10 Balkan Dishes You Must Try in Southeast Europe

Delve into the heart of Southeast European cuisine, where the echo of history and the warmth of kitchens converge to create a feast that transcends mere sustenance.

Imagine sitting at a worn wooden table, where the plates never cease to amaze—each dish glistens, rich with the kind of greasy goodness that makes your heart surge with anticipation. Here, meat is not just an ingredient; it's a statement, boldly paired with seasonings that command your attention, balanced in such a way that each bite sends a wave of flavours cascading across your palate. The finishing touch? A dollop of sour cream, its cool tanginess cutting through the richness, with a piece of flatbread always within reach to mop up the delightful remnants.

As you journey through Southeast Europe, you'll discover that, despite the diversity of cultures, there exists a culinary common ground that binds the region. From the smoky allure of grilled meats to the sublime satisfaction of meats delicately encased in hollowed-out vegetables, each dish is a testament to the region's generous spirit and culinary prowess.

Ten iconic Balkan dishes await your discerning palate, each promising an unparalleled taste experience that defines the essence of Southeast European hospitality. Join us on a gustatory odyssey that will not only satiate your hunger but will also enrich your soul with every delectable morsel.

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Southeast europe dishes
10 Balkan Dishes You Must Try in Southeast Europe

10 Balkan Dishes You Must Try in Southeast Europe


As you roam through the bustling eateries of BiH and Serbia, you'll be lured by the irresistible aroma of their national treasure: skinless sausages sizzled to perfection. Crafted from finely minced beef, these morsels of joy are lovingly grilled to achieve a succulent tenderness that will dance in your mouth. Each bite reveals the meticulous artistry and culinary heritage stitched into every piece.

Just as inviting is the manner of its serving. Ćevapi are nestled onto a warm flatbread, a canvas adorned with a medley of accompaniments. Chopped onions offer a punch of freshness, while kajmak, a rich dairy delight, weaves in a layer of creamy indulgence. To top it all off, a heaping scoop of ajvar, the local's beloved relish, adds a tangy zest, marrying the flavours together. Together, they create a gastronomical harmony, capturing the Republic's spirit on a plate.

Dishes You Must Try in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ćevapi is a famous dish Southeast Europe


Ah, the humble Burek, or 'pita' as the locals fondly call it, stands as a testament to the simple pleasures found within the culinary landscapes of Southeast Europe. This delightful pastry, which you’re welcome to savour at any given hour, charms the palate with its gorgeously crisped exterior that audibly crunches at the gentlest touch. Venture deeper, and you're greeted by a heartwarming blend of spices and meat, so tender and rich, it almost melts in your mouth. The secret behind this marvel? A traditional rolling technique that spirals the dough, with egg serving as the perfect culinary glue, holding this masterpiece together.

Burek comes in a delightful variety of fillings designed to cater to every taste under the sun. From the creamy, luscious layers of cheese in the 'sirnica', to the comforting, hearty essence of potatoes in 'krompiruša', and not forgetting the 'zeljanica', a sublime fusion of spinach and cheese that promises to whisk your taste buds on a journey of indulgence.

Balkan Food: 10 Dishes You'll Want to Try
Börek is a baked filled pastry made of thin, flaky dough

Bosanski Lonac

Feast your senses upon Bosanski Lonac, a soulful storytelling stew that hails from the kitchens of Bosnia. This hearty concoction is a timeless ode to the humble hearth, traditionally brought to life by a medley of delicious ingredients. Picture succulent lamb or beef, simmered to tender perfection along with slices of robust cabbage and carrots. A vibrant dash of paprika and a generous splash of white wine lend their immense flavours to this concoction, turning it into a magnificent culinary performance.

This stew is often prepared in a sturdy clay pot, cooked over an open fire – a culinary ritual as old as time. While the warmth of the Bosanski Lonac makes it an ideal companion for chilly winter nights, travellers will find it a favourite throughout the year. After all, who could resist a chance to plunge their spoon into this delightful dish, feeling a part of Bosnia's rich heritage with every bite?

Most Delicious Balkan Dishes
Bosanski Lonac or the Bosnian pot is a type of Bosnian stew, prepared using chunked meat and vegetables


As you meander through the culinary labyrinth of Southeast Europe, a leaf-wrapped revelation known as Japrak beckons you to pause and indulge. You're met with a charmingly rustic roll, a snug parcel of grape leaves that conceal an enticing mixture of minced meat and rice, seasoned with a mélange of local herbs that whisper tales of the region's lush terrains.

Each leaf isn't merely a wrap; it's a verdant vessel imparting its subtle, tangy essence upon the savoury filling. Imagine the grape leaves lending their signature texture and flavour as you unfurl this edible present, revealing the steamy, spice-laden heart within. With its origin rooted deeply in the hearths of Southeast European homes, Japrak invites you to discover the genuine warmth of traditional cooking where every ingredient is a thread in the greater canvas of cultural and culinary storytelling.

Best Food to Eat in Croatia
Jabrak is a traditional dish in Southeast Europe


Imagine for a moment, feeling the lively bustle of Belgrade's markets, your senses tingling with anticipation, and there it is—an enticing, oversized Serbian burger, demanding your attention. Hand-formed patties of a meat lover's dream, a special blend of pork, beef, and lamb, delicately seasoned with salt, pepper, and a rich array of local spices. The inviting aroma of Pljeskavica wafting from the grill is a swirl of tantalising meaty notes and smoky undertones.

Now, picture this patty nestled between plush pillows of 'lepinja', a traditional Serbian flatbread, lovingly slathered with 'ajvar'— a piquant red pepper relish. The sensation of biting into a Pljeskavica burger is a thrill ride for the senses, a delightful bite of authentic Southeastern Europe right in your hands.

Culinary Delights in the Balkans
Pljeskavica in Southeast Europe

Potato Moussaka

Embark on a culinary quest to the sun-drenched shores of Greece with the inviting dish of potato moussaka, a testament to the innovation and heartwarming simplicity of Mediterranean cooking.

Layers of thinly sliced, tender potatoes, each slice soaking up the rich flavours of succulent meats—be it lamb, beef, or a combination of both—marinated with just the right mix of herbs and spices. These layers are interwoven with sumptuous cheeses, melting into creamy delight, and a harmonious blend of tomatoes, adding a tangy zest that brightens the entire dish. Baked to golden perfection, this oven-to-table casserole is not just a meal; it's a culinary journey that speaks directly to the soul.

best street food to eat in southeast europe
Potato Moussaka in Southeast Europe

Sogan Dolma

As you wander through the charming, cobbled streets of Mostar, a delightful aroma beckons you towards a culinary encounter with sogan dolma, the city's pride. Peeling back the layers of a plump, caramelised onion to unveil a hearty stuffing of vegetables and rice, each grain kissed with paprika and nestled in a sumptuous, slow-cooked tomato-chicken broth.

The dish is a masterful blend of humble ingredients and complex flavours, truly representing Mostar's generous spirit on a plate. Every bite transports you further into the bosom of Bosnian hospitality, with seasoned storytelling in each spoonful. Don't skip this!

Must Try Foods in Macedonia
Sogan Dolma in Southeast Europe


This is a humble bowl that cradles a dish as comforting as a grandmother's embrace. Sutlijaš is the Balkans' answer to the universal call for sweetness. As you find yourself seated at a rustic wooden table, perhaps in a cosy corner of Sarajevo, you are presented with this creamy concoction.

It's a culinary embrace of tenderly simmered rice that has absorbed the richness of milk, the warm kiss of cinnamon, and the coy sweetness of sugar, coalescing into a luxurious treat. This is no ordinary rice pudding; with each spoonful, you'd be forgiven for confounding its velvety texture with that of the famed crème brûlée.

Serbian Delicacies You Must Try
Sutlijaš is a rice dish prepared using milk, cinnamon, vanilla and raisins


Visualise weaving your way through the cobblestone alleys of old Istanbul, the air laden with a melody of exotic spices and the vibrant hum of life exploding around every corner. Your curiosity is piqued as the intoxicating aroma of sweet delicacies ambushes your senses from a nearby street-side bakery; a line of locals and in-the-know travellers winds out the door and you simply must investigate.

You find yourself standing before a glossy heap of Baklava - a star of Mediterranean desserts, its fame has travelled continents. Each piece is a carefully constructed labyrinth of gossamer-thin layers of filo, nestling a treasure trove of chopped nuts. These crisp, golden parcels are tantalisingly sweetened with a liberal drizzle of lovingly prepared syrup. Originating from the grand kitchens of the Ottoman Empire, Baklava promises a journey for the senses, one sublime bite at a time.

famous turkish dessert
Baklava is an Ottoman-style dessert made using filo pastry layers and filled with chopped nuts and honey


A relish that humbly boasts its origins in the hearts of local hearths, Ajvar is a versatile concoction, where the richness of roasted bell peppers melds flawlessly with the deep, earthy tones of eggplant, all enlivened by a kiss of garlic. Its character is unmistakably smoky, a testament to the open fires over which its ingredients are charred to perfection, fostering an intense flavour that dances on your palate with a boldness that’s utterly captivating.

Whether it's served alongside succulent grilled meats, or savoured in its purest form with a chunk of fresh, crusty bread, each spoonful offers you a journey to a world where simplicity and richness converge exquisitely.

traditional food in the Balkans
Ajvar is a condiment made from red bell peppers, eggplants, and oil.

From the smoky caress of Ajvar to the tender embrace of a perfectly baked Burek, each dish is a whisper of history and a bold declaration of regional pride. As you chart your course through cobblestone streets and over sun-dappled hills, may you be brave, may you be curious, and above all, may your palate be ready for the extraordinary.

These ten dishes are not just meals; they're a mosaic of flavours waiting to tell their tales. We urge youto step off the well-worn path, to dine as the locals do, and to savour each bite as if it were both your first and your last. Here's to the next great feast under a Balkan sky, where every meal is an adventure and every dish tells the story of a land remarkably undefinable.

Traveling to Southeast Europe? Remember to allocate more time to savour all of its mouth-watering culinary delights. As always, happy traveling!


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