Masjid Alwi Kangar at Perlis, Malaysia: History & Facts

No visit to the charming state of Perlis is complete without a stopover at the iconic Masjid Alwi Kangar. This magnificent mosque, situated in the heart of Kangar, is a true architectural gem that is steeped in history and tradition.

Constructed during the British Colonial period, Masjid Alwi is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the region, with its stunning blend of traditional and colonial design. As you step inside, you'll be transported to a world of peace and tranquility, with the soft glow of the sun filtering through the windows and casting a warm and welcoming light over the space.

The mosque's intricate carvings, soaring minarets, and stunning stained glass windows are a true feast for the senses, evoking a sense of wonder and awe at the beauty of Islamic architecture. And as you explore the space, you'll discover the rich history and cultural significance that Masjid Alwi holds for the people of Perlis.

So why not embark on an unforgettable journey to Perlis and experience the magic of this stunning landmark for yourself? Whether you're a history buff, an architecture enthusiast, or simply someone looking to experience the rich culture and heritage of Malaysia, Masjid Alwi is an absolute must-visit destination.

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  1. History of Masjid Alwi
  2. Mosque Built From Egg Whites
  3. A Symbol of Muslim Unity
  4. The Oldest Mosque in Perlis
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Masjid Alwi Kangar at Perlis, Malaysia: History & Facts

History of Masjid Alwi

Masjid Alwi Kangar is a true testament to the rich and vibrant history of Perlis, named after the revered Raja Syed Alwi Ibni Almarhum Tuan Syed Saffi Jamalullail - the King of Perlis at the time of its construction. This magnificent mosque was a true labor of love, with its erection beginning in 1931 after years of dedicated fundraising efforts.

Three years later, in 1933, Masjid Alwi was completed, and its grand opening was officiated by none other than the King himself. The mosque's stunning blend of traditional and colonial design, intricate carvings, and soaring minarets all served as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the region, captivating the hearts and minds of all who visited.

And in 1988, Masjid Alwi was rightfully recognized as a national heritage site in Malaysia, cementing its place in the hearts of the people of Perlis and the wider world.

Masjid Alwi Kangar, Perlis
Masjid Alwi Kangar, Perlis: Mosque Built From Egg Whites

Mosque Built From Egg Whites

The remarkability and beauty of the mosque lie beyond its striking classic Mughal architecture that was perfected by craftsmen brought in from India, but also in its rather surprising construction materials: egg white and sand. Due to the unusual building materials required, the mosque took 3 years to complete as a lot of time was spent on sourcing them. Today, the mosque still stands strong and proud even without having any concrete support.

masjid negeri perlis
The building materials of Masjid Alwi Kangar include egg whites and sand mixtures

A Symbol of Muslim Unity

The stunning Masjid Alwi Kangar stands as a testament to the power of community and collective effort. This magnificent mosque was brought to life thanks to the tireless dedication of Muslim businessmen, who generously donated to the cause, as well as the tithes (zakat) given by the faithful.

But it wasn't just the business community that made this dream a reality - the local community also played a vital role in the fundraising efforts, organizing small-scale donation drives to help gather the necessary funds. And after over a decade of dedicated fundraising, the construction of Masjid Alwi finally began, a true testament to the power of collective effort and the unwavering dedication of the people of Perlis.

Today, Masjid Alwi stands as a proud symbol of the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the region, a stunning architectural masterpiece that is beloved by locals and visitors alike.

Masjid Alwi Kangar, Perlis
Masjid Alwi Kangar is a symbol of Muslim unity in Perlis

The Oldest Mosque in Perlis

Just a stone's throw away from a wealth of other must-see landmarks, such as the iconic Kangar Clock Tower, pointing skywards as if to mark your journey through time. Then there's the intriguing Muzium Kangar, promising whispers of history and culture waiting to be uncovered, and the stunning Galeri Seni Piring Hitam, a sanctuary for art lovers with a penchant for the unique and the mesmerising.

But that's not all. Just steps away from these cultural jewels stands the colonial State Secretariat Building, a masterpiece of architectural brilliance that lures with its own tale of heritage and history. 
Here, you can easily while away the hours, ambling from one exquisite exhibit to another, each edifice a chapter from Perlis's rich cultural narrative, without the slightest fret over travel logistics.

As you tread these paths, each step takes you deeper into the soul of Perlis, offering a journey that's not just about the sights you see, but about connecting with the essence of this enchanting region. 

Best Things To Do In Perlis
Masjid Alwi Kangar is the oldest mosque in Perlis

Contact Information

Address: Persiaran Jubli Emas, 01000 Kangar, Perlis
Contact number: 04-970 5335

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