How to Travel Alone as Asian

My skin color has not worked against me in terms of how I am perceived during my travels outside of Asia. Nevertheless, I would be in denial if I say that racism is nonexistent for those traveling beyond their own countries, especially for Asians.

For this reason, the fear of traveling alone is common among people of color. They are afraid of being looked down on or are isolated by travelers staying in the same vicinity. In order to make your trip as memorable and as delightful as possible as a solo Asian traveler, simply follow the following steps!

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    How to Travel Alone as Asian

    Know when to blend in

    Sure, making news friends is always exciting, but overdoing it might make you look suspicious or even desperate. Travelers generally prefer associating themselves with people similar to them (birds of a feather flock together!), so if you are really in need of a travel companion, consider someone originating from the same region as you are. This makes clicking easier, and being able to have more common interests makes communication a breeze.

    asian solo traveller
    How to Travel Alone as Asian

    Communicate in English

    I have met many Asian travellers who refused to speak English - with the excuse being they too embarrassed they cannot speak it well. If white people are willing to take the effort to pick up Mandarin - a language completely new and foreign to them, then what would your excuse as an ESL-learner be to not speak English when you are needed to? Thicken up that skin and put your knowledge of the language to use!

    It is a common misconception among us that every European speaks English. My visit to the Parisian suburb was a rather challenging one because the locals spoke only French. Most of the time, we resorted to using sign language for anything beyond basic phrases!

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    How to Travel Alone as Asian

    Avoid developing an inferiority complex

    No, Asians are never a worse breed.
    No, white people are not any more entitled than we are.
    Cast away any racial stereotype that has been made known to you and understand that everyone is created equal. As long as you are a tourist contributing financially to another country's GDP, then the sky is the limit for what you wish to do during your visit.

    Courtesy is crucial

    Respect and courtesy are two critical culture values among Asians, and the practice of these values should be carried on during your travels. What you would not do in your country, should not be carried out in someone else's country, too. This vaguely includes spitting, constant yelling, and causing unnecessary trouble to others.

    Standard safety measures apply

    It goes without saying that the practice of common safety measures is crucial, regardless of your skin colour. This includes being aware of your surroundings at all time and the securing of important travel documents. No one gets mugged because they are Asian, but only because they are too careless.

    Travel and have fun!

    Most of the fears that are holding you back from traveling alone exist only in your head. Discard those thoughts and do what you love doing the most without reservation - to travel!

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    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. i first travel alone to bangkok. but since its a big city thank god i survive hehe

    3. My very first Asian country to visit alone was Japan. Man - I was in for a surprise as English is widely spoken. Luckily I have a uni-mate who resides there to assist me when I boarded a wrong train to a wrong place. Hehe

      The best way to travel is to respect their cultures - we are the foreigners in their country.

    4. Bab bercakap English tu laa menjadikan Sis tak berani nak travel sengsorang sebab Sis tak fasih.. bab lelain boleh beranikan diri.. tapi tu laa.. dalam Malaysia boleh aje lee hehehehe

    5. Courtesy is the key. and our attitude actually.. Many travelers lacking of this that make their traveling experience turns bad.. another one blending, very true as well..

    6. travel alone for fenale travellers even more conscious steps to take on, agreeing that don't stop travel alone despite some concerns, just be more prepared & enjoy the journey. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

    7. nice tips, but its not applicable to me..since i hate being so lonely and hardly make new friend

    8. Thanks for the tip, actually i have traveled around asian countries alone such as singapore, indonesia, and thailand.

    9. The idea of travelling alone is great. I always have that thought of going to places alone, but nope my family won't allow me just because i'm a female. They worry about my safety.


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