Top Things to Do in Dubai: Desert Safari Tour & Ticket Price

As you alight from your journey into the dazzling Arabian metropolis that is Dubai, the glittering playground of the rich and famous sprawls before you, ready to share its secrets. But beyond the glistening skyscrapers, luxurious brands, and gleaming supercars, there's an enchanting world waiting patiently to be explored. Dare to step off the indulgent path and journey instead to the captivating heart of Dubai's Desert Safari—an untamed wonderland where tradition, adventure, and nature entwine, inviting you to a realm that few have treasured so deeply.

Feel the heat of the desert sun envelop you as you venture into the golden expanse, where an array of intoxicating experiences awaits. Ground yourself atop a camel, the ship of the desert, gracefully navigating the undulating dunes with the prowess of a seasoned traveller. Taste the thrill of dune bashing, adrenaline coursing through your veins as you race through the ever-shifting sands alongside fellow explorers. And as twilight descends, surrender to the charms of an Arabian night, where the finest Middle Eastern cuisines tantalise your taste buds and tales of ancient Bedouin culture simmer around a flickering campfire.

This is the Dubai that you seldom hear of, yet the one which whispers to the bold and the curious among you: a story of dreams made manifest, a story that deserves to be unravelled by those who understand the privilege of adventure.

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popular desert safari in dubai
Top Things to Do in Dubai Desert Safari

Top Things to Do in Dubai: Desert Safari Tour & Ticket Price

Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai, the jewel of the Arabian desert, may be known for its fiery summer days where the mercury soars above 44°C. But what if we told you, there are treasures to be discovered in this metropolis of the desert, despite the formidable heat? Imagine yourself committing to the adventure, daring to trade the comforts of the air-conditioned malls for a tryst with the timeless desert.

Once you've pacified your shopping hunger in its glimmering quarters, summon the courage to venture into the desert—the name of which may remain elusive, cloaked under the ubiquitous tag of "Dubai Desert." But fret not, for any Desert Safari tour is a passport to this shifting miraculous sandbox.

As you indulge in a riveting journey through sandy waves, be ready for a revelation of how Dubai's soul lies in its ancient, elemental desert. So let the heat be but an enticing dare to encounter the raw and untamed side of Dubai, churned in its dust and dawn alike, narrated in its stories of endurance and fascination imprinted deep within each grain of its eternal sand.

popular attractions in dubai
The Dubai Desert Safari is a must-try experience for everyone

Dubai Desert 4x4 Dune Bashing

Imagine yourself secured within the rugged confines of a 4x4, a curtain of gilded sand stretching forth before you and the hot Arabian sun a blink away. You’re perched on the precipice of a grand adventure—the crown jewel of desert explorations, known to the inquisitive traveller as four-wheel drive dune bashing in Dubai. This is not just a drive through sandy hills; it’s a heart-pounding, daring journey over towering dunes, the vehicle churning out a gritty ballet under the expert navigation of its driver. The city, with its twirling high-rises, feels a world away; here in the bosom of Dubai’s desert, you trade the gloss of the urban sprawl for nature’s gritty artistry and exhilarating jumps of sandy waves.

As the 4x4 tears into the dunes, sending a spectacle of sand particles dancing in its wake, you realise this is more than mere amusement. It’s a nod to the city’s Bedouin past, an ode to the traditions of ancestors who expertly manoeuvred the sandy landscapes, long before sleek steel beasts claimed dominance. Their sense of direction, their knowledge of the sand’s fluid language, have all been distilled into this modern-day thrill. Seeking solace from the exciting trek, you pull over at dusk to feast on a savoury spread of traditional Emirati fare. This is dune bashing: a grand rollercoaster carved by nature, a seat gripping thrill ride through the golden sea with a cultural dinner on the side.

dubai desert atv
Dune Bashing in the Dubai Desert

Buffet BBQ Dinner Buffet

An opulent BBQ dinner spread, crafted by the deft hands of local chefs, lays resplendent under the celestial canvas overhead. Here, ensconced amidst the arid beauty, you are invited to partake in a feast that rivals the splendour of the very stars that watch over you. Cushions, meticulously placed upon the terra firma, offer a plush caress as you recline, the romance of an open-air feast wrapping around you like a warm evening shawl.

Around you, the sizzling whispers of marinated meats and fresh vegetables grilling over open flames mix with the gentle lilt of evening breezes, carrying the rich, intoxicating scents that promise a parade of sensory delights. As the night unfurls its cool embrace, each delicacy you sample is steeped in the storied culinary heritage of the region, from the juicy kebabs flavoured with a mélange of herbs and spices to the array of salads and sides infused with the zest of local produce. To dine in this manner is to connect with the generations of desert dwellers who have feasted beneath the same skies, a shared communion with the land and its bounties.

BBQ Dinner in Desert Dubai
Enjoy BBQ buffet dinner and live entertainment at a Bedouin camp in Dubai

Shisha Smoking

In the midst of this epicurean indulgence, you elevate your experience even further by summoning the captivating world of shisha or hookah. As the night comes into breath with spirited live performances, you find a new rhythm within the vibrant plumes of flavoured smoke, a delicate ballet of shared cultural narratives celebrated in this intimate desert haven under the vast Arabian skies. The night is young, and the beautiful symphony of the Dubai Desert Safari awaits your presence.

dubai desert safari packages
Dinner buffet served in Dubai Desert Safari

Camel Rides

You can embark on a guided camel tour, gently swaying in time with your camel's unhurried strides. Navigating the desert atop these sturdy creatures affords you an authentic insight into the Bedouin way of life, where these beasts symbolise survival and sustenance.

These resolute creatures are indeed marvels of the desert, capable of surviving harsh temperatures, consuming less water and generally thriving in the arid conditions. Interestingly, it isn't just their robust qualities but their softer side as well that makes them endearing to this region; camel milk, a staple element of the Middle Eastern diet, is produced by these very beasts.

A 10-minute camel ride is complimentary, but you can choose to pay for longer ones if the experience appeals to you. Horse-riding is also available for an extra charge.

camel ride in dubai
Experience a camel ride amidst Dubai's desert landscape at a traditional Bedouin-style camp during this exhilarating desert adventure.
Desert Safari in Dubai
Camel-riding in Dubai Desert Safari
popular attractions in dubai
You can pay to experience horse-riding at the desert too


Strap on your sandboard, brace yourself for an adrenaline rush, and dive headfirst into a thrilling escapade you'll find only amidst the shifting dunes of the Dubai desert. Sandboarding is an exciting activity where you get to slice through imposing mountains of glittering sand, carving a path of exhilaration under the blue expanses of the desert sky. Just imagine riding down the crest of the highest dune, the wind against your face, gusts of sand trailing in your wake, with only gravity as your formidable competitor. It's not just a sport but an authentic experience that invites you to touch the desert's soul.

Interestingly, sandboarding finds its roots shared with the ancient heritage activity of 'sand-skiing' in Egypt, giving even the wildest thrill a brush with antiquity. Unlike snowboarding, sandboarding is eco-friendly and is graced with a longer duration thanks to the UAE's eternally sun-kissed climate. Don't worry about expertise. Whether you're a seasoned boarder or a novice, the desert unfurls its sandy expanse to all. With professional instructors ready to guide, and safety gear at hand, all you need is the spirit of adventure and excitement to embark on this sandy sojourn.

Sandboarding in Dubai
Experience sandboarding on your next desert safari in Dubai

Quad Bikes & ATV Tours

Let your inner adventurer roar with elation as you straddle a thundering quad bike, primed to traverse the golden expanse of the Dubai desert, that unmatched meeting point of extravagance and nature's primal beauty. My fellow thrill-seekers, the desert safari ride summons you to embark upon an untamed exploration of undulating dunes and boundless horizons, as you manoeuvre your own all-terrain vehicle, amassing sand grains of memories, each a scintillating treasure bathed in golden sunbeams.

As your worn leather gloves grip that rugged yet reassuring handlebar, the purring engine of your quad bike becomes an anthem that reverberates seductively across the desert's undulating terrain. It beckons you to quench your thirst for adventure, as you twist the throttle and glide over sensual sweeps and curves carved millennia ago by tempestuous winds. As the desert cajoles you to challenge its untamed bounds, seasoned guides ensure both your safety and memorable experience, escorting you past breathtaking vistas, salt flats, and thorny acacia trees, as goats and camels peer from the distance in bemusement.

quad biking dubai
Experience the exhilaration of quad bike riding across Dubai's sand dunes, reveling in stunning desert vistas as you traverse the golden sands.

Tanoura Dance Shows

As you savour a feast for the senses, prepare for a mesmerising performance of the Tanoura dance, a dizzying spectacle rooted deeply in the mystic traditions of Egypt and Turkey. This isn't just any dance; it's a spiritual display where Sufi men clad in vibrant, swirling skirts spin rhythmically, each turn an embodiment of divine harmony and earthly peace. These skirts, blooming like flowers in a desert, create a vivid blur of colour that captivates and enchants. As the performance gains momentum in the warm Dubai breeze, you find yourself lost in the concentric magic of an art form that transcends mere entertainment.

Now, as a candle’s flame dances in the growing twilight, the air itself becomes hushed with anticipation. In this atmospheric amphitheatre under a firmament studded with stars, the Tanoura dancers take to the stage. Their movements are a meditation in motion, unfurling layers of spiritual storytelling with every whirl and turn.

Such an experience is not to be viewed; it is to be felt, a visceral plunge into a tradition that has weathered centuries to emerge, quite rightfully, in the limelight of Dubai's cultural scene. Alongside, the allure of belly dancing adds a dynamic contrast to your evening. To witness this is to embrace the heart of Arabian culture—whirling with the dancers, your spirit finds freedom, spinning in a crescendo that captures both ancient soulfulness and the vibrant pulse of modern Dubai.

traditional Tanoura dance
The unique Tanoura dance performance is performed by Sufi men in Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari Price

With a range of experiences as diverse as the desert sands themselves, you're spoilt for choice. Desert safaris start at around AED 50 (£10), a trifle considering the myriad of sensory wonders that await you. This entry-level pricing typically nets you a four-hour exploration inclusive of the rustic charm of dune bashing, while allowing you to soak in the golden-hued landscape as the sun dips into the horizon.

Should you wish to embrace the full allure of the desert nightlife, a sumptuous BBQ dinner coupled with live entertainment, such as exquisite belly dancing and the whirling spectacle of Tanoura dancers, can be experienced from AED 150 (£30). Imagine this, gourmands: savouring a smoky kebab under a twinkling night sky, as mellifluous tunes fill the air. For the luxury seekers yearning for exclusivity and privacy, private desert safaris, complete with personal guides, and champagne under the stars can go upwards of AED 1000 (£200).

Best Dubai Desert Safari Packages

As you venture out beyond the bustling epicentre of Dubai, irresistibly drawn to the bewitching call of the desert, you're presented with an enticing range of safari packages. Each promises a thrilling journey into an otherworldly domain that brims with the secrets and passions of a past laden with ancient wisdom and fierce resilience. As a seasoned traveller unafraid to delve into the unknown, dare yourself to indulge in these top four Dubai desert safari packages that genuinely encapsulate the spirit of Arabia:

Exclusive Private Desert Safari

For those luxuriously seeking solace, a personalised, private desert safari priced from AED 1000 (£200) proffers a haven of tranquillity amidst an ocean of dunes. Relish in the pampered seclusion of opulent settings as the sun kisses the desert with liquid gold, leaving you breathless with the overwhelming beauty of it all.

Come, adventurous spirits, let's embrace the enchanting heart of the Dubai desert, revealing a world concealed behind veils of golden sand, waiting earnestly to unfurl its secrets to the curious, untamed heart that beats within.

Ensured your immersive travel and flavoursome dining stories reach us by tagging @rollinggrace or using #RollingGrace on Instagram. Can't wait to see your adventures sparkle. Keep exploring, keep savouring!


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