Located 220 kilometers southeast of Bangkok, Ko Samet is a tranquil and serene island just a casual drive and a short boat trip away from all the hustles and bustles of the city life. Be it for a weekend of delightful feasts and flavorsome treats, or a well-deserved indulgence in the glorious sea and inexhaustible sunbeams after a long week at work, this well-liked island will give you a taste of Thailand in a recognizably different way.

From the first step out of the high-rise building in Bangkok to the gate of the pier in Ban Phe where the boats await, travelers will be able to experience an exciting transition in sight and in senses from the beginning to the very end of their journey. Each step away from the city brings a intriguingly different aroma and taste, all which are equally as fascinating and refreshing.

The wonders of this country is endless - Thailand just would not have it any other way.

Having planned for this trip for some time, I finally got to see the locals' favorite hideaway myself. Being the beach bums that I am, the trip to the island was as amazing as it could be.

The day started off with breakfast from Starbucks (how incredibly un-Thai-ly) and occasional dozes on the back seat of a Camry while the driver unwaveringly cruised through the roadway. The journey to the pier in Ban Phe from the city took approximately two hours.

The journey progressed on a speedboat from the pier onward. It was impossible to take a picture since the sea was excessively choppy and rough that afternoon. Maybe it's time to get a GoPro!

Ao Wong Duean, a lovely crescent-shaped bay located within the Rayong Province.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by these adorable chummy dogs which of course, made me squealed with joy.

Stayed in a bungalow in Vongduern Villa, in which its restaurant serves the best food ever.

Mere words are not enough to describe the taste of the lunch we had, but it certainly revolves around explosive, fierce and intense.

Having it on the beach accompanied by the subtle chants of the waves had only amplified our dining experience. 

I have always believed that the best gastronomic experiences are not dependable on the prices that come along with the meal, but are built upon the authenticity and taste, as well as the dining companion and the surrounding amenity. For me, this has got to be one of the most memorable lunch that I have had.

Beach dogs are the luckiest. Fat and very happy!

After lunch, it was time to get sun-drenched!

Ahhhhhhhh... pure bliss.

As evening approached, I headed to another side of the island for sightseeing. A couple was just about to get wedded here with the breathtaking sunset and galloping waves as a backdrop. 

This has gotta be every girl's dream wedding!

Being spoiled with an awesome selection of cocktails and Thai food!

Staring at the skyline, hoping that reality could be as easy and soothing as the evening breeze. And maybe, just maybe, I could just spend the last decade of my life staying in a modest beachfront bungalow with not a single thing to worry about.

And at nightfall, it was time for a feast!

....sometimes I just don't get how Thai girls stay so slim. Do they not know how good Thai food really are?!

You know your life is pretty much complete if you have a boyfriend who knows his food well. :P

A lengthy dinner on the sandy shore accompanied by an endless warmhearted conversation followed by a ride on the ATV to a bar? Yes, this must be life.

Breakfast on the deck overlooking the splendid sea glazed by the unremitting morning sun rays.

Even the dogs get to have breakfast here!

On the whole, the trip to Ko Samet was nothing short of being delightful and enjoyable. The day goes by so seamlessly, and it is just so easy to be happy!

Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles and it has definitely lived up to its name.

Not forgetting all the delectable food and addictive flavors that you find along your voyages.

Things you should know:
  • Ko Samet is a part of the national park so foreign visitors need to pay an entrance fee of 200 baht (40 baht for locals)
  • Yes, the Thais might be overly calculative and business minded so travelers might feel as though they need to pay for every breath that they take while vacationing here. To avoid bad services, try tipping. It does not have to be a lot, but a little goes a long way!