Elevate Your Chinese New Year with Yee Sang at Nobu Kuala Lumpur

This Chinese New Year, delve into an unparalleled dining experience at Nobu Kuala Lumpur as you immerse yourself in the opulence and splendour of their two exclusive festive dishes. Combining long-standing traditions with a contemporary flair, these creations will elevate your celebrations to new heights!

Each of these show-stoppers defies the laws of standard festive cuisine, as they seamlessly blend time-honoured traditions with modern gastronomic techniques. These creations are the product of years of expertise, fine-tuned processes, and a commitment to consistently deliver unrivalled quality. Techniques passed down through generations meet cutting-edge culinary innovation, resulting in a gastronomic symphony that hits an audacious crescendo of flavours on your palate.

Are you ready to embark on this remarkable culinary journey at Nobu Kuala Lumpur? Discover the delectable fusion of tradition and creativity that awaits you.

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Yee Sang Nobu kl
Elevate Your Chinese New Year with Yee Sang at Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Elevate Your Chinese New Year with Yee Sang at Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Chinese New Year Menu

This year, treat yourself to the expertly engineered masterpiece and newest additions to the menu: Yee Sang Platter (RM250) and the unique Nobu-Style Duck 3-Way (RM160). Each plate is crafted with great care and attention, showcasing Nobu's skill in blending time-tested traditions with fresh ideas.

Nobu KL Yee Sang Platter

Get ready for a culinary adventure from January 26th to February 17th with the Yee Sang Platter. Perfect for a group of four, this gastronomic masterpiece offers a delightful mix of flavours and textures.

Savour the crispy crunch of fresh apples and the irresistible sweetness of juicy grapes. Then, explore a colourful medley of garden vegetables, leading to the ultimate treat – irresistibly thin slices of sashimi that melt like a dream in your mouth.

This Chinese New Year dish gets a playful twist at Nobu Kuala Lumpur. Each mouthful promises a tantalising dance of flavours, sure to enchant your taste buds.

Yee Sang Nobu KL
Nobu KL Yee Sang Platter
Yee Sang Nobu KL
Yee Sang at Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Nobu-style Duck 3-Way

Pack your appetite and sync your food explorer's calendar for 3rd to 17th February! Head over for an adventure to Nobu Kuala Lumpur and the feast of feasts - the distinguished Nobu Style Duck 3-Way!

Journey into this culinary craft that parades not one, not two, but three luxurious dishes. Brace yourself as the Foie Gras Croquette makes its grand entrance, gracefully adorned with Wasabi Aioli. The second act awaits - Duck Leg Confit Rillettes Tostada joins the stage in a whirlwind of flavours. Finally, make way for the grand finale - Aged Duck Breast coupled with a playful Kumquat Shiso Salsa.

nobu Chinese New Year Menu
Nobu-style Duck 3-Way, featuring Foie Gras Croquette with Wasabi Aioli, Duck Leg Confit Rillettes Tostada, and Aged Duck Breast with Kumquat Shiso Salsa.
Nobu-Style Duck 3-Way
Enjoy duck, prepared 3-way this year at Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Dragon Baby Promotion

Good news to all fellow food adventurers born in the Dragon Zodiac year: Nobu Kuala Lumpur has a special deal for you this Chinese New Year!

Introducing the Dragon Baby Promotion that is set to fire up your February, in true Nobu style! With just proof of your dragon year birth and a minimum spend of RM 300, here's what awaits you: a free January Cocktail of the Month and a 10% discount on the Yee Sang Platter.

Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Nobu Kuala Lumpur, a culinary landmark that towers majestically in the heart of the city, is a beacon of gastronomic allure. The establishment is renowned for taking cherished traditions and skilfully weaving them with contemporary flair to deliver a bouquet of delectable enchantment that appeals to every discerning palate.

Contact Information

Address: L4A-05, Level 4A, Shoppes at Four Seasons Place, 145, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Contact number: +60323800028
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11:45am-2:00pm (Lunch) & Monday to Sunday 6:00pm-10:30pm (Dinner)

Gear up and take the plunge into the vibrant Chinese New Year celebrations at Nobu Kuala Lumpur. It's here you'll find more than mere festivity— it’s a gourmet wonderland, where each dish savored unspools a magical culinary journey you never knew existed. As sweet, savory, crunchy, and smooth introduce themselves to your palate, you’ll understand why this dining experience is worth cherishing for ages.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to indulge in the harmonious delights of Nobu Kuala Lumpur's two exclusive Chinese New Year dishes.

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