Ways to Save Money While Traveling

I want to travel the world, but I don’t have enough money to do so…

We believe almost everyone can relate to this line. We're all aware that travelling is neither inexpensive nor simple. A trip might require months of research, planning, and saving - depending on the destination and length of stay. Saving money for travel is one thing but making sure you don't spend it all during your trip is another.

Ready to learn how to save money while travelling? Here are six easy tips you can follow!

    Ways to Save Money While Traveling
    Ways to Save Money While Traveling

    Ways to Save Money While Traveling

    Travel During Off Season

    Hotels and flights will be less expensive if you avoid the busiest months. You'll also encounter fewer people and shorter lines at the places you intend to visit. Most tourist destinations have "off-seasons", or periods of the year when there is much less visitation. Not only are fewer people vacationing, but you'll find that things are relatively cheaper - from souvenirs to lodging and even plane tickets! Be sure to keep up to date with your flight company to look for a cheaper price or more discount. Off-seasons months are different for each country and region. For example, you can save more money if you travel between March to June in Malaysia.

    Save Money on Travel
    You can save more money if you travel between March to June in Malaysia, which are off-season periods.

    Book Accommodation Online

    If you are a frequent traveller, you might be familiar with Agoda, Booking.com and other online travel agencies. These hassle-free platforms periodically offer amazing seasonal or member-only deals for resorts, hotels or fuss-free BnBs. Online prices are almost always cheaper compared to walk-in, and you will get a generous cashback in the form of credits upon check out. Look out for promo codes to be applied during check out for additional discounts!

    Avoid Renting a Car

    Instead of renting a car, opt for public transportation as much as you can as this option is significantly cheaper. You may be spending more time commuting when it comes to taking the bus or train, but that can easily be compensated with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the locals in the area.

    If you are travelling within a country and can only reach certain destinations by car, you can choose to use e-hailing vehicles as this will only cost you the fare. Not only can you easily book a ride through an app, you also won’t have stress over the costs for gas and car maintenance.

    Save Money on Travel
    Reduce your carbon footprint while savings money! There are many cheaper and more exciting alternatives to car, such as by renting a bicycle.

    Be a Window Shopper

    The simplest yet most effective way to save money is to stop buying things. While it is totally normal to think “we don’t have this back home, we should buy it while we’re here!” - try to limit yourself to window shopping rather than actual shopping. Not only will this save you from buying things you don't actually need, but you can cut back on your expenses too.

    Shop at Local Markets

    Before travelling, spend some time to do research on the popular local markets at your destination. You will be surprised to learn that some goods offered are cheaper compared to supermarkets or boutiques. On most occasions, if you are lucky, you can even find unique local items in the markets that the malls do not carry.

    save money while traveling
    Shopping at local markets or limiting yourself to just window shopping can be helpful if you're trying to cut back on unnecessary expenses.

    Bring Your Own Food 

    We can’t deny that one of our top priorities during travelling is to try the local fares. However, you can save up some money by stocking up on instant noodles and snacks for the trip. Please keep in mind to always avoid meals at the airport or on the road. Only spend your money on food that you really want to try - ideally those that are unique to the region you're visiting only.

    Save Money on Travel
    If saving money is your number one priority, consider bringing your own food such as instant noodles or snacks to your holiday destinations.

    As travellers, you tend to let your hair and guards down which might result in you overspending on unnecessary items and calling it a "self-reward". However, it is important to keep in mind that anything could happen during on your holiday, which might require some extra money. Budgeting alone is not enough - you must be wise at managing your expenses. You can always enjoy your trip without having to spend a large sum of money!

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    1. Thanks for the tips. Yes, I always book my accommodation online and if traveling with friends, I will use AirBnB. Public transports are quite reliable when in city but to travel to suburb and further, takut juga sesat hehe

    2. Tiga tips ni susah sebenarnya nak buat. Tambahan macam Ruby ni. Kalau window shopping, mesti membeli. Makan mesti kerap. Nak bawa makaman sendiri mcm tak ngam dengan lokasi yang banyak makanan seafood. Hahahaa. Nak berbasikal tp risau pula. Nak kena cuba tips ni. Nanti tak bleh travel sebab duit takde. Hahaha


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