Singapore Sling Cocktail: A Taste of History in a Glass

Perhaps you've had the pleasure of slipping into an intoxicating voyage through time and place with each sip of a mesmerising cocktail named the Singapore Sling. This exuberant blend of gin, grenadine, cherry brandy, and the zestiness of lime will have your taste buds waltzing in sync with the lion city's thriving heartbeat.

But what really stirs within this enticing red-hued cocktail? Let's weave our way through its vibrant history, the original recipe, a riot of ingredients, the alcohol percentage, and a delightful non-alcoholic version. Finally, we map our way to the best place where you can witness this love potion first-hand.

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Singapore Sling Cocktail
Singapore Sling Cocktail: A Taste of History in a Glass

Singapore Sling Cocktail: A Taste of History in a Glass

History of the Singapore Sling

Imagine, if you will, stepping back in time to a bustling Singapore in 1915. The city's heart throbs with life as night descends, but you escape into the soothing colonial elegance of Raffles Hotel's Long Bar. Chanced upon behind the counter is bartender-hero, Ngiam Tong Boon. Watch as he deftly orchestrates a symphony of local flavours, tangled with the Western spirits to an exotic rhythm that results in no mere drink, but a magical elixir of the era – the Singapore Sling.

Ngiam's masterpiece was more than your average cocktail; it was a perfectly balanced melody of tropical allure in a glass, an embracing punch from the East married flawlessly with the sophistication of the West. Initially designed as a woman's drink, it subverted the norms and offered a quenching allure to all. The Singapore Sling's entrancing vibrant hue - a signature that sets it apart in any bartender's portfolio - remains shrouded in an appealing mystery.

It's a hushed secret, whispered among the clinks of the cocktail shakers and the hush of the sipping patrons, a tantalising gem in the vibrant saga of this globally acclaimed drink.

Singapore Sing Raffles Hotel
Singapore Sing at Raffles Hotel

Interesting Facts

Just as every well-travelled trail holds enchanting stories waiting to be unravelled, every cocktail has its own intriguing myths. Steeped in lore and bursting with flavours, the Singapore Sling is not just a cocktail; it's an incredible tale served up in a glass!
  • The original recipe was lost and recreated in the 1930s based on the memory of bartenders.
  • It's praised as the national drink of Singapore due to the unique blend of local flavours with Western spirits which has been widely admired - winning hearts across Singapore's pulsating landscapes.
  • The cherry blossom adorned glass in which it’s traditionally served was specially designed for the cocktail at the Raffles Hotel. It provides a sensory fest—a visual delight mirroring the intricate craftsmanship that goes into preparing the drink.

Original Recipe of Singapore Sling

Unveiling the original recipe of the Singapore Sling is like discovering an ancient treasure chest. Each ingredient is an essential nugget, contributing to the incredible alchemy that awakens the enigmatic soul of Singapore in every sip.

Ready to savour this captivating journey from your own kitchen? Let the Singapore Sling sweep you off to the heart of Singapore, one sip at a time!

  • 30ml Gin
  • 15ml Cherry Brandy
  • 7.5ml Cointreau
  • 7.5ml Dom Benedictine
  • 10ml Grenadine
  • 15ml Pineapple Juice
  • 15ml Fresh Lime Juice
  • A dash of Angostura Bitters
  • Garnish with a slice of pineapple and cherry

Singapore Sling Recipe
Discover the original recipe of Singapore Sling

Alcohol Percentage

Every variant of the Singapore sling varies in alcohol content. Typically, it’s around 22%, ideal for those seeking a gentle rather than a giddy-making tipple. The Sling's smooth alcohol content ensures every flavour has its moment in the spotlight, enchanting the palate rather than overwhelming it.

Singapore Sling Mocktail

To summon the magic of the non-alcoholic Singapore Sling, simply replace the gin with non-alcoholic Gin, the brandy with cherry syrup, and lose the Cointreau and Dom Benedictine. The result? A lip-smacking, alcohol-free Singapore Swing!

Best Places to Try Singapore Sling

No visit to Singapore is complete without trying this iconic and yummy cocktail.

The Singapore Sling has waltzed far and wide across the globe, but there's no stage quite like the one where it took its first bow - the iconic Raffles Hotel Long Bar. Considered the cocktail's birthplace, the Long Bar lures the wanderlust-infused soul with an irresistible blend of culinary satisfaction and historical charm. As captivating as a well-penned novel, the bar's colonial allure whispers tales of the golden era gone by, adding an extra dollop of remarkable flavour to your Singapore Sling experience. 

Adventure seekers looking to take their tasting spree a notch higher should step into the Lantern Rooftop Bar. Set in the Fullerton Bay Hotel, Lantern offers you a spectacular view of the dazzling Singapore skyline, making the Sling taste all the more marvellous.

Also worth visiting is Loof, Singapore's first standalone rooftop bar. Nestled amidst the city's sloping landscapes, Loof adds a hip, modern twist to the classic Singapore Sling, making it a must-try for contemporary cocktail enthusiasts. Alternatively, you can drop by Smoke and Mirrors for their exotic take on the Sling as you enjoy the views from the National Gallery's rooftop.

best places for Singapore Sling
Discover the best places to try Singapore Sling

The Singapore Sling is more than just a tropical cocktail. It's a sip of history, a tangy melody of East and West, a must-have experience when in Singapore. As we say in the Lion City, Yum Seng (Cheers)!

The magic of the Singapore Sling lies in its perfect blend, complex character, and the nostalgia it carries. Whether you enjoy this at the Raffles Hotel Long Bar, in another part of the globe, or whip up your own, remember to savour the exotic journey each sip promises.

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Abstract: This article explores the world-famous Singapore Sling cocktail's vibrant history, unique recipe, and recommended places to enjoy them. The post also delves into an alcohol-free 'mocktail' variant for those eager to experience the drink minus the alcohol buzz.


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