Visitors are drawn to a place because of its fascinating cultural heritage. This includes everything from architecture to the way locals dress and eat. At the island of Borneo, you can indulge in unique experiences, such as by visiting the local markets known as Tamu.

Tamu, pronounced "tah-moo," is a market where farmers and artisans assemble to sell their wares. In simpler words, Tamu is a place where the locals gather to purchase and sell commodities and food.

    Tamu Muhibbah Miri Sarawak
    Tamu Muhibbah at Miri, Sarawak

    Tamu Muhibbah at Miri, Sarawak

    Things to Do at Tamu Muhibbah

    You can find a variety of exotic vegetables and fruits, handicrafts, meat and local fares from the upriver regions. Popular items here are the famous fragrant Bario rice, Sarawak pepper, local honey, Bario salt, cencaluk (fermented tiny shrimps), and a wide range of regional produce. Save your time by getting all your Sarawakian goodies at Tamu Muhibbah where you can find everything in one spot!

    Tamu Muhibbah Miri Sarawak
    Discover a wide range of regional produce at Tamu Muhibbah

    Jungle Produce of Sarawak

    Markets are your best bet for the freshest produce. The same is true for this market. You can get fresh seafood, fruits, veggies, and even stumble upon weird findings such as living turtles. People from all walks of life and all parts of the Miri region come to Tamu Muhibbah to market their goods. With a vibrant array of items for sale, you will have plenty to discover.

    Tamu Muhibbah offers a variety of products from the jungles, including terung Iban (a type of sour, yellow and round eggplant), jungle ferns known as paku and midin, bamboo and palm shoots, upland rice such as the Bario rice and black glutinous rice - in different varieties and colours.

    What to Buy at Tamu Muhibbah

    Exotic meats such as bats, snakes, wild boars, ulat mulung can be found here. You will also see native wooden sculptures or carvings, as well as rattan products. There is a colourful variety of local fruit such as rambutans, mangoes, bananas, durians, mangosteens, jackfruits, papayas, pineapples, and langsat. If you are looking for products harvested in small farms, you can pick from long beans, kangkong (water spinach), chilli padi, and cucumbers of diverse shapes and colours.

    Tamu Muhibbah Miri Sarawak
    You can find fresh sea cucumber at Tamu Muhibbah
    Tamu Muhibbah Miri Sarawak

    Popular Dishes in Sarawak

    In a separate section, there are food stands where the locals usually gather for breakfast. Here, you can try Sarawakian specialties such as Kolok mee and Sarawak Laksa. Kolok mee is a Sarawak-style dish made using springy noodles mixed with savoury meat and topped with aromatic fried shallots tossed in an appetising sauce.

    Sarawak Laksa is a soupy noodle dish which catapulted to international fame after the late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain called it "the breakfast of the gods". The dish offers the perfect balance of spiciness, herbal fragrance, and tanginess - combined with the subtle creamy taste of coconut milk. Complete your  Sarawakian meal with a cold drink, such as milo peng or coffee peng (peng means ice in the Chinese Hokkien dialect).

    Tamu Muhibbah Miri Sarawak
    There is a wide variety of local food to choose from at Tamu Muhibbah
    Tamu Muhibbah Miri Sarawak
    Ikan bakar or grilled fish is a popular choice here
    Tamu Muhibbah Miri Sarawak
    Pulut panggang or grilled glutinous rice is a must-try local dish
    Tamu Muhibbah Miri Sarawak
    Food market at Tamu Muhibbah, Miri

    Shopping at Tamu Muhibbah

    Are you looking for clothes at the tamu? Amazingly, there is an impressive collection of women's clothes at Tamu Muhibbah such as baju kurung, skirts, blouses, shawls, scarves. Be prepared to be mesmerised by the unique patterns of apparels as you walk through the aisle! 

    How to Get to Tamu Muhibbah

    Tamu Muhibbah is located at Jalan Padang in the Miri city centre. This market is located next to the Miri Council Field and is situated across from Miri central bus station. It can be easily reached using Grab or by hiring a shuttle from your hotel.

    The most exciting part about experiencing Tamu Muhibbah is the opportunity to discover myriads of things under one roof - and at a cheaper price! It is definitely worth your time as you get to see for your ownself the daily life of the locals. Happy shopping and have fun!

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