Top 4 Things to Buy at Emeishan, China

As you gracefully wind your way through the lush landscapes of the southwestern Sichuan Basin, Emeishan City reveals itself, perched like a gem just 190 kilometers from the buzzing metropolis of Chengdu.

With a history that spans over 1,400 years, this city isn't just a trove of scenic allures but also a bustling marketplace for the cultural connoisseur. While Mount Emei, a name that dances on the tongues of those in the know as one of the four sacred Buddhist mountains in China, beckons with spiritual whispers, the bounties at your fingertips in this historical town are equally irresistible. Here, among the whispers of ancient Ginkgo trees, you're invited to uncover the secrets of the land through its unique offerings.

Step off the cobbled main streets and delve into the local markets, where the air is redolent with the scent of rare, native wonders waiting to be claimed. Whether it is the delicate fragrance of exotic teas or the intricate craftsmanship of religious artefacts that tell of devotion carved over centuries, these keepsakes are more than mere objects; they're stories, they're memories.

You'll find the essence of Emeishan in every artefact, from the vibrant thangkas that paint a vivid picture of local lore to the soothing balms made from the rare flora that adorns the mountain slopes. For those with a palate for discovery—and perhaps a penchant for the culinary journey—local preserves and pickles present a delightful challenge. So, arm yourself with mementos, indulge in the flavours that sing of Sichuan's bounty, and you shall leave Emeishan not just with souvenirs, but with the spirit of the place woven indelibly into your journey's story.

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shopping for native products in emeishan
Things to Buy at Emeishan, China

Top 4 Things to Buy at Emeishan, China

Emeishan Tea

Emei mountain tea consists of many varieties that are cultivated at an elevation of up to 1,500 meters on the highlands. The plants thrive on the fertile local soils and are characterised by the lustrous, oily, straight and green leaves. They also have a refreshing fragrance and a distinct elegant taste. Today, Emeishan's mystic natural environment and time-honoured tea culture continue to enable the growth of extensive tea leaf varieties of exceptional quality.

emeishan tea sichuan
Green tea leaves from Mount Emei is a popular souvenir at Emeishan city

Traditional Chinese Herbs

Venturing into the verdant swathes that shroud the mighty Mount Emei, you're stepping into nature's very own healing sanctuary, rich with precious herbs that grace the annals of traditional Chinese medicine. Think about it—a sprawling garden concealing botanical jewels under its leafy canopy.

This region serves as the cradle for a vibrant medley of prime herbaceous plants like the Ganoderma lucidum, Anthriscus sylvestris, Gastrodia elata, Hemsleya, and Huidouba. Each plant, a bastion of bountiful health benefits rooted deep in centuries-old wisdom. As you trudge alongside the trails of Mount Emei, you're doing more than trekking a mountainside; you're treading the labyrinth of Chinese medical tradition, where every bend in the path holds the potential to unlock a new secret to holistic wellness.

emeishan herbs
You can shop for traditional Chinese herbs when visiting Emeishan City in Sichuan

Snow Konjac

Snow konjac is made from the extracts of Amorphophallus konjac plant and alpine show water from Mount Emei. It is popular for its unique taste and soft, chewy texture. Konjac grows naturally in China‘s Yunnan and can only be cultivated in warm subtropical climates. The jelly is a viscous substance with high medical properties, such as to reduce plasma cholesterol, enhance carbohydrate metabolism, and speed up bowel movements.

snow konjac at emeishan sichuan
Buy Snow Konjac at Emeishan, China

Bitter Bamboo Shoots

These wild shoots are rich in cellulose, vitamins and sugars. The tender shoots have a subtle aroma and are deliciously sweet with a slight bitter taste. They are said to have therapeutic effects while promoting digestion, providing relief from summer heat, as well as aiding in fat burning.

Bitter Bamboo Shoots at Emeishan sichuan
Bitter Bamboo Shoots at Emeishan, China

How to Get to Emeishan City

If you are arriving by train, do note that there are two railway stations in Emeishan, which are the Emeishan Railway Station and Emei Railway Station. The journey from Chengdu to Mount Emei takes approximately one and half hours. If you are opting for a long-distance bus ride, be prepared for a 3-hour journey from the Xinnanmen Bus Station or the Chengdu East Bus Station - both which are located in Chengdu.

When visiting Emeishan City, your experience should go beyond just trying local Sichuanese food and snacks. Get to know the local cultures and shop for native highland products to complete your magical trip here!

As our exploration of Emeishan's treasure trove draws to an enchanting conclusion, remember that each piece you've lovingly selected, from the aroma-steeped teas to the meticulously crafted artefacts, is not just a memento; it's a fragment of the city's story, a tangible whisper of the ancient and the spiritual. These keepsakes, each infused with the essence of Mount Emei's natural splendour and the profound depth of its cultural heritage, beckon you to weave a piece of this journey into the fabric of your daily life.

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