Masjid Alwi Kangar at Perlis, Malaysia

A trip to Perlis will not be complete without a brief stopover at Masjid Alwi Kangar, which is a major landmark with significant history. Situated in the capital of Kangar, it was a former state mosque that was constructed during the British Colonial period.

    Masjid Alwi Kangar at Perlis, Malaysia

    History of Masjid Alwi

    Masjid Alwi Kangar is named after Raja Syed Alwi Ibni Almarhum Tuan Syed Saffi Jamalullail - the King of Perlis at the time of construction. Its erection began in 1931 after sufficient funds were collected since the early 1920s. The mosque was completed approximately three years later in 1933 with its grand opening being officiated by the King. In 1988, Masjid Alwi was declared a national heritage in Malaysia.

    Masjid Alwi Kangar, Perlis
    Masjid Alwi Kangar, Perlis: Mosque Built From Egg Whites

    Mosque Built From Egg Whites

    The remarkability and beauty of the mosque lie beyond its striking classic Mughal architecture that was perfected by craftsmen brought in from India, but also in its rather surprising construction materials: egg white and sand. Due to the unusual building materials required, the mosque took 3 years to complete as a lot of time was spent on sourcing them. Today, the mosque still stands strong and proud even without having any concrete support.

    masjid negeri perlis
    The building materials of Masjid Alwi Kangar include egg whites and sand mixtures

    A Symbol of Muslim Unity

    Masjid Alwi Kangar was successfully constructed thanks to the collective donation by Muslim businessmen, tithes (zakat), and allocation by the State Government. The local community also organised small-scale donation drives to assist with the funding efforts, and the construction finally began after over a decade when enough funds were gathered.

    Masjid Alwi Kangar, Perlis
    Masjid Alwi Kangar is a symbol of Muslim unity in Perlis

    The Oldest Mosque in Perlis

    Located in the heart of the capital, Masjid Alwi is a stone’s throw away from many other Perlis landmarks such as the Kangar Clock Tower, Muzium Kangar, Galeri Seni Piring Hitam, as well as the colonial State Secretariat Building. Thanks to this, going on a day tour to discover Perlis is a breeze and more time can be spent on admiring the preserved beauty of these buildings rather than on traveling.

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    Masjid Alwi Kangar is the oldest mosque in Perlis

    Contact Information

    Address: Persiaran Jubli Emas, 01000 Kangar, Perlis
    Contact number: 04-970 5335

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