern comforts, EQ Bazaar is a novel concept that recreates the ambience of Ramadan markets. From rotisserie chicken (ayam golek) to an assortment of sweet treats and finger foods, the bazaar offers a plethora of options for every palate.

EQ KL Ramadan Buffet
The EQ KL Ramadan buffet menu is beautifully presented in a vibrant bazaar setting, enhancing your dining experience.

EQ Kuala Lumpur's Ramadan offerings are a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Citarasa Nipah is an immersive experience that celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of Malaysia. In embracing these offerings, you are not only indulging in exquisite flavours but are also weaving your own stories into the vibrant fabric of Ramadan in Kuala Lumpur.

EQ KL Ramadan Buffet
Citarasa Nipah Ramadan Buffet at Nipah, EQ KL

As the city's skyline glimmers with the promise of dusk, EQ stands ready to welcome you to an Iftar experience like no other - where every bite tells a story, and every moment shared becomes a cherished memory. This Ramadan, let EQ Kuala Lumpur be the backdrop to your tales of tradition, friendship, and culinary delight.

Ramadan in Kuala Lumpur is an electrifying fusion of age-old customs, warm fellowship, and the unparalleled delight of coming together for a meal. As the city dons its festive hues, EQ Kuala Lumpur emerges as a distinguished haven of gastronomic adventures, taking the Iftar meal to dazzling new heights.

Early Bird Prices & Reservations

Citarasa Nipah is all set to delight you from 12th of March to 9th of April, 2024. This wonderful feast is available daily, from 6.30PM to 10.30PM. It’s priced at RM238+ per adult and RM114+ for a child aged between six and 12. Best of all, there is an Early Bird offer from 12th to 17th of March, and from 7th to 9th of April, 2024. During these periods, adults can join in this exciting culinary journey at a reduced price of RM198+.

EQ Bazaar promises an unrivalled culinary escapade from 12th March to 9th April 2024, where epicureans are invited to savour the splendour of diverse food stalls on Level 1 – all under the comforting cloak of air-conditioning. As night falls and the bazaar comes alive from 6.30PM to 10.30PM daily, a special introductory delight awaits the early birds from 12th to 17th March, with a feast priced enticingly at RM148+ per adult and RM74+ for the young adventurers aged six to 12. As the days glide into 18th March till the 9th of April, the journey continues at RM168+ for adults and RM84+ for children, while groups of ten or more are treated to the exclusive rate of RM148+ per adult.

About EQ Kuala Lumpur

An icon of the Malaysian hospitality industry, EQ has redefined luxury and service standards. Situated in the thriving heart of Kuala Lumpur's Golden Triangle, it offers guests an unparalleled experience, from its exquisite dining options to its state-of-the-art facilities.

Certified for its sustainability practices, EQ not only pampers its guests but also cares for the environment. Visit EQ Kuala Lumpur for a rendezvous with elegance!

How to Get to EQ Hotel

To arrive at EQ Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, there are several convenient transportation options available. Situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's Golden Triangle, EQ Hotel is easily accessible by various means.

For those traveling by car, GPS coordinates and detailed directions are readily available to guide you directly to the hotel's doorstep. Additionally, the hotel offers valet parking services for guests' convenience. If you prefer public transportation, EQ Hotel is conveniently located near several LRT and monorail stations, allowing for seamless travel from different parts of the city:

LRT Stations
KLCC LRT Station
Bukit Nanas LRT Station
Dang Wangi LRT Station

Monorail Stations
Bukit Bintang Monorail Station
Raja Chulan Monorail Station

With its central location and accessibility, EQ Hotel ensures that guests can easily embark on their gastronomic journey.

Contact Information

Address: EQ, Equatorial Plaza, Jalan Sultan Ismail 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Contact number: +603-2789 7777
Email address: info@kul.equatorial.com


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